Virtual Learning

CAMPUSPEAK is committed to providing transformative educational opportunities that meet every community’s needs. Our online learning opportunities are able to reach communities at scale while still being able to provide customized and personalized content.


Our team of Speakers & Facilitators are prepared to deliver their programs in a virtual format.

The best speakers in the industry can reach and connect with your students both in-person and virtually. These LIVE programs provide participants with the same powerful content through an engaging online format that allows for a broader reach.

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All of our Interactive Workshops have been adapted for virtual delivery. In addition, numerous speakers are prepared to lead and facilitate interactive training or roundtables providing real-time engagement. Our experienced speakers and facilitators create dialogue and active interaction among the participants in a customized experience to meet specific community needs.

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Our 11 on-demand courses cover a range of important topics and are accessible online from a computer, tablet, or phone 24/7. Students have the freedom and flexibility to engage with this powerful content on their schedule while still allowing for all necessary analytics tracking completion and measuring impact.

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