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Austin Arias is a leadership expert who uses personal stories and experiences to help students have an impact on their communities, grow personally & ensure their organizations have a lasting legacy.


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▪Ready. Set. Recruit
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Austin creates a space where students feel they can be honest with themselves, their identities, leadership experiences and state of their organizations. He accomplishes this through integrating humor, life experiences and what he learns about the campus community he is working with. He wants to challenge with care, asking students the tough questions with the hope they can be honest with themselves. Austin hopes to provide students with tangible, strategic practices they can integrate into their daily lives that will allow for personal, professional and organizational progress.

Austin’s approach is honest, but comes from life experiences. He understands the perils of a student leader, the difficulties to learn from missteps as a person and a leader and the want to be successful. When an audience member leaves his programs, he hopes to provide them strength, the tools to allow them and their peers be successful, the motivation to care for themselves, and the confidence to be the leader they are capable of being. Austin has been fortunate to work on a variety of college campuses from private to public, from small to large.

Austin’s Bio

Austin Arias is an educator, speaker, facilitator and consultant. Austin helps students, organizations and higher education departments realize their potential to make an impact. As a recovering over-involved student leader and trusted educator in the field, Austin understands first-hand the impact students want to have not only on their communities but in life as leaders and the hopes professionals have to support the experience.

Austin has been fortunate to work for and travel to college campuses around the country to share ways students can maximize their leadership potential. He has advised fraternities, sororities, programming boards, student organizations, philanthropy groups and supervised groups like orientation leaders on how to be effective and work through difficulties no matter how big or small and the ways they can be most impactful. He strongly believes our missteps can be opportunities for growth and will lead to success.

A brother of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, Austin believes strongly in the power of the fraternal experience. He is fortunate to not only risk management education volunteer for his own organization but also for Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity for Women, Sigma Kappa Sorority, Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women.

Austin received his Master of Science degree in College Student Personnel from Illinois State University in 2013 and his Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg in 2011. Austin has served as the Assistant Dean of Students at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and Director of Student Involvement at William Peace University.

Austin resides in his hometown of Tampa, Florida where he spends most of his free time with his rescue dog he named after a fraternity founder and playing adult recreational kickball.

Austin’s Blogs

The following are past entries Austin has written for the CAMPUSPEAK Speaker’s Voice Blog

Fraternity/Sorority LIfe


Organizational Development

Personal Growth


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Austin was a beacon of light for our student leaders at our annual Leadership Conference. Many “ah-ha” moments were had by all as he discussed the importance of connection and authenticity in his ‘Ready. Set. Recruit.’ presentation. His enthusiasm and passion for recruitment provided great inspiration for our leaders as they learn and try to navigate this new normal.

Maggie Mueller

Chapter Operations Officer, Alpha Rho Chi

Austin was so incredible to work with – he made a point of catering his program to what would truly resonate with the men here at SJSU. He provided a much-needed articulation of issues, and provided a space where the fraternity men where challenged to reflect on how their recruitment tactics could progress.

Alex Richards

San Jose State University

See What People Have to Say!

Austin had great energy and was able to provide tangible content for our students while challenging their current recruitment tactics being used. He gave the community ideas on how to improve and put many things into perspective with his honest assessment of what was being promoted by the chapters. He had a great balance of information and humor while making connections with the students

Brittany Bowles, Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life, Coastal Carolina

Austin is a dynamic and engaging speaker and facilitator who ensures your event is enjoyable and thought-provoking for participants. Attendees always leave with something new, and even months after the presentation I hear my students referencing content from the program. He made everything easy for me throughout the entire process, so I could enjoy the event along with my students!

_ – Kristen Kardas, Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Indiana State University

I knew as soon as I found Austin online that he would be the perfect keynote speaker for our FSL. He was amazing to work with because he customized his keynote to include specific relevant issues to the FSL community at BW. His presentation style was natural, engaging, and entertaining. The audience was extremely impressed and really enjoyed the honest conversation we had. I would highly recommend bringing in Austin to speak because he leaves such an incredible impact on the audience that sparks ideas for change within the community.

_ – Kristen Kovalchik, Panhellenic Council, Baldwin Wallace University

This program really opened my eyes to certain aspects of leadership and balance that I hadn’t thought of before.

_ – Student Leader Participant, AFLV Virtual


The “Balancing Act”: Person, Student, Student Leader

As student leaders, we want to balance it all – academics, involvement, and a personal life and we often put on the act as if we do it all so well. It seems all three need your attention at the same time. You do not want to let you or anyone else down. In “The Balancing Act,” we will talk about ways to be a person, student and student leader and how all three can work together in harmony instead of balance. You will understand how to better prioritize, keep mental health a focus, ensure you do not waiver from academic pursuits and learn how to lead your organizations effectively through building a collaborative, values-driven team all working toward organizational success.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to recognize the common practices of student leaders that prevent growth and development for themselves and organization, like struggling to say no, lack of delegation, and competition,
  • how to incorporate person-first behaviors into one’s daily life, while still upholding their responsibilities as students and student leaders,
  • strategies for how to integrate person-first behaviors into our daily lives, while still upholding our responsibilities as students and student leaders, and
  • how to create a culture of positive student leadership on their campus, utilizing their advisors, mentors and/or supervisors.
Ready. Set. Recruit.

For too long, our recruitment practices have been focused on outdated techniques that don’t accurately represent our values and the lifelong benefit of joining a fraternity or sorority organization. Plus, we have shifted away from building relationships during the process. Our campuses are changing, so the same set of events, trainings and marketing won’t work any longer. It’s time to assess what you are doing and use your purpose to reframe your work. Let’s create more meaningful recruitment events, train our members to be more inclusive, focus on authentic relationships, and create buy-in for teamwork in our communities. Whether you are recruiting in-person or virtually, building a new strategy will help you more effectively find those ready for membership.

* This program can be council specific or community-wide

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to assess their current recruitment tactics and understand their effectiveness,
  • how to create a culture of recruitment strategy in order to maximize chapter and council success, utilizing all members to create collaborative action,
  • how to be more inclusive throughout the recruitment process to acknowledge the identities of all potential new members, and
  • the importance of relationship building and meaningful conversation in both recruitment and creating a sense of belonging for potential new members.
Make Your Founders Proud

What would it look like if we refocused our community’s actions to actually be in alignment with what our founders intended? Would your founders recognize your organization today? Make Your Founders Proud challenges leaders to take a more critical look at the state of their communities and chapters to determine what must change to ensure their legacies continue. It’s time to get to the root of the issues and create actual solutions. Through honest dialogue and tough conversation, this program encourages all to look beyond competition and ego, take accountability for their actions, and understand how they can help create a more sustainable, inclusive, and forward-thinking fraternal movement. We have the potential to be the organizations our founders always hoped for. Let’s make them proud.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to identify the current issues plaguing both their community and fraternal movement, 
  • how to understand how those issues affect the health of their membership and organizations,
  • how to address concerns around diversity, equity, and inclusion in their community,
  • how to more effectively build relationships with one another to inspire collaborative action, and
  • how to determine a plan of action to confidently tackle their community’s issues and opportunities for success.
Your First Year Advantage

​Your first year of college can be filled with challenges and excitement. You want to find your people, explore your interests and get settled into your major. While it may feel overwhelming, let’s help you realize your first-year advantage. The time is now to set yourself up for success. Through sharing his own difficult turned rewarding college journey, humorous stories and experience from his everyday work, Austin helps students embrace their new adventure from the start. Students will walk away with a toolkit they can use right away to explore but not overcommit, find belonging and create an action plan for success.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to recognize and address common feelings preventing first year success,
  • how to create first year action plan combining personal wellbeing, academics,
    and involvement,
  • how to better identify which opportunities are best for them, by recognizing their
    interests, talents and identities, and
  • how to best utilize campus resources and peers along their journey.

Custom Programs & Services

Organizational Coaching

Are your organizations struggling to shift their culture and continue to evolve? Is collaboration non-existent? Do we need to reframe your recruitment strategy? Bringing in Austin to provide coaching to your organizations, councils and governing bodies that will provide them with steps they can take to diagnose chronic behaviors preventing change, reframe their programming and set a meaningful plan for the future. This can be done as a full-day of coaching sessions including a pre-assessment, small and large group discussions and planning sessions and debrief with professional staff. This can be added on to a keynote experience.

Curriculum Development & Facilitation

Austin is a skilled leadership educator with years of experience developing learning outcomes-based curriculums for student leaders for training and on-going leadership development. Austin can develop a curriculum that elevates your student’s development and training, rooted in leadership theory and models, best practices, and alignment with the institutional need and goals. Curriculums can include a series of workshops or one or multi-day retreats, including in-person or virtual delivery methods. This work includes an intake form to understand your needs and can include pre-and-post assessments for attendees and a debrief call post-program with the campus professionals. As a trusted facilitator, Austin can also facilitate your program too.