Linnita Hosten

Linnita Hosten’s High-Energy & Heartfelt programs that equip students to make better decisions that ultimately lead them to better lives and greater impact.


▪Leadership ▪Women’s Issues & Empowerment ▪First Generation College Students ▪Personal Growth ▪Organizational Development ▪Character Development ▪Athletics ▪First Year Experience ▪High School Issues


▪Leading from the Passenger Seat
▪LIVE OUT Your First-Year
▪Drive, Like a Girl


Linnita’s approach to connect with her audiences can be summarized into two words- High-Energy & Heartfelt

Linnita leads her audiences into deep reflection and stimulating conversations around living and leading, BETTER.

Wrapped in a conversational tone, the award-winning edutainer uses research, personal experiences, and practical calls to action to create a memorable and thought-provoking learning experience for students and campus professionals.

Linnita’s Bio

Award-winning keynote speaker and student success strategist, Linnita Hosten, is the author of The College Strategy– a toolkit equipping students to create a success plan to maximize the college experience.

Linnita’s work with students began at age 19 as a recreation summer camp counselor and expanded through numerous roles to include: Resident assistant, orientation team leader, cheerleading coach, private tutor, college advisor, personal mentor and college professor.

The high-energy edutainer provides content-packed and research based success strategy programing for organizations, universities and community groups.

Linnita’s passion for success strategy extends beyond traditional students to supporting military personnel, Job Corp participants and young professionals.

Her achievements have been recognized by the Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund, University of Maryland University College Alumni Association, SpeakerCon, Indie Author Legacy Awards, and more.

Linnita received a bachelors of science degree in Mass Communication from Towson University and a masters of science degree in Nonprofit Management and Association Leadership from the University of Maryland University College. 

When not on stage, you can find the pescetarian in the produce section at Wegmans; browsing online for the perfect fit; diving in a good book or enjoying the company of her favorite college mentee—her sister, Makenzie

Linnita’s mission is to equip students to make better decisions that ultimately lead them to better lives and greater impact.

Linnita’s Blogs

The following are past entries Linnita has written for the CAMPUSPEAK Speaker’s Voice Blog

Black Lives Matter


Personal Growth

Right from the beginning, my experience with CAMPUSPEAK has been fantastic. Any questions I had, were answered promptly and I would get emails when information was needed. I had access to email and phone numbers, which was appreciated. Linnita, our guest speaker, was AMAZING. Our students loved her speech and I was pleasantly surprised at how she would stop to allow people to ask questions and how engaging and comfortable that made our students feel. We had never had an event that turned out so well.

Zahayra Razo

TRIO SSS Director, Thomas College

“UPLIFTING. Authentic. Relatable.

Linnita was wonderful! The students took a lot from her message, many were waiting after her speech to say thank you or to take a picture with her. She connected well to our student group and everything about her resonated with our students, it was a pleasure to have Linnita!”

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Assistant Director of Residence Life for Community Standards


Leading from the Passenger Seat

Congratulations! You’re the leader of your team, your organization, your chapter! When it comes to being the leader, do you have to be in front of the crowd at all times? Most students believe yes, but Linnita Hosten believes true leaders don’t always take the driver’s seat. A student and/or chapter leader displays healthy and inclusive leadership when they lead from the “Passenger Seat.”

The seat in which you lead- it matters. In the program, Linnita teaches students the three traits of passenger-centered teams and how seat positioning infectiously impacts and influences those you lead in your organization.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to apply soft skills such as observing, communicating, and listening; and evaluate its impact on establishing and maintaining an organizational culture,
  • how to intentionally incorporate and model soft skills within an organization, and
  • how to appropriately process and respond to organizational feedback from team leadership and team participants.
Drive, Like a Girl

Women leaders are irrational, emotional, and indecisive. That’s what the “world” says. We know that not everything the “world” says is true. But is that statement true to your leadership style? Do you find yourself struggling to manage your emotions when dealing with organizational and personal issues?

Using the latest research in women’s leadership, Linnita teaches women how to manage the complex and instinctive state of mind known as emotions. Learn to drive like a girl, objectively, confidently, relentlessly and undistracted.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to define and identify emotions and its distinction from feelings,
  • how their emotions impact those they love and lead,
  • how to identify what triggers the development of an emotion, and
  • how to better identify and manage emotional reactions that show up in pursuit of organizational success.
LIVE OUT Your First-Year

Your first year is hard. A new place. New people. New schedule. New environment. New emotions and new beginnings. If you’re honest, new is uncomfortable and sometimes scary. But what if you could nail down one simple way to make your first year more comfortable, less intimidating and a super easy success? Simply by- LIVING OUT.

The success of your first-year is determined by one factor, the plan you create to LIVE OUT- being present in the moment. In this keynote, students learn how to aim and score high their first year by creating clarity about life after college and living IN the college experience.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to apply the science of words and thoughts to the college experience,
  • how to draft a road map to navigate a successful first-year,
  • how to connect positive psychology with goal obtainment, and
  • how to identify valuable on-campus resources and opportunities to assist students with LIVING OUT their success plan.