Linnita Hosten

Linnita Hosten is an award-winning student success strategist who empowers students to identify and go after their DREAM career. She empowers leaders to boldly use their voice and their hearts while leading.


  • Leadership
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • First Generation College Students
  • Athletics
  • First Year Experience
  • Personal Growth
  • Organizational Development
  • Character Development
  • High School Issues




Linnita Hosten, highlighting our excellence

Getting to know

Linnita Hosten

Linnita Hosten is an award-winning student success strategist who empowers students to identify and go-after their DREAM career.

Linnita’s work with students began at age 18 as a recreation summer camp counselor and expanded through numerous roles to include: Resident assistant, orientation team leader, high school cheerleading coach, private tutor, college access advisor, college professor, and 5X author.

The high-energy edutainer provides content-packed and research-based success strategy programming for organizations, universities, and community groups; and group coaching to students.

Linnita has been honored with various awards including: Excellence in Education; Youth Speaker of the Year; 40 Under 40 in Education; Education Book of the Year; and Alumni of the Year.

She is the visionary behind the book The College Strategy and the founder of Excellence Brainery, education and career planning resource hub for parents, educators, and community leaders.

Linnita is passionate about preparing ambitious students to get clear on their plans and confident about pursuing their DREAM.

When not on stage, you can find the pescetarian in the produce section at your local grocer; diving in a good book or enjoying the company of her favorite person in the whole wide world —her sister, Makenzie


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Each quarter of the year I set a goal to invest in specific personal or professional development.

This ranges from wellness coaching, spiritual development, sales training, personal finance reviews, business development opportunities… 

Here are the by products of quarterly development:

✅ Helps build a growing community of support 
✅ Keeps your skillsets current 
✅ Inspires continued growth
✅ Reveals opportunities/needs for growth
✅ Increases your visibility 
✅ Grows your knowledge base
✅ Opens doors for collaboration with others
✅ Challenges your mindset 
✅ Provokes creative problem solving

When we decide stop learning, we stop thinking critically. When we stop thinking critically we stop GROWING.

#alwaysbeastudent even if you are the “teacher.”
Au-dac-i-ty (noun) - A bold belief in self; courage.

When’s the last time you had the audacity to bravely do something you wouldn’t normally do? 

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The highlight of last week was hosting my #BuildMyMessage Masterclass with the help of @tbutlercreative !

I love the intimacy of doing events in my home but the #excellence of having a media team with multiple cameras, graphics, etc.

We walked through my signature keynote framework and client retention system.

If you’re interested in the replay shoot me a DM! 

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The next time you have those nervous jitters when asked to speak, remember this…

The link to last night’s full episode is in the bio 🖤🤎.

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If alcohol, sex, nicotine, weed, or any other stimulant did not exist- what would be your go-to for an eventful week? 

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4 signs that likely indicate you are READY to become a keynote speaker👇🏽🫣.

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Getting dressed this morning for a speaking engagement and reflecting on my last 10 years in professional speaking…..Most of those years spent in discovery. Trail and error. Learning the ropes. Reinvesting. Reinventing….Grateful God gave me grace to figure me out lol. And even more grateful that I am able to support other women in their journey to do the same…..Can’t wait to add to your toolbox next Friday🥰#eventsforwomen #womenspeakers #publicspeakingcoach #publicspeakingtips #tipsforwomen
🗣️It’s “Go Time.”

Early bird rates end tomorrow at midnight 😬. 

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Leading from the Passenger Seat

Congratulations! You’re the leader of your team, your organization, your chapter! When it comes to being the leader, do you have to be in front of the crowd at all times? Most students believe yes, but Linnita Hosten believes true leaders don’t always take the driver’s seat. A student and/or chapter leader displays healthy and inclusive leadership when they lead from the “Passenger Seat.”

The seat in which you lead- it matters. In the program, Linnita teaches students the three traits of passenger-centered teams and how seat positioning infectiously impacts and influences those you lead in your organization.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • How to apply soft skills such as observing, communicating, and listening; and evaluate its impact on establishing and maintaining an organizational culture,
  • How to intentionally incorporate and model soft skills within an organization, and
  • How to appropriately process and respond to organizational feedback from team leadership and team participants.
Hearty & Human: Having Hard Conversations Softly

Do you find it challenging to have that “hard conversation” without upsetting a friend, team member, or fellow leader? According to Forbes, “80% of people are running in fear from at least one scary conversation.” While working hands-on with a team is rewarding, it is also challenging to learn various communication styles.

In this program, Linnita Hosten plainly breaks down how to have professional hard conversations softly so that you and the recipient of the conversation both feel heard and understood.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • The common barriers that prevent hard conversations from occurring,
  • The long-term effects of avoiding hard conversations,
  • The three key elements of hard conversations to keep in mind when approaching conflict, and
  • Practical tips to approach hard conversations

This program can also be customized for professional staff, teams, faculty, & administrators

The Year of Excellence

Your first year is hard. A new place. New people. New schedule. New environment. New emotions and new beginnings. If you’re honest, new is uncomfortable and sometimes scary. But what if you could nail down one simple way to make your first year more successful?

The success of your first year in college is determined by the goals you set. Beyond successfully completing your coursework, making new friends, and having a great time- what are your goals? Learn why it is critical to think strategically about your college experience and how you can leverage your college degree (with strategic planning) -before college graduation.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • How to identify their non-negotiables of success (study routine, communication needs, fitness lifestyle, self-care practice, etc.)
  • How to draft a roadmap to navigate a successful first-year.
  • How to identify valuable on-campus resources and opportunities to assist them with living out their success plan.
  • How to make a clear connection between their engaged student experience, degree attainment, and career success.
The Couch Conversation: Excellence First Starts in the Mind

Are self-sabotaging thoughts swimming in your mind about who you are and what you have the potential to be? If you’re super honest, you’ll admit that this “quiet conversation” with yourself does exist. You may be the first to admit it, but you are not the only person experiencing this mental war. Learn to win the war with your mind.

Linnita Hosten will help students learn that the way they think of themselves from the start will determine their courage and fearlessness throughout their college years.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • How to explore the mental roadblocks that show up and affect their self-concept,
  • The three practical tools that all high achievers use to win the war of their mind, and
  • The three science-proven coping strategies to support mental toughness.


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