The Full Truth on Success

By: Alex Weber

As you’re thinking about your goals this semester for yourself, your organization, and your community, it is so important to really get clear on what Success looks like to you. The more we hone in on what we want to achieve, the more we can progress towards making it a reality.

A great way to identify our goal of success is to begin picturing how you see it. Who are you? How do you feel about yourself? What are you doing, and where are you? What are the impacts you’re making in your world? The more we really walk ourselves through that picture the more we can set a specific target, and then we can lead ourselves to making it happen!

When we focus on what matters to us, that is what brings out our great qualities. We will want to give more effort to it, because we really care about seeing it through to the finish line. There is no wrong answer of what you want to achieve, so long as it is your answer.  Be bravely honest with yourself about identifying what really matters to you and what your picture of Success looks like. I promise you any road to Success will include facing fears, failures, and challenges, but I also promise you, you can do it.

My passion is connecting with Students to get clear on their Success, and taking positive action to make it happen!