The life of a leader


Looking for a fun way to start your next meeting? Or, need a quick way to get your members reengaged? Try our Leadership Lib! Remember how much fun Mad Libs were when you were younger? CAMPUSPEAK wants to remind you that there is always room for play in the busy world of leadership!

Not only will you have fun filling out Leadership Lip, but you will also receive $250 off your next interactive workshop booking with us! Download the Leadership Libs, fill it out and send it back in to us at or upload it to our Facebook page at It’s that simple. And, the best one will receive a bonus gift card!


At CAMPUSPEAK, we know that the life of a leader can at times be difficult and confusing, but the great part about leadership is that there are so many opportunities to continue to grow and learn. CAMPUSPEAK has launched a series of interactive workshops that help students continue to develop as leaders as well as advance their organizations and campus communities.

There are many different approaches to leadership and CAMPUSPEAK has a workshop to fit your needs! The mission of the leadership workshops is to give you the tools to become a stronger leader, grow and support your organizations and really understand how your leadership can benefit your campus community. Our leadership series has three different workshops with specialized focuses to fit your campus needs.

Building New Leaders is a great option for emerging leaders who are ready to learn more about what it truly means to be a leader and how to develop their skills along the way. Motivating the Middle is for those very dedicated and involved leaders to learn more about motivating other members in their organizations who have different strengths and commitment levels. Finding Your Why focuses on how your organization fits into campus and how your organization can continue to grow and thrive to fulfill the needs of your campus. No matter what level of leadership you or your organization is at, CAMPUSPEAK has the right workshop to take you to the next level!