College Speakers Academy

Are you interested in learning more about speaking on college campuses, but you don’t know a lot about the business and you’re not sure where to start? Plan to attend College Speakers Academy! This two-day seminar will be held next in 2019!

Our Mission

Since 2001, CAMPUSPEAK’s College Speakers Academy (CSA) has offered the leading expertise in professional development, college industry education and the realities of the higher education speaking business to future college speaking professionals. Led by experienced faculty, CSA’s mission is to prepare aspiring keynote speakers with crucial information and training to create an impact on their audiences with the power of their words, topics and personal stories.

CSA was created to provide training to those interested in making positive impacts on college students across campuses through educational keynote speeches. We saw the need to ensure that those who consider working in this field were trained from the start and operate within a code of ethics that reflected well on them, and all others in the business as well. When a campus brings an outsider into their community to educate their students, trust must be honored through adherence to the highest ethical business practices. CSA was designed to not only teach aspiring keynote speakers how to reach college students with their messages, but also how to manage themselves as a business that maintains the high standards to which CAMPUSPEAK prides itself.

Topics include:

    • going from idea to a college-ready program,
    • advice on which college conferences are most profitable,
    • understanding today’s college students,
    • how to spend your first marketing dollars,
    • working with agencies vs. going solo,
    • speaking locally, regionally or nationally,
    • understanding college buyers,
    • developing an action plan for your college speaking,
    • common mistakes speakers make on campuses, and
    • the ethics of being a college speaker.


For more information, contact CAMPUSPEAK at: (844) 745-8570 or e-mail: