Hailey Yatros

Hailey Yatros is on fire to bring people together in an authentic way. In a world dominated by social media, she brings students back to the basics on ways to build meaningful connections and lasting relationships; the power of presence.


  • Authenticity
  • Communication
  • Mental Health
  • Personal Growth
  • Self-Esteem
  • Women’s Empowerment


Hailey Yatros, bringing people together in an authentic way.

Getting to know

Hailey Yatros

Hailey’s burning desire to help people landed her speaking in front of audiences when she was only 18 years old. Which then led her to receiving a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Human Development. Since then, Hailey Yatros is a Vice-featured Millennial Life Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Author of the books: The Millennial Makeover and Back to the Source: Cultivating Inner Peace in a Technology-Driven World. She has coached thousands of individuals and has readers from all over the world. Hailey’s desire and intention is to teach young adults the core elements of authentically connecting and building meaningful relationships so they can be equipped to make a global impact in their communities and in the world.

She’s been featured in; Taste of Home Magazine, HayHouse Radio, MetroParent Magazine, Elite Daily, Millennial Magazine, Vice Magazine and many others. Hailey lives in Michigan with her husband and her dog, Grace. Not knowing where she might end up next, she’s open to new adventures, eager and excited about the mission she aims to fulfill.

Hailey’s contagious enthusiasm and love for people shines the moment the audience meets her. Since the young age of 19, she’s been coaching and speaking to audience’s from all generations, but Hailey is considered a Millennial expert. Having worked with thousands of young adults today, she knows the inner struggles of growing up in a tech culture and how it has drastically changed the level and depth of our relationships.

Hailey utilizes a discussion-based approach so she can instantly build trust with the students and shed awareness on the honest struggles they may face. In a society where everything is “filtered” to seem perfect in our online worlds – students are experiencing real-life issues and don’t know how to cope. What would happen to our groups if we made relationships more important than taking the right pictures? What would happen to our world if we focused on authentically connecting to those around us? It takes skill. It takes practice. It takes awareness. Hailey is on a mission to teach this message everywhere.


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Connect with Hailey
However God made you, please know that who you are is a strength in and of itself. I know that you sometimes think that you would be better if ________ (fill in the blank) but I promise you that the qualities you possess, are there for a reason, and they are meant to be shared in certain situations. 

You are beautiful. 
You are amazing. 

#selfconfidence #selfworth #knowyourworth #knowyourself #wisdom #innerpeace #innerself #communication #relationshipadvice #selfcare #mentalhealth #loveyou #youareenough #youarethebest
I know I don’t share a lot about my new book The In-Between, but it’s because it has taken on a life of its own. It is so vulnerable that sometimes I am reluctant to share. This is a piece from that book.

But tonight, I really felt called to post this, so I am listening. if you are having trouble as an adult learning how to love yourself, maybe just maybe this will bring some peace to you today. Love you so much. 

#spirituality #innerchildhealing #innerchild #innerchildwork #relationships #therapy #selfreminder #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #loveyourself #littlechildinsideme #spiritual
These lessons, among others, have been the main themes for this year. I really love the new year because it feels like a fresh new start. I feel like I can take a deep breath and start again.

How about you? 

#newyear #2022 #newyearseve #newyearlessons #lessonslearned #keepmovingforward #intentionalliving #consciousness #spirituality
The older I get, the more I realize the goal isn’t happiness. 
The goal is to feel everything. 
That there is room inside of our capable hearts for it all, 
no matter how inconvenient it may seem, especially during this time of the year 
I think we place expectations on ourselves to be extra happy because well…
“it’s the most wonderful time of the year.”
But the irony is, as human beings, our emotions don’t appear in a straight linear line, nor can we schedule them on a calendar. 
So shed your tears, release your anger, ask for help, don’t try to stop the waves, and allow yourself to deeply relish in the fact that you are a full-fledged human being who deserves to welcome everything. 

#holidayfun #holidayhacks #selfreminder #christmas #boundaries #grief #feelings #mentalhealth #spirituality #emotions #youmatter #soulgrowth #awakening
An older draft, but relevant message. 🙏🏻Especially with the Holidays coming up, phew, so many feelings right? Let’s try to be extra easy on ourselves during this time of the year. 

Everything that comes up for you is okay, it’s welcomed. Our feelings just want to be treated the same way we would treat our friends, being seen and heard. ❤️merry almost Christmas. 

#feelings #emotions #consciousness #spirituality #innerpeace #innerbalance #innerwork #awareness #mindfulness #acceptance #christmas
For those walking through a season of uncertainty and confusion, I see you. I am you. 

But wait…. Why not now?
But wait…. What’s taking so long?
But wait…. It doesn’t make sense. Someone make it make sense. 
But wait…. You’re saying I have no control here?

I keep clinging to the words I wrote in my new book The In-Between, “ you cannot rush or force ‘knowing…’ meaning, when it’s time to understand, you will. Perhaps we never do though, so maybe the greatest spiritual work of our lifetime is being okay with not knowing.” 

because even if one day, it doesn’t make sense, you will have moved through it, and what I can assure you of is you will be a different person from traveling through. You will have collected more parts of who you are and you will have become more whole. 

All my love,

#theinbetween #uncertainty #trusttheprocess #trustgod #spirituality #spiritualgrowth #processofhealing #healingjourney #mindfulness #trustyourself #intuition
An oldie, but a goodie. #Spirituality #Growth
Exciting news! I’m so grateful and excited to announce that I have started my journey of becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist! 

I wanted to let you know because this journey I’m sure will have many ups and downs, and I know I’m going to be eager and excited to share new insights and breakthroughs that could be beneficial to you. 🥰

So as always we’ll just have to see what happens! 👩‍🎓 

#marriageandfamilytherapy #marriageandfamilytherapist #lmft #mft #student #collegelife #therapist #relationships #goingbacktoschool #mftprogram
Most people already know what their problems are. And what they need from us, the people that care about them the most, is to hold space and listen and constantly hold the vision of what they can be or do. 

Let’s start to remind people of their power instead of their pain. 

#relationshipadvice #friendship #empowerothers #loveoneanother #communication #protectyourpeace #power #spirituality #wellness #mentalhealthawareness
It’s moments like these I never want to end. Relationships of all kinds are the bedrock to all of life; the foundation, the space for growth and healing. It’s so necessary to make some room in our busy lives for them. ♥️ 

#relationships #marriage #soulmate #nature #couples #relationshipadvice
Is there really a such thing as a plan? Lol, turns out life has its own and we’re rarely made aware until it’s happening. 

Every moment is another chance to surrender. 

#surrendertotheflow #spirituality #letgoletgod #breathe #mindfulness #trust #yougotthis #life #lessonslearnedinlife #breatheinbreatheout
Keep going my friends. It all looks messy. But it’s apart of the in-between process. You are worth it. 

#selflove #healingjourney #selfworth #valueyourself #investinyourself #healingenergy #selfreminder #keepgoing


Leading By “Being”: The Power of Presence and True Connection

“When you are present to your power, you are a leader by default, in other words, a leader just by “being” you.” – Hailey Yatros

As a college student there are so many unanswered questions; What major do I want to commit to? Where do I truly belong? What is the purpose of my life and how will I achieve this? It’s even harder these days to hear our own answers because of countless distractions that split up our attention consistently.

In order to answer life’s most important questions, it’s essential for students to be present, mindful, and develop a deep interpersonal relationship within themselves. That should be the firmest foundation from which everything else flows. So often, however, we try to do it backwards: Pick my path. Discover who I am. When in reality, it’s answering the big question first – Who am I? and then expressing that into the world with strength and confidence.

In this keynote, Hailey teaches on the subtle, yet powerful strategies to get back to the present moment when all that’s put in front of students is future. She delves into the four pillars of true connection and how by adopting these tools and skills, leaders are able to be 10X more powerful than ever.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • real-life ways to connect to their bodies, breath, and “being.”
  • proven technique that’ll bring them back to the present moment at any time.
  • how to truly connect to themselves and to others (four steps)
  • how to enjoy their journey as a student with less stress and more ease
  • timeless relationship skills that’ll make them standout wherever they are
  • how to be more of service to other people and love themselves whole-heartedly
From Selfies to Self-Awareness: Authentic Connection in a Digital World

Technology is moving at the speed of lightning in our culture today. Experts say it was created to “connect” us all deeper. While that may be true, could it be possible that the very thing that was created to help us “connect” is drifting us further and further away from true fulfillment? Students today are experiencing higher levels of anxiety, attention deficit disorder, and depression than ever before and there IS a solution: true authentic connection.

Because of our online, digital lives; we live in a world that has drastically changed how we connect and communicate with another human being.

We text instead of call.
We take a picture instead of fully enjoying the moment.
We get distracted right before we can make a meaningful connection.
We want things instantly before we can learn from the progress that it takes to get there.

In a society where everything is “filtered,” Hailey brings awareness to this silent addiction of technology and helps each student find the refreshing feeling of being connected in real-life and in real-time.

Students will walk away with tangible ways they can use the skill of human connection to; recruit new members, branch out and build new relationships, discover the joy of being present, and make a lasting positive impact in the world.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to experience true authentic connection within themselves and how to have a lasting influence in other people’s lives.
  • how to confidently navigate in a digital, technology-driven world with clarity and purpose.
  • the steps to build instant connections with people and why building authentic relationships is vital to their inner and outer success
  • the most common obstacles that hinder their ability to authentically connect.
  • how to connect deeper to those around you and the significant impact it has in student success
  • how to transform their anxiety into action for the future and stay presently focused on the here and now.
Perfectionism Stops Progress: Making Your Imperfections Necessary

Perfectionism is fear dressed up in high heels. It looks pretty on the outside, but on the inside it’s completely uncomfortable and unattainable. Yet, the majority of students today continuously chase after this unrealistic expectation of themselves and it’s destroying their confidence deeply. Especially now, the Internet doesn’t sleep, so the temptation to compare against their peers is stronger than ever. They must be able to cultivate healthy belief systems around THEIR own personal journeys so that they are prepared for whatever life may bring them.

Students, as high-performers and ambitious leaders, need to disregard perfectionism and instead, cultivate consistent progress. It’s amazing to have high aspirations and goals, but students must learn to work with their fears and become conscious of the thoughts that keep them stuck in “I’m never good enough or ready” mode.

After working with thousands of young adults, Hailey noticed distinct patterns and triggers around perfectionism and shares these findings in this engaging and eye-opening keynote. Students will learn how to work WITH their imperfections and make them a necessary part of their unique journey towards becoming their best Self.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • the four deadly traps of perfectionism, how to notice the signs, and how to avoid them in the future
  • effective tools to stop comparing yourself to others and instead, aim for personal satisfaction and individual success.
  • the number one thing that is feeding your perfection food supply and how to cut off it’s resources.