The CAMPUSPEAK Experience

CAMPUSPEAK is committed to providing transformative educational opportunities. Whether the impact is happening in-person, virtually over Zoom, or a simultaneous hybrid experience of both in-person and virtual, CAMPUSPEAK is committed to providing the same level of professional, impactful education through the format that best fits your event.

Below is a explanation of our educational program formats:

Additional Info about Events with Virtual Element

Hosted Platform

CAMPUSPEAK hosts events through Zoom. We host events your event in both a Meeting & Webinar Format. Our typical virtual stage can host 500 people but we can accommodate larger later if needed. 

Virtual Event Manager

CAMPUSPEAK provides every virtual event with a trained virtual event manager who assists your speaker in implementing your program. They manage and monitor the event for any disturbance or distractions.

30 Day Recording

All CAMPUSPEAK Virtual programs come with 30-day access to the recorded program.

Closed Captioning

Through Zoom, CAMPUSPEAK provides closed captioning. Zoom reports has a reported 90%+ accuracy. Closed captioning is only provided on the live program, not the recorded program. 

Registration and Attendance Reports

CAMPUSPEAK can provide a custom registration page for your event and send you an attendance report following the program.