By: Justin Jones-Fosu

What’s your type? No, I am not trying to offer you an old school pickup line. In my research, I have noticed there are generally four different types of people as it relates to this combination of WHY (purpose, intent, meaningful work) and NOW (productivity, passion, effort). It’s important to know you type because it allows you to know how to specifically and intentionally combine your Why and Now to achieve more.

The Wanderer: Low Why, Low Now
The Thinker: High Why, Low Now
The Misplaced: Low Why, High Now
The Pursuer: High Why, High Now

Below I will give a summary of each type and some tips to gain a better balance of your Why and Now to achieve more!

The Wanderer: (Low Why, Low Now)

This type of person does not know their Why, or their Why is unclear. Wanderers don’t understand purpose, and to some degree they are just existing. Not only do they not know their Why, but they generally aren’t living their life with any level of passion or effort. If I had to give them a TV show, I would jokingly call them The Walking Dead. Tip: The Wanderer doesn’t need to start with doing more things, but rather needs to spend time reflecting and identifying what motivates them. Wanderers should ask themselves the Five Questions: Where am I now? Where do I want to be? Why do I want to be there? What are the barriers preventing me from being there? How can I remove those barriers?

The Thinker: (High Why, Low Now)

This type of person knows their Why, they understand purpose and comprehend their motivation and intent, but for whatever reason they aren’t giving their maximal effort. This group can be characterized by people who dream but take little action to achieve it. Thinkers are known to procrastinate, wait for the 8th day of the week, and are stymied by analysis paralysis. Tip: Sometimes the hardest thing for people to do is just start. The Thinker should identify that one thing they can do to get the momentum going. The Thinker can use accountability to lead them to action (i.e. meeting with someone once a month to identify one major action to accomplish by the next meeting.

The Misplaced: (Low Why, High Now)

This type of person is great at action and are known for getting things done, however they may get things done in all the wrong places. They are impulsive and make bad or rushed decisions. They are likely to confuse activity for progress. They feel they are okay as long as they have filled up their schedule with things to do, places to go, and boxes to check off. They aren’t often being guided by their Why, but rather if they are busy or not. Tip: This type of person needs consistent and scheduled intentional moments of reflection to make sure they are doing things that are in line with their Why. Whether monthly or quarterly they need to reflect about their Why.

The Pursuer: (High Why, High Now)

This type clearly knows their purpose and Why. They keep it before them consistently and they are strongly connected to it. This type is also passionate about being productive in their Why and continue to find ways to give maximal effort toward the things that matter to them. While no one spends 100% of their time in this quadrant, some people have learned how to spend more time here than others. Tip: It is important to keep challenging oneself in this quadrant and to take on stretch assignments. Without consistent challenges, they may become bored and start pressing cruise control. It is also extremely helpful to be humble and mentor others.

No matter what quadrant you find yourself there is always an opportunity to learn, get better, and achieve more! Please just don’t go around asking people what their type is ☺

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