Alex Weber

Alex Weber believes you are unstoppable! Your challenges, fears, and failures are the gatekeepers to your success — Alex Weber has your keys. As an American Ninja Warrior and Award-Winning Speaker, Alex Weber inspires students to approach leadership with positivity to become a leader for yourself — and the people who need you!


▪Athletics ▪Authenticity ▪First Year Experience ▪Fraternity/Sorority Life ▪Leadership ▪Masculinity ▪Motivation & Inspiration ▪Orientation ▪Personal Growth


▪The Positive Energy Edge: The Key to Becoming Fail Proof
▪Leadership for Positive Impact
▪Lead Your Best Self Forward
▪Be A Man You Admire


Alex’s Bio

Alex’s pedigree includes being an active World Record Holder, 5x TEDx Speaker, American Ninja Warrior, and one of the youngest coaches ever to be awarded US Lacrosse Coach of the Year honors.

As a professional comedian and entertainer, Alex Weber has hosted for NBC American Ninja Warrior, Discovery Channel, Under Armour, FX, and more.

Alex is an in-demand Keynote Speaker who brings years of on-stage experience to every event, transforming and empowering audiences live and through media around the world.

Impacting over 3.5 Million people, Alex has worked with major companies like ESPN, Goalcast, LinkedIn, University of Pennsylvania, Los Angeles Lakers, Georgia Tech, AirBnB, and more.

Alex’s personal purpose is to empower each person to live a life they love, powered by their best self!

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6 Steps to take control of your life, conquer your challenges, and lead with resilience.

What would you do if you couldn’t fail?

What could you do? Who might you become? What might you lead?

Here’s the thing: everyone fails—but not everyone knows how to fail. So sometimes you may hit a setback and it makes you want to quit on your goals, or worse, quit on yourself.

Not on Alex Weber’s watch! That’s tragic and he’s not having it for you. That’s why he wrote this book: to give you his transformative, 6 Step FAIL PROOF System so you never give up on yourself, your goals, or the people who need you.

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Alex brought a level of positivity, enthusiasm and optimism to our event that was simply magical. He will be the part of the conference that attendees remember long after it has ended. We will certainly look to partner with Alex again in the future.

Brent Freeman

Conference Coordinator, Association of College Union International

Booking Alex was the best decision we ever made.

Chloe Belangia

Executive Director, TEDx Georgia Tech

See What People Have to Say!

Bursting with humor and positivity, Alex’s ability to engage and impact audiences makes him a speaker you’ll want

Omid Shokoufandeh – Board for The University of Pennsylvania


The Positive Energy Edge: The Key to Becoming Fail Proof

How do you tap into the ultimate creativity, confidence, and resourcefulness when it matters most, and the stakes are high? You need a reliable way to avoid living and working in Unproductive Energy, where stress is high, solutions seem limited, mistakes are repeated, and perceived challenges only grow stronger. Instead, you need to activate The Positive Energy Edge.

The Positive Energy Edge is a timeless strategy that allows you to be, achieve, and lead at your very best. It also allows you to thrive when facing the “Big Four” most critical situations that routinely sabotage success in any field and in any season. When you know how to give yourself what you need to maintain your Edge, you can inspire it in those around you, to reach record-breaking levels of achievement without fear.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • “The Big Four” – high-stakes situations you must be ready for and how knowing them will help you work smarter, and be able to lead others when they need you most
  • The Positive Energy Edge – how using it will set you apart and the 4 ways to reliably access it
  • How to use challenges as a tool to increase self-belief, confidence, excitement, and purpose
  • Stories, case studies, and science to inspire and anchor transformational lessons and practical strategies you can use again and again
Leadership for Positive Impact

Being a Leader is no easy feat. You have to make unpopular decisions, manage difficult personalities, all while cultivating a positive culture! So, how do we create Positive Impact in our Community, and also inspire our Members to build upon it and be their best? Alex Weber is an international Thought-Leader in Positive Leadership, and gives tools and tactics for creating positive impact in our lives, our communities, and beyond. No matter where you are at in your Leadership journey, this keynote will give you real-life, tangible ways of taking immediate and positive action in Leading your community. From overcoming your fears, to progressing past challenges as a group, to rallying our community behind our shared vision, and achieving our goals together. This is the perfect keynote for those looking to create meaningful, long-lasting, and positive impact in their community and their lives

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • actionable Leadership tools, and an invigorated confidence to become our best Leaders
  • tactics for leading difficult personalities, keeping positive during challenging times, and overcoming adversity as a group
  • understand how to creating a positive culture that empowers each member to take positive action for the vision of the group
Lead Your Best Self Forward

How do we create a meaningful life? It starts with setting goals that actually matter to you, and then it’s all about making them happen! Success looks different to every person so we first need to get clear on the targets you are setting for yourself and why they matter to you. Then, it’s all about true self-belief and perseverance. Because we all have fears, and we all face failures, but what we do next is everything. Alex will give you the keys to a winning mindset, how to increase your confidence, and a system for achieving your goals. There’s a lifetime of hard work and hands-on experience beyond the lessons in this powerful, energetic, and humorous keynote

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how we can fuel our growth and transformations past our Fears, Failures, and Challenges
  • how to inspire the best of ourselves for success in all areas of our lives
  • the keys to unlocking our true potential, empowering our passions, and performing our best in anything we do
Be A Man You Admire

There has never been a more critical time to step up as a Man of character, positivity, and progress. For yourself, for your community, and for the world.

This keynote starts with a simple question: Who do you want to be?

You are capable of becoming the Man you truly want to be: a Man that you admire. A source of positivity, strength, passion, kindness, hard work, love, integrity, and bravery. Alex was a 4 year Division 1 Athlete and a fraternity member as well as US Lacrosse Coach of the Year. He knows Men, and more so, knows that the definition of what it means to be a Man right now is up to 1 person: You. You decide who you want to be in this world, and no matter what has happened to this point, you are capable of becoming a Man you admire — right now. You have a choice: you can either drag people down or lift people up — and that includes you too. Alex shares vulnerable, honest, hilarious, and insightful stories of his own journey, and shares about the Men he admires, and how you can learn and benefit from them all for your life. Alex gives you real-life steps you can use to show up as a person of high character, positivity, and progress for yourself, your community, and your world.

Alex Weber can also offer this program for co-ed audiences with a program entitled “Be Someone You Admire”.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn;

  • how to cultivate positive habits, and rid your life of negative ones.
  • how to make better choices, strengthen your character, and be authentically your best self
  • ways to communicate with Toxic Personalities, and how to shift this mindset to one of positivity and inclusion.
  • Actionable steps to lift one another up and be sources of positivity for ourselves and our communities.