Three choices sorority women make to stand out in a crowd


College can be both an exciting and intimidating experience, and I am sure that you will agree with me that there is no better choice you made to maximize your college experience than joining your sorority! Being a part of your sorority provides you and thousands of college women with opportunities to launch and maintain high scholastic achievement, involvement on your campus and local community, leadership development, sisterhood, friendships, and not mention, lots of fun!

Sorority women stand for strong academics and are arguably some of the most involved students on campus. Ranging from freshmen to seniors and from council to council, Sorority women are maturing individuals who have found a space to develop respectable values and good morals. I want to share three perspectives for you to consider. If this is new information, consider it an introduction. If you are already familiar, consider it a refresher. Either way, take a look and be sure to share them with your sisters and Sorors.

1. YOU COMMITTED to provide opportunities for potential members and fellow members to help them progress and cultivate their greatest potential. As campus women who lead, you know that sororities play more of a significant role on campus than just a social organization. You and your sisters made a commitment to contribute to your campus community and to facilitate the personal development your members. Remind yourself of that commitment and make good on your promise. Your chapter needs you.

2. YOU EXPECTED high standards from yourself and others. College can be a playground…and in some aspects, it is. Sometimes on playgrounds, we fall down, but we always get back up. Don’t lose perspective and forget why you decided to pursue higher education. You and your sisters are expected to exemplify the values set forth by your founders, no matter the colors, traditions, or council. If you are a Zeta, a Tri-Delt, an AKA, AOPi, or a lady of Lambda Theta Alpha, you are expected to always personify leadership, service scholarship, and friendship. Have fun, and keep it classy!

3. YOU CHOSE to lead and be involved. Sorority life is a special thing. Some of my fondest college memories are found within the experiences my sorority brought me. Right now, you are living in a unique learning environment that can bring so much more to the table if you let it. Your sorority experience is not meant to tax you, cause stress, and have you spinning out of control. Because your chapter is a governing body in which members are officers and take on chapter responsibilities, time and effort to execute goes without saying. The very same abilities that a professional environment requires from its team members, you have a head start on capitalizing on those skills right now. Take the life jacket off, jump in, and make a difference.

We are Sorority women. We take pride in our sorority and all that our organizations stand for. College is so much more than just going to class and doing homework—it is a time for our growth and personal development. We are Sorority women. We foster good decision-making, high-standards and the comprehensive development…of the total woman. Because of OUR contributions and all of our fellow members, our sororities will continue to be recognized for organizational excellence. Leggo!

Credit // Author: Tish Norman

Tish Norman uses creative motivation to help students release their inner leader. She is known for her humor, energy, and for delivering programs that offer practical information and positive strategies. Learn more about Tish at