By: Kinja Dixon, CAMPUSPEAK Speaker

Have you ever thought? “If only that person knew what they were capable of?” or better yet “Am I on track to be all that I am capable of?” I have asked these two questions many times during my 39 years of being on this earth, but about a decade ago, there were some very dramatic changes I made that impacted everything afterward. After almost 30 years of believing that the most valuable treasures in life would be gained by reaching in an outward direction, I finally turned inward and what I found out answered the first two questions of this message and many more.

There are infinite amounts of invaluable jewels in every human, but as soon as we are born, the outside circumstances begin affecting our internal treasures. Unless you grew up in an environment that was considered “perfect,” every single human being can benefit from digging deeper. Some of us need to go deeper than others. As a person who has a decade of experience in uncovering my own hidden personal jewels, I would like to share three of the many treasures that I found underneath the surface.

The Treasure of Mental Control

As soon as we were born, one of two dominant emotional vibrations traveled through each of our households. Emotions that were built on growth, love and connection or emotions that were built on decay, fear, and disconnection. These emotions were seeping deep into each of our tender little minds before we realized we were learning. The way each of us feels is heavily dependent on these invisible yet very powerful vibrations. I am not talking about the feelings that we portray on the outside. I’m referring to the feelings we have when we are alone. Even if you grew up in a household filled with Utopian vibes, the chances of some level of decay, fear, and disconnection being somewhere in your community was very high. Starting a lifestyle where you intentionally insert habits and people who regularly add growth, love, and connection into your life will tremendously help you on your journey.

The Treasure of Supreme Health

As soon as we were born, we were the responsibility of caregivers who had an overall health grade that ranged between an A+ and an F-. Your current relationship with being active and the liquid/food choices that you put into your body 2 to 6 times a day is a direct reflection of those grades. Is the 100-year-old version of yourself going to be happy about how you are treating your body today? After answering that question honestly, many habits had to change in my life. For instance, in 2009 due to the self-imposed damage to my liver, I completely stopped drinking alcohol and I can testify that I never intended to hurt myself when I started. Unfortunately, due to ignorance, there were habits that I formed due to many visions in my pre-adult years that simply trickled into an adult who was blinded by advertising campaigns versus long-term sustainability. Starting a lifestyle where you research the long-term advantage or disadvantage of your daily health schedule would be a treasure-filled hunt that I urge everyone reading this to go on immediately.

The Treasure of True Connection

As soon as we were born, we were all being taken care of by parents or guardians that were victims of some type of war. Due to economics, politics, gender/race/ethnic equality, religion, etc., almost every single person in this world has been born into a household impacted on some level because of separation, protection, and hatred. Our current humanity is clearly seeing the ripple effect of its compounding interest and most of the victims aren’t even aware of the generational baggage they are holding. As an innocent child, you were forced into an identity that probably lumped you into a group, and inadvertently (no one is born with a self-image) you were taught things about certain people. Some of us were taught in more aggressive teaching styles than others. One of the best treasures that I have found along my path, is being able to look at every single person as a direct extension of myself, whether I agree with their take on life or not. In a humanity whose track record shows that it believes that true strength is found in separation, this will be one of the most rewarding yet challenging treasures for you to find in these days and times. Not making assumptions, eliminating all prejudice and expecting the best from each person you meet would help you further explore this treasure-filled journey.

I can honestly share that the best parts of my life came after being completely honest about the household and humanity I was born into. Most of the habits that were etched into my being were very beneficial, however, many had to be replaced to give myself a fair chance at realizing my capability. I made many mistakes that I learned from before I hit my reset button, however, I know that I would have shortened my learning curve if I knew where the true treasures were located on my path. I will leave you with something I heard someone say to themselves from their death bed in 2016.

” I have finally realized that I let humanity shape me. Why didn’t I attempt to reshape our humanity? ”

Begin or continue your treasure hunt. There is no value that can be placed on the jewels that are within. The future of our humanity is depending on you.

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