Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Consulting

Dr. Stacey Pearson Wharton has a unique approach to her work and combines coaching, consulting, facilitation, education, and policy review in a customized mix designed just for your organization.  She will take an interactive and engaging approach to consulting and provide a strong framework for combating racism and unconscious biases in organizations. This framework will set a foundation for creating more inclusive environments. Dr. Stacey Pearson Wharton can provide training that will allow for staff or students to engage in critical self-reflection, and explore how their identities inform how they relate to others. Students and staff will also have the opportunity to assess organizational culture, learn how to be better allies, and work to develop responses to hate-related incidents. The training she provides will help staff and students to understand how to affirm all races and identities, especially as a way to build a stronger organization.



Stacey can provide:

  • Virtual consulting meetings with key stakeholders of organizations
  • Review an organization’s existing policies and procedures and other related documents and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Provide an organization updates related diversity, equity and inclusion, and the development of recommendations related to the organization’s diversity strategy.
  • Serve as an on-call member for Hate Bias Response Teams.
  • Review and provide recommendations for the Hate Bias Response Protocol for the organizations.
  • Assist an organization in developing and executing a process for responding to hate bias incidents that include recovery and healing.
  • Assist in the crafting, development, and review of emails and other communications related to organizational response to race and diversity initiatives.