Linnita Hosten

Linnita Hosten is championing students to take the driver seat of their decisions so that they can live impactful lives & lead influential teams


▪Leadership ▪Women’s Issues & Empowerment ▪Personal Growth
▪Organizational Development ▪Character Development ▪Athletics
▪First Year Experience ▪High School Issues


▪Drive, Like a Girl
▪Leading from the Passenger Seat: How to Drive Great Teams
▪The Driver’s Test: Passing Your First Year Experience


Linnita’s passion for steering students in the their lane of success, birthed The Driver Seat concept. Seeing students completing their college experience in neutral – lacking direction and momentum, created an opportunity for Linnita to reprint a new driver’s manual. She brings high energy & practical heart-felt & powerful advice to all of her presentations.

Buckle your seat belt, it time start driving your success!

Linnita’s Bio

Starting on her college campus, Linnita Hosten began a life of service at the age of 19. Serving in various student leadership and community engagement roles, Linnita developed a passion for youth development in the areas of student leadership, character education and real-world readiness.

Currently, the national speaker and author provides content-packed and researched based empowerment programing for organizations, universities and community groups that serve young women.

Linnita has had the privilege of speaking for United States Army, Georgetown University, Howard University, Washington Redskins Cheerleaders and many other notable organizations.

Linnita’s Blogs

The following are past entries Linnita has written for the CAMPUSPEAK Speaker’s Voice Blog


Personal Growth


“UPLIFTING. Authentic. Relatable.

Linnita was wonderful! The students took a lot from her message, many were waiting after her speech to say thank you or to take a picture with her. She connected well to our student group and everything about her resonated with our students, it was a pleasure to have Linnita!”

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Assistant Director of Residence Life for Community Standards



Drive, Like a Girl

After being the youngest (and sometimes the only) woman in large organizations, board appointments and service roles, Linnita can tell you a thing or two about being misjudged, overlooked, underestimated and underutilized; and how it triggers feelings of disempowerment and discouragement. Using her experience and the science of emotion, Linnita teaches women how to manage those feelings while helping them to find their speed and shift to their lane.Learn to drive like a girl, objectively, confidently, relentlessly and undistracted.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • The common causes of distracted driving (what prevents women from making clear and focused decisions)
  • The three essential vehicle fluids needed for high-performance (Linnita’s top three secrets to steer away from burnout and exhaustion), and
  • What to do when the engine cuts off (how to move forward when xperiencing loss of momentum or lack of desire)
Leading from the Passenger Seat: How to Drive Great Teams

At 23, Linnita became the head coach of a high school athletic team. At a time when school spirit and involvement were low, Linnita sanded away with traditions and painted a new program. In two years– skill, moral and interest in the program drastically increased …so much that there were not enough uniforms to accommodate team numbers.

Without ever playing the sport, yet leading a staff and team that had, Linnita was able to not only transform the team but also impact the school and surrounding community. In this role, Linnita learned quickly that leadership is not about what you know. It’s about parking your vehicle and shifting to the passenger seat –positioning your team to be the driver.

Learn to navigate teams from the passenger seat by harnessing strengths, teaching from failures and leveraging organizational knowledge.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to build a strong team engine using recruitment and appointment
  • how to perform a diagnostic of team abilities and pair abilities with team goals
  • what causes a team to overheat and breakdown, and
  • three small maintenance routines that can prevent a team crash
The Driver’s Test: Passing Your First Year Experience

The success of your first-year Driver’s Test is determined by one factor, who occupies your passenger seat. Learn how to harness courageous and complimenting relationships that help you aim and score high your first year.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to identify “car facts” (relationships that influence action, reaction and reverse),
  • how to identify three types of passengers that are needed in a vehicle during bumpy roads (qualities/characteristics needed to complement and support action-oriented behavior),
  • how to assemble an emergency roadside kit (how to seek and corroborate relationships that drive first-year success), and
  • practical tools to assist in developing a first-year success plan.