Gifts Grow In Dark Places

By: Nisan Trotter

You’re a muddy miracle! Gifts grow in dark places.

I think I surprised the students at Saginaw Valley State University with those comments. It’s okay though…. I’d rather it be that way than have them fall asleep. They were glued to every word.

Your gift, talent, and even potential is like a seed that is planted in the ground.

It is around worms, dirt, holes, and darkness.

However, going further with this example, your “best stuff” has the power to manifest into something far greater just like an apple that starts off as an apple seed or a delicious peach that starts off as a peach seed.

The miracle is in the mud to begin, but it doesn’t have to stay in its place of origin.
Despite the level of adversity life brings us, do realize, those hardships are shaping us into stronger people. 

In fact, some of the darkest moments of my life lead to amazingly bright ones too…eventually. I simply had to outlast the drama. Trust God. You know…believe I was still going to make my mark!

 You, yep YOU, have to hold on and endure, my friend. Don’t dare give up. 

My family spent many years in a cramped bedroom in my Grandma’s house.

Although the house was filled with lots of love and good food like fried chicken and pound cake, it was a tight living space – not exactly ideal for a family of four to live out of a single back bedroom. 

My grandma, grandpa, and mom did the best they could to raise my siblings and me. It took a village to make it, for real. So, my aunties and uncles pitched in too.

Get this one lesson if nothing else: Dark places and imperfect environments aren’t meant to crush you. They’re designed to create you!

I’m a living witness and testimony.

 If it had not been for those times way back when, I can guarantee you, I wouldn’t be as strong as I am now. #majorfacts

 You have a supernatural gifting in you to accelerate and excel.