We, the people, shall overcome


If anything good has come out of last year’s fatalities involving law enforcement, it is that America has learned to channel its frustration and anger that often results in aggressive behavior to demonstrations of peace and justice. Like many of you, it was difficult to recount the myriad of mortalities that widened the gap of racial reconciliation. It is with gladness that we, the people, made a conscious effort to self-medicate our issues with acts of nonviolence and efforts of restorative justice.

These demonstrations of liberation are signs that the country is maturing in truth and love. We have moved from laboring in justice and peace to laboring in love for justice and peace. We can’t stop now! As we lock hands in spirit and truth, stand shoulder-to-shoulder, no weapon formed against us will prosper. The weapon of hate will not invade our homes, our schools, and our communities.

We, the people, shall overcome and the day is today!

I pledge, and I hope you will too, to help lead a nation that teaches the world true reconciliation.

Take the pledge,

I, (your name), pledge to…

1.⇥Forgive myself for not carrying the torch of peace and love daily.
2.⇥Reconcile my differences in my home, on my job, in my school, and in my community.
3.⇥Promote peace and harmony in my mind and spirit.
4.⇥Love myself and others unconditionally.
5.⇥Address my biases, misconceptions, prejudices, and stereotypes.

Credit // Author: T. Leon Williams

T. Leon Williams charts the course for the advancement of human relations and leadership. In his keynote, Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: What Would Dr. King Say?, he assumes the persona of Dr. King and reflects on the historical relevance of the nation’s progress. The themes throughout the keynote include strengthening of race relations, empowering historically marginalized individuals and groups, dispelling the myth of a post-racial society, the existence of privilege, and refueling advocates. Learn more about Leon’s inspirational keynotes at campuspeak.com/williams.