Quinn Conyers

Many first year students come to college excited, nervous and a little afraid. They are excited to leave high school and embark on a new journey in life. They are nervous because often times it’s their first time away from home. Will they meet new friends? “Will I meet new friends?” they asked themselves. Or “What if I don’t know where my classes are?”

I know this all too well, because it’s was how I felt as a first-time college student. My parents had me at 15 and 17. My mother graduated from high school but my father doesn’t have past a 9th-grade education.

I knew college was my ticket to personal and professional success. Education is the only thing no one can ever take away from you.

It was in my second year of college that I knew it was my duty and responsibility to help others navigate and successfully champion the transition from high school to college.

I enjoy speaking to first year and first generation students because I can give them advice on how to get a head start in their college career based on my own experiences as a campus leader, resident assistant, and first generation college student. College is more than just heading to class and going to parties. You discover who you are and how you want to make your mark on the world!

It is important to get involved on campus, obtain a leadership position and try a few different types of classes to confirm your major!

College was the best 4 years of my life and I am dedicated and determined to help other students have that same experience. I’m excited at all the places college has taken me both in and outside the classroom. Having the opportunity to go to undergrad and graduate school all started with my desire to be successful.

Now it’s my time to share my knowledge and expertise with other students so they can too define what success means to them through higher education.


Credit // Author: Quinn Conyers

Quinn Conyers is passionate about student success. Using her own experiences as an involved student leader and resident assistant, Quinn’s goal is to empower students to take charge of their college experience in order to become dynamic and innovative leaders.

Learn more about Quinn and her practical and real-world approach to college at campuspeak.com/conyers.