Eric J. Rodriguez

Eric J. Rodriguez believes in continuous reinvention. To prepare for the new era of tomorrow, students must learn how to adapt to changing environments, expand their skills and evolve their perspectives.


  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Hispanic Heritage
  • Personal Growth
  • Communication
  • Multicultural Issues


Getting to know

Eric J. Rodriguez

When Eric J . Rodriguez was just eleven years old, his family made the life-changing move from Houston to Ecuador. The stark contrast in wealth and poverty was a culture shock for young Eric, and he quickly realized the power of education in helping to bridge this gap.

It wasn’t until he was in seventh grade that Eric’s perspective on what was possible truly began to take shape. His school, El Colegio Javier, opened its first computer lab and Eric’s class was the first to use it. In just minutes, the students were connected to the rest of the world. This experience ignited Eric’s passion for technology and its potential to shape the future.

Since then, Eric has become a leader in the technology sector, collaborating with organizations such as Aguila Youth, SHPE, Prospanica, Intel Foundation, and INROADS. Eric holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Houston and an MBA from Loyola University in New Orleans.

In this era of constant change and disruption, Eric hopes to prepare his audiences to leave with an empowered perspective of the impact they can make.


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Celebrating HR Professionals Day: Embracing Disruption and Nurturing Humanity 🌍

Today marks the special day dedicated to HR Professionals. Since 2013, every September 26th, we’ve paused to recognize the monumental contributions of HR in cultivating, managing, and uplifting both individuals and entire organizations. From the intricacies of hiring and development to the expansive realm of employee engagement and well-being, HR’s magic lies in how it fuses strategic objectives with the human spirit.

Recently, I had the honor of addressing the vibrant attendees at the @azshrm BOLD Conference. The title? “Power of Embracing Disruption”. Disruption can often bring anxiety, but I was deeply moved by the enthusiasm and resolve of the HR community, ready to navigate the waves of change. More than ever, in this rapidly evolving landscape, the role of HR isn’t just about managing people—it’s about championing them, ensuring that amidst the whirlwind of technology and change, the human essence remains unwavering.

Organizations like @shrmofficial are testament to this mission. They stand as pillars, guiding the HR profession through tumultuous times and ensuring the human factor is not just preserved but celebrated. As we stand at the crossroads of exponential shifts, the HR realm’s agility and adaptability become paramount. Yet, amidst all the algorithms and systems, it’s the ‘human’ in Human Resources that truly makes the difference.

So, to all HR professionals, today is a toast to you. Reflect on your journey, envision your goals, and know that your pivotal role is at the very heart of what makes organizations thrive. The future is not just about navigating disruption—it’s about harnessing its power, and with HR leading the way, I believe we’re in safe hands. 

#HRProfessionalsDay #EmbracingDisruption #HumanFirst #SHRMBOLD #FutureOfWork
🇲🇽 Puerto Peñasco: Harnessing Arizona's Exponential Momentum 🌵

The ripple effect of Arizona's meteoric growth is reshaping regions far and wide. Puerto Peñasco stands at the cusp of this transformative wave. I'm immensely honored to take the stage as the closing keynote speaker at the "1er Foro Turistico-Inmobiliario in Puerto Peñasco."

In "Dawn of a New Era", I'll shed light on the profound influences of Arizona's successes and how they're setting the pace for places like Sonora. My experiences with fast-paced disruption and trend leadership will pave the way for a discussion on becoming architects of change.
The future belongs to those who understand these shifts and steer them. 

Join us as we envision Puerto Peñasco's dynamic trajectory, powered by the Arizona effect.

#PuertoPeñasco #ArizonaInfluence #ExponentialGrowth #DisruptionLeadership #ShapingTheFuture #ericjrodriguez
In an era marked by rapid advancements and constant change, lifelong learning has never been more crucial. We are fortunate to have the resources that past generations, like my grandmother’s, could only dream of. This clip from my talk dives into why we must not just adapt to change, but also become architects of it. The best way to honor the past? Build a better future. 

#LifelongLearning #ExponentialEra #BeTheChange #EricJRodriguez
Friday Morning Reflections over Coffee ☕️: Ever marveled at the speed of robot baristas whipping up your morning brew? It’s a testament to the incredible era we live in. Disruption can indeed feel jarring, even uncomfortable. But here’s the thing - amidst the whirlwind of change and the countless unknowns, there’s one constant: our undying pursuit to expand the human experience. 

In my recent talk on the “Human Centered Digital Future,” I dive deep into how technology has always held the promise of enhancing what it means to be human. Yes, adapting to disruption might not be our first instinct, but when we lean into it, we unlock new avenues for humanity. Embrace the discomfort, for in it lies the potential to redefine our collective future. 

#Disruption #Growth #HumanCenteredFuture #TechnologyForGood #EricJRodriguez
🌐🚀 **Embracing the Digital Wave** 🚀🌐

Digitalization is sweeping across every facet of our lives – our cities are smarter, our cars are becoming autonomous, and the impact of technology is evident in even the smallest moments. Yet amidst this whirlwind of change, we hold the power to shape our future.

In my recent talk, I explore how we can take the reins of this digital revolution and steer it towards a Human-Centered Digital Future. Let’s not be passive observers; let’s be active participants. Because the future of our communities is still under our control. You are not a spectator of change; you are a driver of it.

#DigitalRevolution #HumanCenteredDigitalFuture #ChangeIsInYourHands #EmbraceTheFuture #KeynoteSpeaker
💌 **The Power of a Simple Note** 💌

It's not always the grand gestures that fuel our purpose; sometimes, it's the little things. A small note from my daughter, scribbled with a heartfelt "I love you," serves as a daily reminder of why I do what I do.

As a speaker, I take the stage knowing I may be connecting with future mentors for my children, or igniting the spark in innovators who'll shape a brighter world for them. The applause and the spotlight are transient, but the moments that follow – when someone shares how my words have shifted their perspectives, changed their careers – those are the moments that truly matter.

This note is more than a token of love; it's a symbol of the mission I'm on. A mission to create a world where change is embraced as an opportunity to thrive. For my children, for yours, and for the generations to come.

#ChangeIsOpportunity #KeynoteSpeaker #InnovatorsOfTomorrow #PowerOfPurpose
🌍✨ **Human-Centered Digital Future** ✨🌎
From the pages of sci-fi to the screen in our hands, we often glimpse the future through tales of technology. But look around – the future is already here. More than mere gadgets, technology has the profound power to unlock the immense human potential that thrives in every corner of our world.

As a global keynote speaker, I’ve been blessed to share visions and possibilities with audiences everywhere. Today, I invite you to join me in exploring a future where technology serves humanity, not the other way around.

🎥 Swipe to watch a snippet from my recent talk and let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Because the future? It’s human. It’s digital. And it belongs to us all.

“How do you see tech shaping our future? Share your thoughts below! 🔮👇”

#HumanCenteredDigitalFuture #TechForGood #UnlockingPotential #ThoughtLeadership #KeynoteSpeaker #FutureIsNow
Arizona’s prominent role in shaping the 21st Century: Join the 2023 @azshrm BOLD Annual Conference, the State’s Premier HR Event!

Discover the transformative potential of Arizona in the new decade and seize the opportunity to embrace disruption. As an enthusiastic participant, I am thrilled to invite you to Arizona’s largest conference for Human Resources, the 2023 AZSHRM BOLD Annual Conference.

Experience three dynamic days of unparalleled education, networking, and personal development as you hear from me and a distinguished lineup of exceptional speakers. Don’t miss out on this action-packed event designed to fuel your professional growth!

Register today:

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Today’s virtual keynote was a special one for multiple reasons.

* The talk was titled “Unleashing the Mentor Within: Empowering Others, Empowering Yourself” 

* CEO Leadership Alliance of Orange County invited me to speak with the students and companies that hosted a 6-week immersive experience for the next generation.

* This talk was done from my parents house in Cuenca, Ecuador. The entire family chipped in to help make the setup something very unique.

Grateful to have shared this experience with the first mentors I ever had, my parents and my brother. Thank CLAOC for this wonderful opportunity. 

#Mentoring #keynotespeaker
Excited for my mentor and friend @oriettaverdugo’ new book “Shattering the STEM Ceiling”. Her commitment to the impact she has made in the lives of others is palpable. 

Please check out her book on Kindle or paperback, it is a great source of inspiration as we build a more inclusive future. 🌎
Last week I had the opportunity to return to my hometown and receive the Distinguished Young Engineering Alumni Award from the @uhengineering .

We received the award as a family. I am grateful to have parents who taught me the value of service and community engagement, a wonderful brother who taught me the importance of a positive outlook in life, and an amazing wife whom I met 23 years ago and who always encouraged me to fulfill the potential she saw in me and our two little ones that are daily reminders of why we do this work.

The video below was shared during the event and it was a reminder that recognitions like these happen because we have a village around us. They help us on a daily basis fulfill the promise we all have. Thank you to all my mentors, sponsors, and colleagues, throughout the journey. Especialmente todos los tios y tias que siempre nos apoyan.

@uhengineeringalumni thank you for this recognition and for capturing my journey throughout UH Cullen College of Engineering, @shell , and @intel .


The New Era Of…

In a world where change and uncertainty prevail, it’s easy to gravitate towards familiarity and cling to the known. However, some individuals possess the ability to embrace change, unlock new skill sets, and reshape the fabric of our world. Eric J. Rodriguez is one of those people.

From his early years in Ecuador to navigating unconventional career paths and overcoming the aftermath of a devastating hurricane, Eric has consistently embraced change rather than succumbing to stagnation. Now, he is ready to share his personal experiences and profound insights with you in a thought-provoking keynote.

In this thought-provoking keynote, Eric J. Rodriguez shares his personal experiences and insights on how to turn challenging times into unlocking something new in themselves and their organizations. Discover how the rapid digital transformation sweeping through today’s businesses and communities is ushering in a remarkable New Era of Leadership, a New Era of Opportunities, and a New Era of Change!

In the keynote, participants explore how embracing change can unlock new opportunities to extend the human aspects in every area. The focus is on empowering the students to recognize these rapid changes as immediate opportunities to thrive and create a positive impact on their communities.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending the program, students will learn:

  • About the rapid change occurring in all areas of personal and professional life.
  • How to embrace disruption as an opportunity to extend the human aspects in their areas.
  • Understand a framework to help attendees see how humans can thrive as the world evolves exponentially.
  • How to take action, leverage opportunities, and create positive impacts.
Your Legacy Is Now

In college, Eric J. Rodriguez was challenged to start the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers on his campus, an organization that still exists today and has impacted over 4000 students. After college, Eric worked for Shell Oil in New Orleans, where he engaged in the rebuilding of the city. Most recently, Eric led a multi-million dollar program to build career pathways into the technology sector. In all three of these experiences, Eric’s leadership accelerated, and the impact he made has continued beyond his time.

Are you ready to leave your mark on the world? Your Legacy Starts NOW! Join Eric J. Rodriguez in discovering the transformative power of legacy leadership. As students, we often focus on our first job after graduation, but the lessons we learn today will shape us into tomorrow’s leaders. By committing to leave a lasting impact on our campus, we can create a brighter future for future generations.

In “Your Legacy is NOW!” Eric will share the key insights students can use today to be called to lead on their campus and accelerate their impact as 21st-century student leaders.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending the program, students will learn:

  • How to increase awareness of the importance of student organizations in shaping leadership skills and positively impacting campus.
  • How to encourage others to join or become more involved in organizations.
  • How to take ownership of their role in creating a better campus culture.
  • How to recognize the potential long-term impact of short-term actions and decisions.
  • How to understand of how leaving a legacy can contribute to personal growth and fulfillment.
Finding Your Unique Perspective

As the world is moving accelerated, it can be difficult to find our voice and sense of purpose. We might be wondering what makes us truly unique. Each of us has a unique perspective that comes from our personal experiences, interests, and values. And when we tap into that perspective, we can bring something special and valuable to the world around us.

In this program, Eric J. Rodriguez helps students explore different strategies for discovering and cultivating their unique perspectives. How do we identify our strengths and challenge our assumptions and biases? Eric believes using and sharing your perspective will help you connect with others to make a positive impact.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • How to improve self-awareness, learn how to identify their unique strengths, interests, and values, and how do they contribute to their unique perspective.
  • How to enhance their critical thinking skills, challenge their assumptions and biases, and how to navigate them as they build and share their perspective.
  • How to improve communication skills, we will review how to articulate your perspective clearly and compellingly, which can help build stronger relationships and advance their careers.
  • How to have greater empathy and understanding as they open themselves up to connect with new groups of students and/or professionals.