Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Consultanting

Dr. Stacey Pearson WhartonDr. Stacey Pearson Wharton has a unique approach to her work and combines coaching, consulting, facilitation, education, and policy review in a customized mix designed just for your organization.  She will take an interactive and engaging approach to consulting and provide a strong framework for combating racism and unconscious biases in organizations. This framework will set a foundation for creating more inclusive environments. Dr. Stacey Pearson Wharton can provide training that will allow for staff or students to engage in critical self-reflection, and explore how their identities inform how they relate to others. Students and staff will also have the opportunity to assess organizational culture, learn how to be better allies, and work to develop responses to hate-related incidents. The training she provides will help staff and students to understand how to affirm all races and identities, especially as a way to build a stronger organization.

Stacey can provide:

  • Virtual consulting meetings with key stakeholders of organizations
  • Review an organization’s existing policies and procedures and other related documents and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Provide an organization updates related diversity, equity and inclusion, and the development of recommendations related to the organization’s diversity strategy.
  • Serve as an on-call member for Hate Bias Response Teams.
  • Review and provide recommendations for the Hate Bias Response Protocol for the organizations.
  • Assist an organization in developing and executing a process for responding to hate bias incidents that include recovery and healing. 
  • Assist in the crafting, development, and review of emails and other communications related to organizational response to race and diversity initiatives.
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Consultanting Team

We believe that in order to have a productive conversation about diversity, equity and inclusion, you must start with relationships. By building upon the foundation of relationships that already exist, coupled with an intentional approach to dynamic conversations, teams and organizations will shift from awkward to awesome.

Our Approach

Prior to a half-day workshop, we will meet with a small team from your organization to listen to the triumphs and challenges of your organization around DEI work. Once we have an idea of what the goals are for the session, we will provide consultation that involves deep-dive conversations, activities, and multimedia to address concerns, and provide insight on how to improve communication and understanding cross-culturally. The workshop will set a course for ongoing consulting sessions and feedback on how to measure incremental success in your organization around diversity, equity, and inclusion. At a minimum we will meet 3 times, however consultation can be provided for up to 6 months in order to continue this important work.

Learning Outcomes 

Through this consulting program, institutions can expect:

  • To discuss the triumphs and challenges of their organization face with Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion and how to implement best practices of inclusion in their daily work.
  • An understanding of three theoretical frameworks to understanding of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
    • Critical Race Theory
    • Implicit Bias
    • Community Cultural Wealth
  • A review of current programs, resources, and support services to ensure the campus department are implementing Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion best practices in current student support.
  • A tool kit for how to create safe spaces for students, faculty, and staff through the art of conversation and critical dialogue.
  • Train-the-Trainer workshops on how to support anti-racism and challenge implicit bias on your campus/department/Institution.

This approach is ideal For:

  • Student Government Associations
  • Student Organizations
  • Fraternity and Sorority Chapters and Governing Councils
  • Division of Student Affairs Teams
  • Athletic Staff and Coaches


About Our Consultants

A Bay Area native, Dr. Maisha Beasley was raised by a family engaged in community-based programs and resources for the underserved. This principle led her to pursue higher education. She went on to graduate from San Diego State University with a B.A. in Communication, the University of the Pacific with a M.A. in Higher Education Administration, and from the University of San Francisco with an Ed.D. in International and Multicultural Administration. During her 20 year tenure as a student affairs administrator and consultant, she uses her dynamic storytelling, experiences from both urban and suburban communities, and humor to build bridges between humans. She hopes that her continued passion for research around the triumphs and challenges of African American women in collegiate settings will begin to transform how staff and faculty provide resources, programming, and opportunities to this population.

Dan FaillDan Faill received his bachelor’s degree in communication and leadership studies from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and his master’s degree in educational administration and leadership affairs specializing in student affairs from the University of the Pacific. For over 15 years Dan worked in higher education before becoming a full-time speaker, coach & consultant. He now engages students and communities on topics such as the intersection of alcohol and consent, leadership, creating change, and masculinity in an effort to encourage audiences to be brave enough to have the conversations that matter. He enjoys whatever free time he has spending it with his two children who also live in Los Angeles.