Thank you for your interest in joining the CAMPUSPEAK roster. We receive over 100 submissions annually from individuals wishing to work with us in the educational market. Though CAMPUSPEAK started primarily in the college market, we manage relationships throughout the educational industry and beyond.

Annually CAMPUSPEAK welcomes 8-15 new speakers. Our speakers have entertaining, engaging keynotes rooted in educational messages. Some come to us with a lot of experience, and others have no professional speaking experience. We’re looking for speakers who will excite our customers, who come in every shape, size, age, color, and perspective. It’s about the value of the message and your unique, authentic ability to deliver it.

Applications for our Fall 2024 New Speaker Cohort are now closed. 

We will reopen the application on July 1st for Spring 2025.

Before you apply, please review the information below about our process, application timeline, and the answers to many initial questions you may have.

CAMPUSPEAK Speaker Application Process

Due to the immense amount of work it takes our modest team to review submissions and get new speakers up and going, we encourage speakers to review the application requirements prior so that they can submit the best application to represent themselves. We are happy to answer questions anytime, but we believe majority of our application process questions are outlined below. Additionally, we have complied a list of frequently asked questions questions about our application process that we believe you find helpful.

Becoming a CAMPUSPEAK speaker is a long-term exclusive relationship based on a relationship of mutual value.


Our new speaker application is a comprehensive application that covers a full range of questions, including information about your experience, topic areas, expertise, and business goals/expectations. We recommend reviewing all of the information below before starting your application. Common questions are found below, including what we ask on the application. Applications for our Fall 2024 cohort are no longer being accepted.

Spring 2025 Application Timeline

Application Opens – July 1, 2024
Application Due – October 1, 2024
Final Selections Made by – November 1, 2024
New Speaker Onboarding – First Week of December



CAMPUSPEAK values relationships. After submitting your application, we encourage you to attend a Discover Your Impact informational meeting. This one-hour virtual group meeting will allow you to learn more about CAMPUSPEAK services and for us to meet you. Attending the Discover Your Impact meeting is not required, but we have found them very valuable so we hope you can attend. 

Not sure about CAMPUSPEAK and want to attend a Discover Your Impact Informational meeting before applying? SURE! Sign up and Attend! 

Our next Discover Your Impact Informational Meeting will be held:


We look for professionals who will make a strong, lasting commitment to our team, our business model, and their career as a campus speaker. If you want to enroll with a booking agency, CAMPUSPEAK is not for you. We are not a speakers bureau. We do better with speakers for whom money is not the chief motivation for wanting to speak on college campuses. For our speakers, the money is great, but it’s about connecting with students, making a difference, and shaping how people think about a particular issue.

Furthermore, we also know that being represented by an agency isn’t the right choice for many speakers. We also know that CAMPUSPEAK’s services don’t fit everyone’s best business model. That is why CAMPUSPEAK created the College Speaker Academy.

The College Speakers Academy program is designed to help create ethical and impactful speakers for the college market. College Speaker Academy isn’t a feeder to our application process for new speakers, BUT it is an excellent investment in your speaking business if you want to learn more bout the BUSINESS of the college speaker business before applying.

The College Speaker Academy is available as an in-person one-day program OR as an online module. Learn more at

CAMPUSPEAK does not have a fee associated with applying to be a speaker. Additionally, CAMPUSPEAK does not charge for advising on our application process and/or providing feedback on application materials. In fact, CAMPUSPEAK offers FREE monthly informational meetings where individuals are encouraged to attend and ask questions about the company, our application process, and anything else. Learn more about this informational meeting above.

If a speaker is selected to join the CAMPUSPEAK roster, there is an Initial Marketing Investment. This investment covers the development of the speaker’s CAMPUSPEAK brand and their first six months of marketing campaigns. This is the ONLY fee associated with joining the CAMPUSPEAK Roster.

If you are approached by anyone claiming they can provide you inside information about the CAMPUSPEAK Application Process for a fee, this person is NOT EMPLOYED BY CAMPUSPEAK or authorized/qualified to provide this information. If you do encounter this, please email


We require that potential speakers take the time to submit a comprehensive package to us for consideration.

  • An online clip of no more than 15 minutes of a presentation you have done in the last two years. The clip can be on Vimeo, YouTube, or on your website, but it should not require our team to download a copy – streaming only. You can submit up to three links, but we may only review the first link. We cannot assess an application without a working video.
  • A professional photo that you would use for promotional purposes. If you don’t have one, just send us a nice clear photo that reflects your personality. If selected, we can help arrange a photoshoot.
  • Program Titles, topics, intended audiences, and description paragraph of keynotes. Strong applications include learning outcomes for each program.
  • References.
  • Your website address, if applicable so that we can dig a little further on you if needed.
  • A link to your book or articles you have written, relevant to your proposed speaking topic.
  • A list of previous educational organizations (colleges, high schools, educational conferences, etc.) you’ve presented at, if any.
  • Time to answer a few questions about yourself, why you’re uniquely qualified to speak to students, and your speaking ambitions.
  • At least an hour to devote to completing the application.



  • Unique personal stories that offer teachable moments for others
  • Hazing speakers with a powerful personal story, preferably with strong athletic components or an ability to captivate multiple audience types
  • Fraternity/Sorority Life Speakers with lots of energy, enthusiasm, and credibility
  • Sexual assault prevention and Title IX compliance expertise
  • Social justice advocates that help make having tough conversations approachable
  • Speakers with a lot of energy and a great sense of humor
  • Speakers who have developed a strong, established social media presence
  • Keynotes with a strong interactive element
  • Special “niche” topics we don’t know exist that you’ve found a demand for!


  • Do we need this topic on our roster? Does the demand exist?
  • Quantity of business we can expect from the speaker
  • Speaking style and comfort with large audiences
  • Is there something here that will “click” with college audiences?
  • Enthusiasm and overall professionalism/attitude of the speaker
  • Realistic expectations for the first year in the college market
  • Does the proposed program have educational value?
  • No existing or conflicting obligations to other agencies
  • Letters of recommendation from other speakers and/or college student life professionals
  • Unique expertise and approach on a topic
  • Does the speaker exhibit some depth? Or is it all fluff and personality?
  • Willingness of the speaker to invest in marketing to ensure their success
  • Is the speaker an appealing person? Is he/she friendly?
  • Are we the best agency to market this sort of topic and speaker?
  • Would a campus pay at least $3,500 for this program?
  • Is this speaker interested in an entirely EXCLUSIVE commitment for educational market bookings with us?
  • Will this speaker be low-maintenance and easy to work with?
  • Duos, groups, or troupes
  • Programs that would be classified as more motivational/inspirational than educational
  • Programs about “success after college” or in “the real world”
  • Fear-based programs that are “doom and gloom” and endeavor to scare audiences
  • Programs that have political, religious, or inflammatory themes
  • Speakers with a dozen different topics; we want experts committed to a particular topic
  • Speakers who are overt about their religion while presenting
  • Anything theatrical, in which the speaker acts out characters
  • Speakers who are more workshop-oriented (we need keynoters)
  • Speakers whose primary qualification is a publication of a book
  • Academic-type programs better suited for classrooms
  • Programs about foreign cultures or travels to faraway places
  • Programs on drinking and driving, or impaired/distracted driving
  • Hypnotists, mentalists, jugglers, slam poets, demonstration artists, or other entertainers better suited for an entertainment focused agency

That being said, you could be the speaker that changes our minds. So if you believe you would be a good fit you are still welcome to apply.