Looked at our keynotes and workshops and haven’t found exactly what you need? Let us create a program tailored just for you!

Our talented team of nearly 100 speakers and facilitators are able to design a custom keynote or interactive workshop to meet the specific needs of your community. The CAMPUSPEAK Team is comprised of published authors, PhDs, deans, faculty, veterans, JDs, philanthropists, social justice advocates, athletes, and esteemed student affairs professionals that are experts in what they do. We will work closely with you and your speaker or facilitator to ensure your custom program meets your desired learning outcomes.

You’d be surprised that sometimes students and staff respond better to a new voice saying some of the smart things you’ve been saying all year! If you think your community would benefit from a fresh outside perspective, we can help.

Ideas for your custom program:
• Alumni Relations
• Career Planning
• Communication Skills
• Confrontation/Conflict
• Ethical Leadership
• Goal Setting
• Leadership Retreats
• Marketing and Public Relations
• Mediation
• Officer Transition
• Recruitment
• Stress Management
• Sexual Violence
• Team Building
• Volunteer Development
• Wellness

There are many possibilities and creative options with a CAMPUSPEAK custom program. To discuss how we can create a custom program to meet your needs, call 1 (844) 745-8570 or email