Parvati Shallow

Want to know how to create the best life you can live?

 Sure, you do. We all do.

Let me fill you in on a little secret that the universe and life are working diligently to show us all the time. There is a way to get whatever we want in life, to achieve the life we are meant to live.

In order to succeed at reaching our innate potential, however, we must make a choice. It takes real guts, and it’s totally up to us. We should choose to hear the voice within us, and then we have to vow to follow that voice to the ends of the earth, no matter what insanity, uncertainty or doubt it may lead us through.

When was the last time you asked yourself, “What am I here for?”

Do you already know your mission? Or, are you— like most of us— pretty clueless.

Wherever you may fall on the spectrum, it’s all good. The great news is that we have the capacity to create our lives anew with the choices we make each day.

Oh, I promised to tell you the secret. I bet you’re still waiting for that, huh?

Ok, here’s the juicy insider scoop— only two emotions exist, and they serve as the foundation of everything. Those two emotions are love and fear.

When we do what our heart tells us to do with love, we always win. Even when it hurts, and it’s confusing. Even when we don’t understand why painful things are happening, we must choose to commit to moving through it. Never quit. We are stronger and more resilient than we can even imagine. And, when we continue to follow the voice of love, miracles show up to support us along the way. Love always expands us. It leads us closer and closer to our greatest joy and our most fulfilled lives.

When you hear that voice within that says, “No that’s impossible. Stay small and stay safe,” recognize it for what it is. That’s the voice of the ego, the voice of fear that says, “Don’t take a risk, you may fail. And, then you’ll be embarrassed, and no one will sit with you at lunch.”

Follow the voice of fear to your own peril. We all know people who trap themselves inside of their own self-made prisons of fear inspired safety. We know when people are following fear. It shrinks them. And, we also know when someone is in love with their life. It seeps out of their skin. We are far too sensitive not to feel the difference.

 So, who do you most enjoy being around? Who inspires you? Who lifts you up and makes you feel like anything is possible?

 Now, ask yourself, who am I being?

 And, who do I want to be?

 Now, be that, love. Go. Be that.

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