Brady Gill

For Brady Gill, play is an essential part of life. As such, he has consistently immersed himself in play, both personally and professionally.


  • Character Development
  • Creative Thinking
  • First Year Experience
  • Leadership
  • Personal Growth
  • Community Building
  • Faculty & Staff Training

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Brady Gill helping to keep students, faculty, and staff engaged online

Getting to know

Brady Gill

Brady Gill is passionate about inspiring people with his insights on the power of play. His expertise comes from his time at summer camp; he’s been at summer camp 25 of his 33 summers. Starting as a summer camp counselor in 2002, Brady enthusiastically came back to camp, every summer, moving up through the ranks. Motivated to bring play back into grown ups lives, Brady helped create Camp Grounded: Summer Camp for Adults, and continues to be their Camp Director and Director of Play.

To date, Camp Grounded has hosted over 2,000 grown up campers not to mention a tidal wave of inspiration and transformation through play! Before opening up Camp Grounded, Brady worked as a recess consultant, traveling the country teaching schools how to promote safe and healthy recesses. He also completed the MFA program at ART/MXAT Institute for Advanced Theater Training at Harvard University at the age of 20—the youngest in history for the program.



Brady watched as his friends, who found lucrative careers in medicine, law, and business, began to lose their playful spirit. He saw that many of his friends were unhappy and entirely lost as to how to fix it. That’s when Brady’s mission began, to seriously reintroduce play into the lives of grown-ups. As a Summer Camp Director for kids as well as a co-creator of Camp Grounded: Summer Camp For Adults, he has seen first-hand the impact that play has on people’s ability to learn, gain confidence, build community, and be joyful. Brady has traveled across the country teaching thousands of educators, students, parents and professional the benefits of leading a playful life.


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Brady Gill



Lead Outside the Box: Creative Leadership for the Modern World

Whether it’s your fraternity or sorority, student government, or a class project, you can be sure that you’ll be leading a group in some way while in college. As a leader, you might ask your team to think outside the box, but how can that work if your leadership style isn’t supporting collaboration and innovation? Brady Gill brings over a decade of experience in creating community and leading groups to his audiences.

In this interactive keynote, students will explore the three necessary ingredients for a productive team, how to empower people to think creatively, facilitation best practices and how to keep it fun, even when it gets hard. By the end, students will be able to walk away feeling supported and inspired to lead outside the box.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • three key ingredients for building community,
  • five tools/games they can use to foster trust and respect within their team, and
  • three facilitation methods to help make any group conversation inclusive and engaging.
The Power of Play

In a highly competitive collegiate atmosphere, students tend to fill their schedules with classes, organizations, leadership positions, work, and volunteer opportunities. Too often, their only off time is spent participating in behaviors without a positive impact or even a potentially harmful impact, such as excessive drinking to “let loose.” In this keynote, Brady Gill gives new meaning to the value of incorporating play into life. Through hands-on demonstrations and experiences, students will explore the physical and emotional benefits of play. Brady helps students learn how they can make play a priority in group projects, planning events for their organization, and recharging throughout their day to improve their overall wellness and experience in college. Students learn about how living playfully has the power to reduce stress, increase productivity in studies, and create opportunities for connection and friendship with peers.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • the value of incorporating time for play in their schedules,
  • that by utilizing play as a technique, they will experience reduced stress levels and increased productivity, and
  • how to more effectively foster strong bonds with others.
Play Your Way into Your Future

The job market has changed; just having a degree isn’t enough to find the job of your dreams anymore. It takes innovative thought and courageous action to create your future and find success. In this keynote, Brady Gill explores how being playful in our outlook and actions, enhances our ability to think outside of the box and be more active players in our lives.

Drawing from his own untraditional and playful path, Brady illuminates to students that play is useful for all. He rocks the foundation of traditional success by sharing his insights on what makes a meaningful, happy life. Brady shows audience members that being on the cutting edge in any field means embracing play because it inspires us into becoming our most courageous and curious selves which are essential for real innovation. Students will leave empowered and ready to take on their dreams fearlessly.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • what they create during college will impact their opportunities after graduation and beyond,
  • how to pursue a deeper level of engagement in their areas of passion through a playful approach, and
  • an increased ability to vision.
Mistaking Your Way to Your Best Self

It’s pretty uncommon these days for anyone to encourage mistakes, let alone celebrate them. More often, mistakes are thought of as a negative and something to be avoided. But it isn’t that simple. Mistakes are crucial for your personal growth and avoiding them is the best way to keep you from being your most successful self. If you believed this to be true, what would you do? How would your life change if you saw how mistakes were marvelous?

In this keynote, Brady teaches audiences how to celebrate mistakes by reflecting on the lessons they learn from them, how to be open enough to share mistakes with others, and looking at life in a more playful way. Brady believes that if we take ourselves a little less seriously and worry less about perfection, we will lay the groundwork for a more dynamic and less fearful life.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how making mistakes are beneficial in their lives,
  • how to reflect on mistakes they have made and transform them into learning experiences, and
  • actual practices of how to celebrate mistakes in everyday life.


Welcome! Let’s Play! 

Bringing a group of strangers together and getting them to have fun is no easy task. Heck, it can be even harder if it’s a group of people that know each other. Add in the challenge of being virtual and most people give up. That is where Virtual Recess is here to help!

Virtual Recess is a live hosted virtual team-building experience for groups of up to 500 people. Take a moment to play, relax, and stay connected in these unprecedented times. Built for groups who are working together remotely, Virtual Recess fosters creativity and interactive communication.

This program is great for first-year students, orientation programs, programming boards, student government retreats, and student organization team development events.

“We’ve gotten such great feedback and everyone was so thankful that we did this during this time. It was so fun to see everyone’s faces and even meet new people!”