Parvati Shallow

Conquer your fears, climb to new heights and celebrate life’s adventures.


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▪How to Thrive in the Face of Uncertainty

Conquer your fears, climb to new heights and celebrate life’s adventures.

Can you confidently step into the unknown without hesitation? Can you seize the opportunity without reservation? Parvati Shallow has found a way to quiet the voice of fear and to courageously dive into the unknown, creating a life of freedom, adventure, and joy. And now, she will teach you how to thrive.

Parvati’s Bio

Parvati won a million dollars on the international television show SURVIVOR and is widely considered to be the best to ever play. Her elegant approach to the chaos of SURVIVOR resulted in CBS Television offering her a chance to host her own show: Around the World for Free. Having to rely entirely on the good will of total strangers, Parvati successfully navigated her way across four continents without a dime (the show was a hit, too).

Parvati then took on her next opportunity — moving to New York to write and produce for CBS News. After much success in the newsroom, she left to build her own speaking and writing business but did so on her own terms — not knowing where the next paycheck would come from. Now Parvati will show you how to do the same: recognize your fears, dream big, create opportunity, and capitalize on it — even when doing so means overcoming seemingly paralyzing risk. She is living proof that the payoff is too great not to pursue. Let her show you the way.


“From the moment we met Parvati, we knew that the evening’s engagement was going to be exactly what our students needed. Parvati’s personality is one that is engaging and truly caring as the one-on-one conversations she had with students were in-depth and showed sincerity as seen in the interactions she had with them prior to starting. Since the engagement, I’ve had a few students that I’ve seen in the hallways that have indicated their appreciation for bringing a speaker that helped them understand the importance in doing what they believe in and want to do and although fear may be present, be able to find ways to inspire and overcome. It was a true delight to have Parvati at Eastern Oregon University!”

Le Bailey

Eastern Oregon University



How to Thrive in the Face of Uncertainty

College students are standing on the edge of the beginning their adult lives. More often than not, they have more questions than answers about what’s coming next. The fear of the unknown can be crippling to students who are unsure of their next steps. Parvati has learned that developing the ability to handle an unknown future with both intuition and courage is a skill. With the right tools, any student can learn how to relax and confidently face uncertainty without getting caught up in fear and anxiety. In her keynote How to Thrive in the Face of Uncertainty, Parvati helps students understand the importance of focusing on the things that go right in life. Through inspiring and personal stories of both success and failure, Parvati helps students learn to take courageous action, listen to their own inner guidance and understand that they only need one thing to go right in order to move forward to the next.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • where their fear comes from, and practical strategies to overcome fear by tapping into their intuition and bridging a connection to their own inner compass,
  • what courage means and how to cultivate it, and
  • how to keep moving when faced with obstacles by narrowing their focus on positive outcomes.