Alex Weber

Alex Weber believes you are unstoppable! Your challenges, fears, and failures are the gatekeepers to your success — Alex Weber has your keys. As an American Ninja Warrior and Award-Winning Speaker, Alex Weber inspires students to approach leadership with positivity to become a leader for yourself — and the people who need you!


  • Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • Athletics
  • Authenticity
  • First Year Experience
  • Fraternity/Sorority Life
  • Leadership
  • Masculinity
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Orientation
  • Personal Growth



Alex Weber, creating an unstoppable you!

Getting to know

Alex Weber

Alex’s pedigree includes being an active World Record Holder, 5x TEDx Speaker, American Ninja Warrior, and one of the youngest coaches ever to be awarded US Lacrosse Coach of the Year honors.

As a professional comedian and entertainer, Alex Weber has hosted for NBC American Ninja Warrior, Discovery Channel, Under Armour, FX, and more.

Alex is an in-demand Keynote Speaker who brings years of on-stage experience to every event, transforming and empowering audiences live and through media around the world.

Impacting over 3.5 Million people, Alex has worked with major companies like ESPN, Goalcast, LinkedIn, University of Pennsylvania, Los Angeles Lakers, Georgia Tech, AirBnB, and more.

Alex’s personal purpose is to empower each person to live a life they love, powered by their best self!


6 Steps to take control of your life, conquer your challenges, and lead with resilience.

What would you do if you couldn’t fail?

What could you do? Who might you become? What might you lead?

Here’s the thing: everyone fails—but not everyone knows how to fail. So sometimes you may hit a setback and it makes you want to quit on your goals, or worse, quit on yourself.

Not on Alex Weber’s watch! That’s tragic and he’s not having it for you. That’s why he wrote this book: to give you his transformative, 6 Step FAIL PROOF System so you never give up on yourself, your goals, or the people who need you.




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I can be present. But I do find it often takes an active, mindful effort. And if I’m stressed, or tired, or going thru something, it definitely causes me to go off in thought spirals. Being present is the answer for so much, and yet it can be a challenge. Gratitude and getting tangibly in my body has been the best ways for me to drop into a moment. How about for you?
#gratitude #waterfall #mindful
If you are wanting to be great at anything, it involves a period of growth. 

BUT we get to choose how excessively painful that period is. The volume level of frustration, embarrassment, and procrastination is ours for the choosing. 

Demand a high standard for yourself, AND give yourself grace as you grow — as you get better, as you improve, as you chip away. Because that relentless positive action is what makes great happen.

#growth #selfgrowth #inspirational #motivation #motivational #life #speech
We call ourselves names, or even degrade ourselves. But what is the value in it? 

The cost is that we are reinforcing a negative belief about ourselves. Tough love isn’t about degrading yourself, it’s about holding yourself to a high standard with discipline. 

So, the next time you catch yourself chipping yourself down, just ask “Is there any value in this?” And if there isn’t, maybe try a different tactic in speaking to yourself.

#inspirational #motivation #motivational #personalgrowth #negativeselftalk #selftalk #psychology
What’s your best tip for Solo Travel?  Mine is to be open, not closed. It sounds simplistic, but if you’re like me I can fall into the trap of comfortability, and not wanting to “get out there” all the time. But I’m always reminded that the good stuff we seek — new experiences, connections, memories — are all created from openness. That’s my best tip!  What’s your best tip? 
Much love from me and this graffiti wall in Lisbon! 

#travel #solotravel #positivethinking #positivity
The world does not care what is important to you. 

In fact, the world will convince you what is important to it, and rob you of what’s important to you. 

UNLESS we decide to protect, guard, and take a stand for the goals, people, and moments that are truly important to you. 

So, what is important to you?

#inspirational #motivation #motivational #personalgrowth #goals
Are you unintentionally ‘tankin’ yourself? 

Going after the big goals in life is hard. So, sometimes we turn to things that actually don’t have our best interest.  The choice for us is can we be brave enough to identify it, and then care about ourselves enough to remove or minimize it in your life.

#inspirational #motivation #motivational #personalgrowth #selfgrowth #selfsabotage
What fires you up? If there is a flicker of a flame within you, listen to it.  Amazing things are born from that flicker. You don’t need to know the HOW. The HOW will reveal itself. All you need to do is listen to that flicker, and bravely commit to the first step you can touch today.

Doubts, fears, and hesitations may creep in. Trust me, I’ve danced with those too. 

But if something’s lighting you up, embrace it. You might just surprise yourself of what it creates for you, and in you.

#inspirational #motivation #motivational #personalgrowth #selfbelief
We are works in progress, and how we speak to ourselves informs the character identity that we then play out in the world. Choose the voice that has your back. 💪 

#inspirationalquotes #quotes #inspirational #personalgrowth #positivity
It takes genuine courage to stay positive in a world that often throws challenges and curveballs our way.

Think about it: it's easy to join the Monday blues club, right? 

But choosing to see the bright side, to find a silver lining, to crack a smile when life hands you a lemon: that's like being the superhero of your own story! 🚀

Positivity isn't about denying reality; it's about facing it head-on with an unwavering belief that things can get better. It's about resilience, hope, and an unshakeable spirit.

So let's raise a glass of 'Positivity Juice' (it's just a cup of coffee with extra optimism 😉) and let's laugh in the face every day! 

Because every time you choose positivity, you're embracing bravery. 

You're saying, 'I've got this,' and that's a superpower we should celebrate every day. 💫

#positivity #inspirational #speech #motivational #motivation #happiness
Where do limiting beliefs come from?  Or more personally, where did your limiting beliefs come from?  In my life, it’s been a combination of life experiences, my own brain’s fear, and the negative beliefs of people close to me. I carried these with me for a long time, thinking they were facts about me…

But here’s the remarkable part: these beliefs are opinions, not concrete facts. 👀

And what’s amazing about your brain is that you have the power to rewire these beliefs about yourself.  It’s not just a matter of reciting positive affirmations though, it requires us to start taking action as the person who possesses these qualities. 

Imagine thinking you’re not creative; it can silence your self-expression — a key ingredient to happiness in this life.

But what if you began to believe in your own creativity? 

What if you took small, affirmative steps to demonstrate to yourself that you are creative, athletic, a leader, and indeed deserving of love? 

Start reshaping your beliefs and you’ll see how much your world is bound to change.

Now, let me know what belief you’re committed to change! 👇🏼

#inspirational #motivation #motivational #personalgrowth #limitingbeliefs #beliefs
*NEW REEL*  So grateful, honored, and committed to this amazing work.  It’s the work of human beings, achievers, and leaders showing up everyday to go after what matters most while facing a world of challenges, and a mind of challenges too. The truth is that challenge aren’t going to stop. So the answer is that we don’t stop.  And what if the challenges create your gifts?

The deepest thank you to the partners, clients, and audience members who have made this such a deep blessing and purpose in my life. 

A few years ago, I asked myself “what do you want to do with your moments on earth?” (It’s a question I now ask audiences). And my answer was THIS.

Full reel and more on my site and in profile here.  I’d be honored to join you and your group soon!  Here’s to being the Unstoppable YOU 👊💛

Thank you @keencreative @tsphotoyeg 🎥 👨‍🍳 

#keynotespeaker #leadershipdevelopment #inspiration #positivemindset #goalsetting
Today marks 2 years sober. I do have a little embarrassment or “shame” around this, but that’s not the real me talking. The real me is proud. This is a choice that has ultimately helped me and my life so much. It’s much bigger than a “substance”, it’s a decision to fully be present in this life. All of it. The wonderful, the hard, the boring, the confusing, and to find gratitude in all of it. Because all of it is such a blessing. ❤️ When I had darker moments, I remember seeing posts of people sharing about their journey, and it truly helped me (i tagged some). So I hope this may help who needs it.  There’s many more lessons I could share, and maybe I will, but here are just a few. Ultimately, are we consistently seeking something outside of ourselves (whatever that is) to make us feel better.  And if you are, choose yourself above it. I love you 👊❤️

#sober #selfgrowth #selflove
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The Unstoppable You

How do you create a meaningful life where you make the most of your opportunities and experiences? It all starts with Self-Navigation and Self-Leadership. Setting goals that actually matter to you, and then knowing how to make them happen! Success looks different to every person so we first need to get clear on the targets you are setting for yourself and why they matter to you — in your organization, in your relationships, and in your life. Then, it’s all about cultivating your true self-belief, grounded confidence, and passionate perseverance! Because we all have fears, we all hit challenges, and we all face failures, but what we do next is everything. Based on his acclaimed debut book, Alex will give you the keys to a winning and healthy mindset, how to increase your confidence, and a system for stepping up into your life and achieving your goals! There’s a lifetime of lessons, hands-on tools, and entertaining stories in this powerful, positive, and energetic keynote to give your community a long-lasting impact.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • Creating true confidence, purpose, and excitement to step into opportunities and make the most of your experience
  • How we can fuel our growth and transformations past our Fears, Failures, and Challenges
  • An understanding of yourself, setting goals that truly matter, and learning how to support your well-being
  • How to inspire the best of ourselves for success in all areas of our lives
  • the keys to unlocking your true potential, empowering your passions, and performing your best in anything you do<
  • How to use challenges as a tool to increase self-belief, confidence, excitement, and purpose
Be A Man You Admire

There has never been a more critical time to step up as a Man of character, positivity, and progress. For yourself, for your community, and for the world.

This keynote starts with a simple question: Who do you want to be?

You are capable of becoming the Man you truly want to be: a Man that you admire. A source of positivity, strength, passion, kindness, hard work, love, integrity, and bravery. Alex was a 4 year Division 1 Athlete and a fraternity member as well as US Lacrosse Coach of the Year. He knows Men, and more so, knows that the definition of what it means to be a Man right now is up to 1 person: You. You decide who you want to be in this world, and no matter what has happened to this point, you are capable of becoming a Man you admire right now. You have a choice: you can either drag people down or lift people up, and that includes you too. Alex shares vulnerable, honest, hilarious, and insightful stories of his own journey and the Men he admires — and how you can learn and benefit from them all for your life. Alex gives you real-life steps you can use to show up as a person of high character, positivity, and progress for yourself, your community, and your world.

Alex Weber can also offer this program for co-ed audiences with a program entitled “Be Someone You Admire”.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn;

  • how to cultivate positive habits, and rid your life of negative ones.
  • how to make better choices, strengthen your character, and be authentically your best self
  • ways to communicate with Toxic Personalities, and how to shift this mindset to one of positivity and inclusion.
  • Actionable steps to lift one another up and be sources of positivity for ourselves and our communities.
Leadership for Positive Impact

Being a Leader is no easy feat. You have to make unpopular decisions, manage difficult personalities, all while cultivating a positive culture! So, how do we create Positive Impact in our Community, and also inspire our Members to build upon it and be their best? Alex Weber is an international Thought-Leader in Positive Leadership, and gives tools and tactics for creating positive impact in our lives, our communities, and beyond. No matter where you are at in your Leadership journey, this keynote will give you real-life, tangible ways of taking immediate and positive action in Leading your community. From overcoming your fears, to progressing past challenges as a group, to rallying our community behind our shared vision, and achieving our goals together. This is the perfect keynote for those looking to create meaningful, long-lasting, and positive impact in their community and their lives

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • actionable Leadership tools, and an invigorated confidence to become our best Leaders
  • tactics for leading difficult personalities, keeping positive during challenging times, and overcoming adversity as a group
  • understand how to creating a positive culture that empowers each member to take positive action for the vision of the group
  • how to lead when you need to be at your best, and other people need you
Alcohol, Drugs, and High Achievers

High Achievers are among the most at-risk for abuse of alcohol and drugs.  Whether it is dealing with the high-pressures, demands, depression, or just wanting an escape and some fun, High Achievers are balancing a lot, and our use of alcohol and drugs can sabotage our success and lead us to hurt ourselves, people we care about, and our communities.

As a Division 1 Athlete, Fraternity member, and now Award-Winning Speaker & American Ninja Warrior, Alex Weber understands the role alcohol and drugs play in our college lives and, more importantly, how you can create a relationship with them that aligns with your success, and doesn’t rob your success away from you.  Alex gives an honest, vulnerable, and relatable talk about Alcohol and Drugs in the lives of High Achievers,   filled with real-life tools, tactics, and strategies so that you can be in the driver’s seat of your decisions and hit the mark balancing achievement, fun, and responsibility.

Without guilt or shaming, Alex honestly talks with audiences about the impacts of our choices and vulnerably shares stories that linger long after the keynote and into those moments when your choices need to be made. All with some laughs, fun, and positive energy to make this experience stand out and stick for the students. This keynote will put you in a position that leads to fun, fulfillment, and feeling genuinely good about yourself, your life, and your future.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn;

  • understand the severity  alcohol and substance can have on their life
  • practical tools, tactics, and strategies for handling intense moments
  • how to balance achievements, fun, and responsibility
  • stories that stick with audiences long after the keynote and into the choices in their lives
  • about limits and “danger zones” – and how to handle them
  • how to develop their individualized Plan for Success that you can take into your real-life moments and set yourself up to succeed