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New students, having just completed the major educational milestone of high school graduation, feel on top of the world and ready to tackle college. Some will feel completely prepared for this new experience, but most will run a gamut of emotions: happiness about gaining independence, anxiety about fitting in with new friends and doubt about whether they made the right decision.

Some advice they might receive from those who came before them begin with the words “oh, what I wish I knew about college before…”, hoping to guide students through better choices than they themselves had made.

The five speakers have fun, rousing and interactive keynotes to get new students excited about the next stage in their lives, and to set them on a path filled with plenty of success and few regrets!

“Oh, I wish I knew that college isn’t a bubble that lets you make bad decisions without consequences. Consider your limits and consider that bad things can happen to anyone when poor decisions are made.”

Mark teaches audiences that it only takes a moment to change a friend’s life forever. Mark made the choice to drive drunk on the last night of his senior Spring Break, killing three of his best friends. Mark etches a real story in the mind’s of students, making them realize that one simple choice can cause an everlasting impact on everyone they know. Visit campuspeak.com/sterner to learn more..

“Oh, I wish I new how strong the need to fit in would be. I had to adjust to social pressures—become accustomed to academic demands, assume responsibility for my own wellness—all while learning to create my own sense of identity.”

Amber offers a unique and in-depth look at what it means to be in a relationship with one’s body—giving students insight on how to take care of themselves during their tumultuous first year. Amber empowers students with practical tools to up-level their self-care and self-esteem to keep them healthy and happy all around. Visit campuspeak.com/krzys to learn more.

“Oh, I wish I knew that there is more than one way to eat a Reese’s. What it took for me to be successful before college is not necessarily what it will take to be successful in college. I needed to adjust to some differences and change some habits!”

In his keynote, The Freshman 15: What Every Successful College Student Should Know, Justin will drop 15 pounds of knowledge, success and perspective on students. He gets students laughing and thinking differently, helping set the stage for big things in their first year at college. Learn more at campuspeak.com/jones-fosu.

“Oh, I wish I knew how important it was to step out of my comfort zone and truly get to know people I never thought I had anything in common with. That’s how I met some of the best friends of my life. You never know how your life can change because of it!”

In her keynote, Journey to Success, Elaine shares inspiring stories about people who, regardless of their life circumstances, understood that success was in their hands. Using storytelling, music, discussion and interaction, Elaine explore the importance of setting priorities, believing in yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone. Learn more at campuspeak.com/penn.

“Oh, I wish I knew that it was up to me to get engaged and make the most of the experience. I almost dropped out my first year but then turned it around as a sophomore and ended up earning Homecoming King and Greek Man of the Year!”

Kevin engages students to realize the limitless potential they possess in his high-energy keynote, Explore and Soar. Through interaction and discussion, Kevin shows students how to find their true passion, understand top student success principles and navigate through classes, clubs and cliques. Visit campuspeak.com/snyder to learn more.

Start your students off on the right track with one of these engaging and thought-provoking speakers.

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