Eric J. Rodriguez

Eric J. Rodriguez believes in continuous reinvention. To prepare for the new era of tomorrow, students must learn how to adapt to changing environments, expand their skills and evolve their perspectives.


  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Hispanic Heritage
  • Personal Growth
  • Communication
  • Multicultural Issues


Getting to know

Eric J. Rodriguez

When Eric J . Rodriguez was just eleven years old, his family made the life-changing move from Houston to Ecuador. The stark contrast in wealth and poverty was a culture shock for young Eric, and he quickly realized the power of education in helping to bridge this gap.

It wasn’t until he was in seventh grade that Eric’s perspective on what was possible truly began to take shape. His school, El Colegio Javier, opened its first computer lab and Eric’s class was the first to use it. In just minutes, the students were connected to the rest of the world. This experience ignited Eric’s passion for technology and its potential to shape the future.

Since then, Eric has become a leader in the technology sector, collaborating with organizations such as Aguila Youth, SHPE, Prospanica, Intel Foundation, and INROADS. Eric holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Houston and an MBA from Loyola University in New Orleans.

In this era of constant change and disruption, Eric hopes to prepare his audiences to leave with an empowered perspective of the impact they can make.


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Dive into the heart of what it means to lead in today’s digital world with the next episode of “The Future of Human Experience.” I am thrilled to give you a sneak peek at a conversation that’s all about the essence of being human in an increasingly digital landscape. 

Meet Oskhar Pineda, an entrepreneur who’s redefining leadership with his raw, human-centric approach. In a time when screens often replace faces, Oskhar’s insights remind us of the power and necessity of authentic human connection and empathy. 

Check out the trailer and get ready to be inspired by the transformative potential of Raw Leadership in the digital age. This episode is a call for leaders everywhere to embrace their humanity as their strongest asset.

Please see below for more details on the episode. Subscribe to “The Future of Human Experience” on your favorite podcast platform and join us on this journey towards a more human digital world.

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Thrilled to join the McCord Scholars Program at ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business today. Honored to share insights with bright minds shaping the future of business and technology. 

#McCordScholars #ASU #FutureLeaders #TechInnovation #HumanExperience
As the new year unfolds, a simple trip to the Lego store with my kids turned into a profound life lesson. Their excitement was palpable, expecting another intricate  @lego set. Instead, I surprised them with a Lego baseplate. Confusion and a hint of disappointment flashed in their eyes. But this was more than just a flat piece of plastic; it was a canvas of endless possibilities.

I knelt down and explained, “With this baseplate, you can build ANYTHING. You have thousands of bricks at home. Now, you can create whatever you imagine. Building sets is fun, but they come with instructions. This baseplate? It’s all about your creativity and vision.”

This moment mirrored my reflections on the new year. Often, we chase new, shiny goals, but what if the real magic lies in investing in a ‘baseplate’? We already possess the tools and experiences necessary to build something extraordinary. It’s about reassembling these with a fresh perspective to unleash our fullest potential.

Your organization, your team, and YOU have already crafted incredible experiences. Now, imagine what could happen if you rearrange these pieces with a new lens, a renewed purpose.

As we step into this new year, let’s embrace this mindset. Let’s use our existing skills, experiences, and insights to innovate and impact. Let’s build our own unique creations, shaping the future of human experience in ways only we can envision.

Here’s to a year of innovative thinking, creativity, and transforming the familiar into something extraordinary. 

#FutureOfHumanExperience #legomasters #CreativityUnleashed #KeynoteSpeaker #EricJRodriguez
In 2022, I had the opportunity to attend my first @impact_eleven Bootcamp. It gave me a deep dive into the world of speaking. I left inspired but also uncertain when this could become a reality for me one day. Fast forward 18 months later, I’m joined with my #1 fan and rock, to celebrate wonderful speakers in the Impact Eleven community. 

We are so grateful for each one of you that have made this journey extra special for our family. Thank you for choosing the Valley of the Sun to wrap up an awesome 2023. #BetterTogether
🎉 Today isn’t just my birthday; it’s also the heart of Computer Science Week. For me, these occasions have always been intertwined, marked by inspiring talks and community engagement across the country. Reflecting on these moments, I’m reminded of how a young boy’s early encounter with computers set him on a transformative path. 

This year’s celebration is extra special as I launch my speaker video reel. This reel is more than a look back at my journey; it’s a commitment to a future filled with collaboration, innovation, and the drive to make a meaningful impact. 

As I dedicate myself to building ‘The Future of Human Experience,’ I feel immense gratitude for everyone who has encouraged and supported me. Your belief in my vision has been the greatest gift. Here’s to another year of discovery, inspiration, and creating change together! Thank you for being an integral part of my story.

#EricJRodriguez #ComputerScienceWeek #FutureOfHumanExperience
Behind every “overnight success” is a story of perseverance, vision, and strategic building. Take companies like Nvidia and OpenAI, for instance. Their journey wasn’t built in a day. They’ve been crafting the future, piece by piece, for years. Now, they stand at the forefront of the AI revolution, exemplifying what it means to be exponential companies. 🚀 

💡 Our takeaway? Build with the future in sight. Embrace the exponential era. The products and services you develop today are the stepping stones to a future of profound impact and financial success. Let’s innovate for tomorrow, today! 

#FutureThinking #InnovationJourney #ExponentialGrowth #EricJRodriguez
As someone who spent many childhood years visiting family in New York and marveling at the energy of Times Square, seeing myself featured on its iconic screens is a true 'pinch-me' moment. This humbling experience represents a significant milestone in my journey to inspire and shape "The Future of Human Experience."

I'm incredibly grateful to collaborate with amazing organizations that share this vision, and I'm honored to have our collective efforts showcased in such a monumental way. This recognition in Times Square, a place that has always captivated my imagination, feels like a powerful affirmation of the path I've chosen. Thank you @aaron_knipp and @cicospace for this wonderful surprise. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported and believed in this journey. Your encouragement has been invaluable as we continue to explore and innovate for a better tomorrow. This moment in Times Square is not just a personal achievement; it symbolizes our potential to make a significant impact on the world.

Here's to continued inspiration, groundbreaking achievements, and a future driven by human-centric innovation. The journey ahead is bright, and I can't wait to see where it takes us!

#TimesSquare #SpeakerLife #HumanExperience #Innovation #FutureVision #FutureOfHumanExperience #EricJRodriguez
Election Day is more than a moment, it’s a movement. Every choice, every vote, is a step toward the future we create together.

Change isn’t on the horizon; it’s already here. Living in those who envision more and ignite the spark of possibility. 

Our collective mission is to merge the lanes of technology and human spirit, ensuring that one empowers the other. 

Make your choice with the future in mind—a future where we are the custodians of our shared human journey. 

#TechHumanity #FutureCrafting #ElectionDay #HumanCentric #ExponentialFuture #EricJRodriguez
🎙️ A short glimpse into my talk “Human-Centric Digital Future” from the @americanmontessori Annual Conference!

In an age of limitless digital resources, it’s the spirit of exploration and creativity in our kids that will truly stand out. 💡🎨 Let’s ensure we’re not just preparing them for the world of today, but for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

#DigitalFuture #HumanityInTech #NurtureCreativity #TheMontessoriEvent #EricJRodriguez #montessorivoices
Recently, I had the honor of speaking at the CEO Leadership Alliance of Orange County about “Unleashing the Mentor Within”. As our world dives deeper into digitization, the true essence of mentorship becomes more crucial. It’s about guiding, supporting, and lifting others, all while embracing a mentee mindset. Because at the heart of every impactful leader is a dedicated mentor. Dive into the clip for a dose of inspiration. 

Who’s been a mentor that left a lasting impact on your journey?* #Mentorship 

#HumanCentric #EricJRodriguez #CLAOC
🎥 Excited to give you a glimpse into my recent talk titled “Dawn of a New Era” at the distinguished AMPI (Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals) event in Mexico. Beyond the metrics and transactions, real estate professionals are laying the foundational stones for thriving communities. While headlines may sometimes lean into the negative, it’s the undercurrent of positive change driven by community stalwarts that truly captures the narrative.

In our shared quest between Arizona and Mexico, we’re not just envisioning, but actively crafting a brighter, unified future. A future shaped by the unyielding commitment of individuals passionate about the communities they serve. 

Heartfelt gratitude to #AMPI for allowing me to be a part of this transformative dialogue. Together, we’re signaling the dawn of a future we all believe in and aspire to.

#DawnOfANewEra #HumanCenteredLeadership #CrossBorderCollaboration #FutureWeBuild #RealEstate #EricJRodriguez
Navigating our rapidly digitizing world means making countless decisions every day. How do we ensure we're making the right ones? "Better Decisions Faster" by my friend @paulepsteinspeaks is a beacon in this journey. Drawing from elite sports and real-life scenarios, Paul unravels the art of impactful decision-making. It's a reminder that amidst the noise of technology, our human intuition and wisdom remain our greatest assets. Dive into this treasure and equip yourself for the future, one decision at a time. 🚀 

#BetterDecisionsFaster #HumanCenteredFuture #DigitalWisdom #LifeChoices #BooksToRead


The Future of Human Experience

The global impact of technology is profound and far-reaching, influencing various aspects of society, economy, and culture. Technology has become a driving force behind innovation, shaping the way we live, work, and interact. In this pivotal moment in history, as technology reshapes our global landscape, college students are at the heart of this profound transformation. The “Future of Human Experience” program invites students to explore the intersection of their college experiences with the demands of a technologically advanced society.

Eric J. Rodriguez shares a message of optimism and action, engaging students in a dialogue about the real-world applications of future technology. Emphasizing the principles of human-centered design, an approach to problem-solving that prioritizes people at the core of solutions, Eric encourages students to reflect on how their current academic and social pursuits lay the foundation for their roles in a technology-driven world. This program inspires students to critically assess their positions in a global workforce that values adaptability, cultural competence, and empathetic leadership.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending the program, students will learn:

  • How to identify how college experiences and studies contribute to shaping a future where technology and humanity thrive together,
  • How to develop strategies for utilizing college resources to build adaptable, future-ready skillsets, and
  • How to foster an understanding of the global impact of technology and the role of diversity and cultural awareness in driving innovation.
Your Legacy Is Now

In college, Eric J. Rodriguez was challenged to start the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers on his campus, an organization that still exists today and has impacted over 4000 students. After college, Eric worked for Shell Oil in New Orleans, where he engaged in the rebuilding of the city. Most recently, Eric led a multi-million dollar program to build career pathways into the technology sector. In all three of these experiences, Eric’s leadership accelerated, and the impact he made has continued beyond his time.

Are you ready to leave your mark on the world? Your Legacy Starts NOW! Join Eric J. Rodriguez in discovering the transformative power of legacy leadership. As students, we often focus on our first job after graduation, but the lessons we learn today will shape us into tomorrow’s leaders. By committing to leave a lasting impact on our campus, we can create a brighter future for future generations.

In “Your Legacy is NOW!” Eric will share the key insights students can use today to be called to lead on their campus and accelerate their impact as 21st-century student leaders.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending the program, students will learn:

  • How to increase awareness of the importance of student organizations in shaping leadership skills and positively impacting campus.
  • How to encourage others to join or become more involved in organizations.
  • How to take ownership of their role in creating a better campus culture.
  • How to recognize the potential long-term impact of short-term actions and decisions.
  • How to understand of how leaving a legacy can contribute to personal growth and fulfillment.
Finding Your Unique Perspective

As the world is moving accelerated, it can be difficult to find our voice and sense of purpose. We might be wondering what makes us truly unique. Each of us has a unique perspective that comes from our personal experiences, interests, and values. And when we tap into that perspective, we can bring something special and valuable to the world around us.

In this program, Eric J. Rodriguez helps students explore different strategies for discovering and cultivating their unique perspectives. How do we identify our strengths and challenge our assumptions and biases? Eric believes using and sharing your perspective will help you connect with others to make a positive impact.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • How to improve self-awareness, learn how to identify their unique strengths, interests, and values, and how do they contribute to their unique perspective.
  • How to enhance their critical thinking skills, challenge their assumptions and biases, and how to navigate them as they build and share their perspective.
  • How to improve communication skills, we will review how to articulate your perspective clearly and compellingly, which can help build stronger relationships and advance their careers.
  • How to have greater empathy and understanding as they open themselves up to connect with new groups of students and/or professionals.


The following are past entries Eric has written for the CAMPUSPEAK Speaker’s Voice Blog

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For Corporate & Non-Profit Clients
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