Are you interested in learning more about speaking on college campuses, but you don’t know a lot about the business and you’re not sure where to start? The College Speakers Academy is here to help!
Since 2001, CAMPUSPEAK’s College Speakers Academy (CSA) has offered the leading expertise in professional development, college industry education, and the realities of the higher education speaking business to future college speaking professionals. CSA was created to provide training to those interested in making positive impacts on college students across campuses through educational keynote speeches. We saw the need to ensure that those who consider working in this field were trained from the start and operate within a code of ethics that reflected well on them and all others in the business. CSA’s mission is to prepare aspiring keynote speakers with crucial information and training to create an impact on their audiences with the power of their words, topics, and personal stories.

The College Speakers Academy is now available in both an in-person and an online format. 

One Day Professional Development Conference that covers:
  • Understanding Higher Education Marketing
  • Business of the Business
  • Business Best Practices
  • Marketing & Branding Your Business
  • An in-depth exploration on:
    • Understanding today’s college students,
    • Understanding college buyers,
    • Taking an idea to a college-ready program,
    • How to spend your first marketing dollars,
    • Working with agencies vs. going solo,
    • Speaking locally, regionally, or nationally, and
    • Developing an action plan for your college speaking.

Stay tuned for more information on when the next in-person CSA will be held. Please email to be added to our list of interested participants.

14 Self-Paced Online Modules that cover:
  • Understanding Higher Education Marketing
  • Business of the Business
  • Business Best Practices
  • Marketing & Branding Your Business…. and more!


Consulting Sessions

Receive 3,  60-Minute 1:1 consulting sessions focused on

  • Business Development
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Speaker Development
Quarterly Coaching Sessions

Receive quarterly,  60-Minute coaching sessions for a year. The coaching focus will be determined by the participant and will occur with staff from CAMPUSPEAK.


College Speaker Academy Online $500
CSA Online + Consulting $1000
CSA Online + Consulting + Coaching $1500


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“The College Speaker’s Academy (CSA) was an amazing experience that has changed my career. I know many of my colleagues within higher education have an interest in becoming professional speakers and facilitators. CSA provides clear and intentional information to help you guide your career in professional speaking. The beauty of the academy is that it focuses on developing your passion while understanding the business behind public speaking. Thanks to the CAMPUSPEAK staff, I truly felt supported, loved, and encouraged to venture forward with my passion. Even after the academy, the staff continues to serve as an authentic resource anytime I have questions or need support. I highly suggest this academy for anyone who is serious about speaking or facilitating. Take the leap of faith and allow your passion to guide you.”

Ronnie Mack

CSA Participant


College Speaker Academy isn’t a feeder to our application process for new speakers. Being represented by a speakers bureau or agency isn’t the right choice for many speakers, and CAMPUSPEAK’s services don’t fit everyone’s best business model. The program is designed to help create ethical and impactful speakers for the college market.


If you have any questions about the College Speakers Academy, email