Talia Pollock

With a healthy dose of high energy and humor, Talia Pollock is determined to strengthen students’ ability to live boldly and reach their highest potential by building their confidence to act bravely — even when it’s uncomfortable.


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Talia Pollock strengthens students’ ability to live boldly.

Getting to know

Talia Pollock

Talia Pollock is an award-winning podcast host, health and empowerment coach, comedian, author, and proud founder of the nationally celebrated wellness platform, Party in My Plants, where she empowers real, busy, everyday people improve their wellness so they can have an abundance of energy to take on the world in any way they wish.

For the first quarter of her life Talia struggled with her well-being. She had debilitating digestive issues, depression, a negligible amount of confidence, and out of control anxiety. Thankfully in college, while on a lunch break during her internship for Adam Sandler’s production company, she happened upon a creamy coconut smoothie that gave her a plant-eating epiphany and set her on the path to resolving her health issues which for eight trying years prior, doctors could not. With the newfound vibrance she gained by taking control of her life, she watched as her daily panic attacks and depression slide into the compost bin, and her goals and dreams turned into her reality, and soon she had become the happiest and bravest person she knew.

She decided to take her personal experience, blend it with her comedy background, and tack on years of professional training to bring laughter, love, and levity to the often way-too-serious topic of self-development and success. She quickly became a leader in personal growth, amassing a passionate audience of over 200,000 across social media. Her refreshingly spunky lifestyle advice has been featured repeatedly on The Doctor Oz Show, The Huffington Post, Her Campus, Bustle, Thrillist, Buzzfeed, and Success Magazine. Talia released her first book, Party in Your Plants: 100+ Plant-Based Recipes and Problem-Solving Strategies to Help You Eat Healthier in April of 2020, which was featured on Good Morning America and PEOPLE Magazine.

You’ve bookmarked more recipes than you could make in a lifetime. Your shelves are overflowing with cookbooks. Your pantry has some superfoods, but they’ve become super stale and super dusty. In short, you still can’t get yourself to eat right on a regular basis. And you’re wondering, “What am I doing wrong?”

Health and empowerment coach Talia Pollock is here to share some good news: nothing is wrong with you. You don’t have a willpower deficiency. You won’t benefit from another minute on Pinterest. And you don’t really need a new blender. Healthy eating doesn’t require suffering. Or a meal plan. Or ashwaganda (unless you’re into that).

Talia just wants you to eat well most of the time, so you can feel and look your best most of the time. Because isn’t that the point? Aren’t we promised that, at the end of the apple-to-zucchini rainbow, there will be greater health, smaller pants, clearer skin, and boundless energy? With her accessible and amusing approach, Pollock will show you how–and it all comes down to eating more plants. Her 100-plus recipes, strategically designed for everyday situations from having zero time for breakfast to not wanting to be the health-nut weirdo at the potluck, include:

– Sweet-Ass Sriracha Tofu
– The Besto Pesto Pasta Bake
– Cheeseisn’ts
– Pad Thai in No Thai’m
– Pile in the Plants! Sangria

With the witty words of wisdom that Talia gives her coaching clients and fans, learn how to party in your plants every day, without it taking over your kitchen, maxing out your credit card, or skyrocketing your stress.




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“… And then I farted in yoga.” How to Laugh More to Stress Less.

Anxiety is the ultimate buzz kill. It’s a happiness destroyer. A success hinderer. And a health eradicator. And it’s synonymous with college, which is now said to have a “student anxiety epidemic.” Over the past eight years, anxiety has become the #1 reason college students seek counseling.

Well, what if the road to Less Stressville, USA was through our thoughts? What if our minds had the ability to put an Instagram filter on our anxiety to make it appear less unattractive? What if the key to stressing less was laughing more?

Studies show that people who can LOL at themselves feel happy more and worried less. And people who worry less are less prone to having chronic stress.

In this engaging and empowering keynote, Talia Pollock uses her background as a comedian, her experience overcoming crippling anxiety, and her skills as a wellness expert to illuminate how our sixth sense – our sense of humor – can dramatically decrease daily stress and help us find the happy in the crappy. Because even the highest of achievers can’t control what happens to them; but they can control how they react to it, so get ready to be empowered and inundated with tools that’ll help you get a handle on anxiety and slow the roll of stress so you can live a better, more productive, happier, higher quality of life in college and beyond.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • Why de-stressing is a choice, not an impulse, and how to choose to do it more.
  • How to use humor: your sixth sense, as a tool for actively alleviating anxiety on a moment to moment basis.
  • Ideas to help identify your own feelings of stress and anxiety.
  • Why laughing at yourself means you love yourself.
  • Ways to use laughter to get the relaxation benefits of meditation and the calming effects of medication*.

*Talia’s not a doctor she can’t, won’t and isn’t prescribing laughter as a medical prescription replacement!

If Cauliflower Can Be Pizza, You Can Be Anything.

It shouldn’t be challenging to let our true selves shine. It also shouldn’t be a challenge to keep headphone cords untangled in a pocket, but sometimes the simplest things are the hardest! Consciously ditching the desire to fit in and embrace being real is no easy task. And social media, on which Gen Z’ers now spend on average, four hours a day, doesn’t help. Providing a moment-to-moment window into others’ perfectly curated worlds to waste ¼ of your waking-life subconsciously comparing yours to, it’s a massive struggle to live for yourself and not for the “likes.”

As a woman who went from being severely bullied and feeling like a misfit for most of her life to creating a nationally-respected personal brand backed by mainstream media and celebrated by tens of thousands of fans, Talia has discovered that the most important ingredient for a life beyond your wildest dreams is embracing your true self and using your authenticity to claim the success that was uniquely meant for you. But in order to achieve this, students need to feel capable of fearlessly be themselves.

In this humorous and powerfully motivating keynote, Talia inspires students to live boldly and confidently. She shows them how, if they stop playing small, and enthusiastically share the fullness of who they are, they can build a magical life that fits them like a glove. It’ll be impossible for a student to not walk away from this program more excited to embrace, rather than erase, their quirks.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • Techniques for building unwavering confidence.
  • Strategies to create your “personal brand” of you-ness to live by.
  • Why, the more real you are, the more you give others permission to not fit into these other boxes.
  • What authenticity really looks like and techniques to up yours.
  • The definition of “owning your truth” and how to apply it right now.
Party in Your Plants

Programs around wellness get the rap of being boring, lame, and dry, but this presentation is everything but. In this keynote, students will learn the most amusing, relatable, and lively approach to understanding self care and wellness and will likely leave saying “I never thought this would be so fun.” (Which is a repeat direct quote.)

The problem is, once students get to campus, their healthy habits fall apart faster than they can learn all the Greek letters. This directly affects their ability to stay sharp, focused, energized, persistent, calm, and even happy throughout the demanding lifestyle of college.

So here’s an imperative talk not about food groups and vitamins; but rather about how students can develop a personalized wellness regimen that will make them unstoppable. Because true “wellness” is about mastering healthy habits to have the stamina to do things you love “well-er.” And really, the cliche is true – you are what you eat. So to be your best self in college — academically, communally, emotionally and socially, you have to put the best fuel into your tank.

In this hilarious, honest and tangible-tip-packed keynote, Talia Pollock, comedian, Dr. Oz’s go-to food guru, and the founder of the nationally celebrated wellness platform, Party in My Plants, gives students powerful solutions to help them be more healthy without being less happy.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • Tools for becoming more conscientious about what they put in their body, and a deep understanding of why what enters their system is essential for their great academic, emotional, and social success in college and beyond.
  • Wellness techniques that are actually do-able in the midst of a jam-packed student schedule.
  • How to develop a personalized wellness regimen that will ignite their cognitive function, skyrocket their productivity, boost their energy levels, improve their quality of sleep, prevent depression and even reduce sick days.
  • Proof that they don’t have to choose between their health and their happiness and simple strategies for how they can have both.
Me, Myself and Mental Health: Thriving with the Hand You’re Dealt

Even before the pandemic, one in five college students struggled with their mental health. Now, 71% have said their stress and anxiety has increased. And of those struggling, only 5% have sought help. This might be because struggling brings shame and makes students think they’re broken. That’s not true. This talk helps them accept the hand they’ve been dealt. It’s a masterclass in Self-Loyalty.

At 31 years old, Talia Pollock didn’t look mentally ill. She was a regular guest expert on TV, smiling on the cover of a bestselling book, and a popular role model for those wanting to laugh their way to better health. But, when a case of the blues led to a shocking diagnosis: Bipolar 2, she looked at her truest self in the mirror for the first time and felt liberated. Since facing her truth, Talia has become a champion of helping others embrace theirs.

In this light-a-spark-in-your-soul program, you’ll learn how to stop thinking you’re in need of fixing, but rather honor that you’re worthy of thriving. You’ll hear how to build the bravery to face (and embrace) your truth and genuinely take care of yourself so you can live from the inside out. Because not only do we find success when we step into our unique potential, we find deeper satisfaction in all facets of our life when we live Self-Loyally. This keynote is raw and real and super helpful for anyone trying to figure out who to be and how to stay loyal to themselves in this world.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • How to switch from wanting to fix yourself to enjoying digging yourself.
  • Baby Boldness — how to live with everyday courage.
  • Why it’s OK to not be OK.
  • What “accepting yourself” really looks like, and how to radically do that.
  • How to increase resilience, lower stress, and feel equipped to manage the ups and downs of life.
  • How to fit in taking care of yourself and why doing so helps elevate the world.


The following are past entries Talia has written for the CAMPUSPEAK Speaker’s Voice Blog