Jitesh Jaggi

Jitesh Jaggi is a Moth award-winning storyteller who believes that by harnessing our personal stories we can communicate effectively across barriers. Having traveled the world Jitesh Jaggi teaches how despite our backgrounds, our fears and hopes are surprisingly common!


  • AAPI Focused
  • Character Development
  • Immigration
  • Leadership
  • Multicultural
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Personal Growth
  • Communication
  • Creative Thinking
  • Social Justice


Jitesh Jaggi, teaches that despite our backgrounds, our fears and hopes are common.

Getting to know

Jitesh Jaggi

Jitesh Jaggi has lived several lives: an investment banker, a teacher, a writer, and an award-winning performer. Apart from these professional capacities, Jitesh immersed himself in storytelling where he won back-to-back The Moth Slams and was featured on public radio all over the country. This myriad of experiences gives him a unique vantage point to understand the fears, beliefs, aspirations, goals, and hurdles that people grapple with daily.

Living in two different countries (Jitesh was born and brought up in Mumbai, India) and traveling all over the world during these years made him realize that despite a person’s background, these fears and hopes are surprisingly common! Jitesh Jaggi has since made it his mission to help students and would-be professionals navigate the world by breaking down complex interactions by focusing on their personal stories.

Our stories are something we carry with us everyday, we just need a reminder to bring them forth and put them to use. Jitesh uses humor and interpersonal connection to empower college students with this simple tool that they will use to start dialogues and get their point across about topics as varied as race, sexuality, social issues, mental health, and personal goals. He shows students how to open new doors for themselves by turning talking points into compelling and persuasive narratives through storytelling.


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I’m jumping from storytelling to poetry a little bit- so thought why not write poems in a story form?! A good transition perhaps. Also goes with the whole experimental nature of my writing. This one came from a deep meditation about how we can model our inside world observing the outside. 
With music just as experimental by @monicarose.music 
Thanks to @grandmashouse.poetry and the audience for giving this a voice ✨
I wrote this half story for a show called 20x2 where 20 creatives are asked a vague question and get 2 minutes to answer it.
This was answering “Are Your Ready?” 
Writing for it kinda gave me a nice 2024 goal too 😉
Next show tomorrow at Gman Tavern at 7pm. I’ll be performing again.
2023 was a year of many changes, many shifts- mostly good, some worse. But it’s all a value judgement- what do we know?

This year saw me come into my own, as an artist especially. I created my solo show “Suitcase Stories” that sold out 4 times. Until I had to sit back down and reflect on how my story has changed. I’ll bring it back when I process these changes.

I also have given myself to my friends and allowed myself to lean on them. A steady community is building here- you’re invited.

I travelled a lot but still come back to Chicago, my second home, after I also visited my first home Mumbai again earlier this year. 

My day job is finally closer to my purpose, being an educator and helping young folks the way I never had the opportunity. 

There’s lots of love and lots of wins, but lots of steady losses too. I’m trying to sit through them and see if I can be a better man. It’s time to grow in depth, not just to spread out wings. 

I’ll be back with some more stories and poems very soon. These are all fragmented thoughts. But if you came to see me anywhere this year- on stage or over a cup of chai- I appreciate you. 

I’m not sure if I have what I need to be prepared for 2024, but I’m sure I’ll make it through. I’ve always figured it out. It’s time to strengthen that belief further. 

More love, community, travels, books, art, and love this coming year. We got this ✨
Hope y’all are having a great Halloween! This is me performing with the ever-present reminder of Death and Despair behind me. BUTTTTT….there is reason for some celebration. I’ll be hosting a special Diwali storytelling show at @chiyachai Logan Square on Saturday, Nov 11th at 7 pm. Tickets include a special Diwali cocktail (or chai!). What more do y’all want??? Ok fine, we will also have some of the best storytellers sharing funny, silly, and heartwarming stories about Love and Light (you know, to defeat Death and Despair?)
@sonalmedia @archyjam 
@nestor_the_boss_gomez_soloyo and I are ready to entertain you over a cup of chai. Grab your tickets from the link in bio. Limited tickets- will run out quickly, so grab them now!
Don’t be scared 👻


Suitcase Stories

When Jitesh left his childhood home in Mumbai for Chicago, he had a fish-out-of-water (and into the deep freezer!) experience as he was greeted by the polar vortex. Until this time, “America” to him was only a concept, a still from a movie, a distant illusion. The food, the people, the language were all foreign- except love, the pursuit of which made him pack his bags and cross continents. Little did he know the harrowing- and often hilarious- immigration journey would only be the beginning.

Suitcase Stories follows this journey as he battles visa authorities, harsh weather, and a nagging call back to leave it all and return to safety. This stimulating one-man presentation is a collection of stories- many of which won him The Moth Story Slam and connected him with Americans of all stripes. It is a journey that asks questions about what a home means and lets the audience answer it in their own terms.

Find out what happens when the home you have always known is gone, the love you relied on changes, and the people you hope to belong to see you as an outsider. This keynote is for you if you have ever felt a longing for a home. Jitesh has plenty of laughter, suspense, and gut-wrenching stories for everybody. You will come to this presentation as an individual and leave as a community.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • To recognize how immigrants have historically shaped America and her progress,
  • To appreciate perspectives different than theirs,
  • To build community consisting of diverse voices, and
  • To be vulnerable and build empathy.
Your Story Can Change The World, Literally

Texting, emails, meet-ups, phone calls, video chats- so many ways to interact! But is your message getting through? Does it feel sometimes like you’re speaking into the abyss with no recognition on your listener’s face? It can be frustrating to have something to say- an idea, and so many ways to express it if you still feel unheard. College is an especially vulnerable time when you are challenged to form a voice for yourself in a sometimes intimidating academic environment.

In this keynote, Jitesh Jaggi breaks down how to make a compelling argument. Most times, we don’t want to change people’s minds, we just want our thoughts to be perceived as valid. Jitesh teaches a fun way of arranging the raw ideas in our heads into a persuasive narrative through Storytelling. He teaches effective communication methods like how to use humor and personal stories to get your audience’s attention. Regardless of who the audience is- professors, group of friends, work colleagues, interviewers; we all respond to certain cues that make us drop whatever we’re doing and listen closely. Jitesh helps students see that the ability to hold someone’s attention in the midst of a million distractions is nothing short of a superpower!

Students by participating in this keynote learn to be persuasive and effective in communicating their stories in applied ways. It is an approach that humanizes the person behind the data, the idea, the suggestion. Students learn that nobody can look away from a compelling story. Storytelling is for everybody who wants to be heard and struggles with getting their point across succinctly. By harnessing our personal stories, we can make our talking points memorable and nudge the listener towards action organically. Your stories pave the way for you to be heard. Jitesh helps you tell it!

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to consolidate their ideas and suggestions,
  • how to personalize their message by using storytelling,
  • how to hold a listener’s attention, and
  • how to persuade them to favorable action through our stories.
Doing Justice to Social Justice Initiatives

College campuses are epicenters for social justice issues, cultural thought, and political debate. With the age of the internet, students can gather information quicker and mobilize like-minded people to come together and form alliances. But when everyone wants to feel heard at the same time, the result is chaos. Chaos for the college and for students who feel like their voice is being drowned out in the commotion. Whether it’s about racism, sexism, politics, mental health awareness- there are ways to hold discussions that don’t end in students speaking over each other or rebelling without a goal.

By introducing storytelling, Jitesh Jaggi leads students to consolidate their thoughts, formulate an agenda, and foster healthy discussions that do justice to the topic at hand. This keynote brings a semblance of normalcy and stillness to students who feel overwhelmed with social issues and are struggling for a means of expression. Jitesh guides students in self-reflection and identifying issues they deeply care about. As an award-winning storyteller, he teaches students how to express their personal stories that are relevant to the issues close to their heart- thus linking the personal and the political. Students learn that movements like #metoo were impactful because of the personal stories shared by women, among others. This keynote is an exercise in collective healing via dialogue and empathy.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to raise awareness for a cause close to their heart,
  • how to hold productive discussions around the cause,
  • how to channel personal stories to amplify the cause, and
  • how to deal with obstacles and strategize for resolution.
Public Speaking: From Fear to Freedom

Research has shown, quite comically, that the fear of public speaking is more debilitating than the fear of getting bitten by a snake! How can students navigate this fear at campuses where they are more likely to encounter an audience of people than a reptile? Whether it’s giving a presentation in class, interviewing for a job, or a good-old getting on a soapbox to hold people’s attention, students are expected to be naturally skilled at talking to a crowd without freezing with fear, let alone being nervous.

Storytelling! In this keynote, Jitesh Jaggi teaches the basic principles of connecting our talking points to our life experiences. Students gain the essential skills of speaking confidently when faced with an audience, even if they are figures of authority. As an award-winning storyteller, Jitesh practices narrative traditions that humans have used since time immemorial to get their words across with conviction. Attending this keynote, students will learn not only how to be free from the fear of speaking in public but also enjoy giving presentations by using the strategic tools of storytelling.

Sweaty palms, nervous tics, stuttering can be embarrassing. Students especially are vulnerable to their classmates and their senior’s approval. Choking during a presentation or shying away from a group conversation can leave an emotional scar that can alter a student’s life and career path. By taking away the fear from public speaking and making it accessible in an everyday context, Jitesh guides the students to open up at their own pace and embrace talking to a crowd without fearing social rejection. Your stories can set you free!

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to communicate without fearing disapproval,
  • how to build a stage presence to captivate a diverse audience,
  • tips and tricks to cope with microphone shyness,
  • how to embrace speaking your mind in a group setting.