We want to do everything possible to ensure that your program is a complete success. The following “helpful hints” come from our years of experience working with speakers, facilitators and campus programmers.

Getting In Touch with Your Speaker or Facilitator

Our staff can answer most of your questions. Your speaker or facilitator will contact you about two weeks before your event to talk about the specifics of the visit, travel plans, and any special needs you may have. If you need to reach your speaker or facilitator sooner, an email address is on the appendix of your contract.

Promoting Your Event

Everything you need is available for download on our website. Visit your speaker’s or workshop’s webpage for photos, introductions, and promotional materials. If you need additional information or don’t find it on the website, please give us a call.

Meals and Other Special Arrangements

Our speakers and facilitators do not expect you to feed or entertain them, but sometimes event sponsors like to plan a reception, book signing, or meal in conjunction with the event—speakers and facilitators enjoy these informal opportunities to spend time with you. Please understand, however, that it is not an expectation. If you have an interest in planning something along these lines, please let our staff know and we will work with your speaker or facilitator to set this up in advance. We will need to make sure that these plans will not conflict with travel schedules. Be aware that some of our speakers and facilitators prefer to eat a meal after, rather than before, the event. Call us and we can talk about your speaker’s and facilitator’s preferences.

Information Tables

If your event deals with social issues—mental health, sexual assault, alcohol abuse, etc.—you may want to invite local agencies, co-sponsors, or other campus groups to set up tables at your event. A good location for these would be in the back of the room, or just outside the presentation site. Be sure to call attention to these in either the introduction or closing remarks. You may also want to make the speaker or facilitator aware of these resources, so he/she can mention them in the context of the keynote or workshop. This is a great opportunity to maximize the educational benefit of your event!

Getting There

Your speaker or facilitator will typically arrive several hours before your event. He/she will usually get settled at the hotel and get some rest until the scheduled time to meet you. If your speaker or facilitator will be driving to campus, maps and driving directions are always helpful. In all cases, your speaker or facilitator will contact you and work out these details well in advance of your date.

Your Speaker’s Introduction

A prepared introduction is available for download on your speaker’s webpage. You should designate someone (preferably a student leader) to read the prepared introduction. It is fine to add additional text, and we encourage you to mention the sponsors of your event in your opening comments. If you have someone who wants to make very brief closing comments when your speaker is done, that is okay, but urge him/her to keep the comments brief. Audiences are usually pretty anxious to leave after sitting for an hour or more. Your campus and community may have resources related to the event and the closing comments would be an appropriate time to mention them.

Filming and the Press

In some rare cases, videotaping of our speakers and facilitators is allowed. It is very important that you check with us first, however, as our speakers and facilitators have varying requirements concerning press coverage and taping. We would like this arrangement to be beneficial for you while also respecting their wishes. If you record your event, a copy must be sent to our office. Most of our speakers and facilitators are happy to meet individuals from the press for phone interviews. Please make arrangements with us if this is something that interests you. If an article appears about your speaker or workshop, please share it with us.


You may wish to distribute an evaluation to attendees. Evaluations are useful to you (to show co-sponsors and administrators on your campus that your event was a success) and to us because we share feedback with our speakers and facilitators so they can improve upon their keynotes and workshops. Evaluations are completely optional.

Our Follow Up

Someone from our office will contact you for feedback a day or two after your event, usually by email. These follow up emails are part of our commitment to you. We want to be sure that you received service that exceeded your expectations from our agency, speakers and facilitators. Please give us a few moments of your time to offer us feedback so that we may serve you better in the future. We’d love it if you also shared a testimonial about your great experience for your speaker or facilitator.

Payment of Fee

Please be sure all necessary paperwork required by your school or organization is in progress long before your actual event date. If you have any forms requiring our signature, please send them to our office as soon as possible. We send an invoice with every contract, along with our Federal ID Number. Per the contract signed by you or your organization, payment is due no later than two weeks following your event. Please mail the full amount directly to our office at the address on your invoice, and make the check payable to CAMPUSPEAK, Inc. Please do not give the check directly to your speaker or facilitator.