Andy Deaza

Andy Deaza has forged a non-traditional path to becoming a leader within the creative marketing industry. He now shares his story in hopes of empowering young leaders of tomorrow to creatively pursue their passions while obtaining tangible skills and lessons that ensure they thrive in any arena in life.


  • Leadership
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Latinx Focused


Andy Deaza empowers young leaders of tomorrow to pursue their passion.

Getting to know

Andy Deaza

Andy Deaza is a Bronx native of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent who forwent a traditional education in marketing at 19 years old. He moved to South Beach to attend Miami Ad School, a creative marketing portfolio school with a concentration in Art Direction. After obtaining his certification Andy worked at some of the top advertising agencies in the world including JWT, BBDO, Mullen Lowe and FCB New York.

Acting on his love for diversity, he’s been a part of ADCOLOR®; the premier organization that celebrates and advocates diversity in the creative and technology industries, for over a decade. Most notably he has worked for Spike Lee’s Spike DDB and served as associate creative director at McCann New York.


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Non-linear Leadership

Leadership is NOT the black and white formula most say it is. Andy Deaza has creatively conquered leadership in a non-linear way throughout his life, and career. The formula he teaches embraces a wide spectrum of styles and options that allows anyone with the desire and interest to lead to developing their own path toward the influence they seek. Today’s leader doesn’t fit any one mold, nor do they remain stagnant in their techniques. Flexible, adaptive styles are necessary to lead in today’s dynamic and diverse college communities.

Coming out of this program, participants will be better equipped to embrace non-linear leadership, community building, and collaboration. Andy aims to empower students to creatively approach finding their footing in the world, no matter their professional pursuits. With the openness of a growth mindset, and resilience anyone can creatively conquer leadership.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to tap into their motivation to succeed,
  • how to create your own leadership style and path undeterred by external pressures, and
  • how to retain unbound creativity despite titles or positions within their team, organization, or job.