Eboné Bell

The future of diversity includes transformation, connection, acceptance, and real change. Eboné Bell doesn’t want to just create change, she believes in creating intentional change. She encourages students to discover and explore how they show up in the world.


▪Diversity & Inclusion ▪Social Justice ▪Leadership ▪LGBTQ+ Focused ▪Black History Month


▪Diversity Without Tokenizing
▪How to be a Good Ally
▪Speak Up or Forever Hold Your Peace
▪Black History is American History

Eboné’s Bio

Eboné Bell is a business owner, speaker, and trailblazer who shines bright in the world of entrepreneurship, LGBTQ issues, media, and activism. She is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Tagg Magazine and Tagg Communication LLC. After seeing a lack of LGBTQ women represented in local publications, she decided to start a magazine and website to tell stories, provide resources, and create events. In 2018, Eboné founded the Tagg Scholarship Fund—a scholarship created specifically for young, queer, women of color who can’t afford to attend school. She was recently featured in Forbes Magazine as an “Inspiring Black Entrepreneur Changing Our World.”

In addition to running a successful business, she shares her knowledge and passion at conferences, festivals, schools, and similar events across the country. As a keynote speaker, Eboné is well known for her warm energy and transparency. She is not afraid to have tough conversations. She encourages students to discover how they show up in the world. Her humor makes her approachable to students on and off-stage. Her commitment to connection is what makes her a dynamic and unforgettable speaker.

Eboné’s Blogs

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Black History

Confrontation Skills

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

LGBTQ+ Issues

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“Eboné was FANTASTIC to work with! Eboné was fun, entertaining, and got the audience engaged and laughing. She empowered participants to think about their identity and the superpowers they have as an ally. Students left the evening feeling empowered to move beyond performative allyship and I have already seen actionable change on our campus!”

Megan Pierce

Director of Multicultural Student Success and Global Engagement, Viterbo University

“This was a great experience overall. Eboné Bell was exactly what we needed this year and her message of allyship/accompliceship was right on target. She was easy to work with, funny, and I appreciated her very much.”

Shawna Lusk

Senior Associate Director for Student Engagement, Rochester Institute of Technology

See What People Have to Say!

Ebone was fantastic, she challenged the audience to truly find their voice and speak. It was a perfect balance of personal experience, history, knowledge and tips for this keynote speaker. I would 100% recommend this speaker to a group of leaders who are about taking action and making a difference.

Asia Hudson-Director of Student Leadership & Wellness Programs, Marian University: College of Osteopathic Medicine

I have had the opportunity of working with Ms. Eboné Bell this year through our NBC Pride and Protest special. Eboné definitely met our expectations! Her segment gave insight on the timely topic of social activism and pride. Her knowledge was not only educational but also imperative. What I find most admirable is her friendliness and engaging personality off-stage. Her ability to relate to people of all backgrounds makes her a great speaker in any setting. And, her smile is infectious.

Matt Kwiecinski-NBC News Video Producer

Eboné Bell is a charismatic speaker that can command a stage, and engage an audience with her compelling business, and media experience. Her passion and professionalism are in equal abundance.

Jennifer Crawford-Founder of DC PodFest


Diversity Without Tokenizing

Time and time again we hear people say they want more diversity in their organizations, school groups, events, etc. Well, how do you accomplish this? This keynote starts with defining the term diversity and what it means in regards to reaching your goal. In addition, Eboné shares ways to make sure your messaging is authentic as opposed to being a second thought. Through humor and experience, she also shares situations of being tokenized in various ways and how you can learn from it.

Eboné is often quoted as saying, “It’s one thing to have good intentions and another to be intentional.” This keynote dives into the difference between intention and intentional, and why deciphering the two is the building block to achieving diversity.

This keynote pushes attendees to make sure they feel empowered around the subject matter. And, participants will share their own diversity goals while they work through the best ways to tackle it. Students will leave with tangible tools that they can implement today!

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • The foundational definition of diversity
  • How to accomplish increasing diversity within your groups/members/guests/etc.
  • The difference between having good intentions vs. being intentional
  • 5 strategies to reach your diversity goal
Social Justice: How to be a Good Ally

We get it. You have Black and Brown friends and colleagues you adore. You exclaim, “Black Lives Matter!” For your LGBTQ friends, you believe “Love is Love”, and you post supportive images on your social media…but is that enough?

This program dives deeper into ways you can show up as an ally, not only during social justice movements but also in everyday life. Participants will take a hard look at how they currently show up in these spaces and how they can do better (with the right tools). Eboné will share ineffective vs. effective ways of ally activism. Participants will also look at breaking through uncomfortability and standing in their purpose. Now more than ever your voice is needed, no matter who you are!

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • An understanding of why allyship is important
  • Identifying forms of ally activism
  • How and when to speak up
  • How to be empowered (and confident) around uncomfortable conversations
Speak Up or Forever Hold Your Peace

If you had the opportunity to make someone feel seen, give someone equal access, or save someone from harm, would you do it? Many of us have witnessed problematic incidents or actions happen right in front of us, and too many times we did and said nothing. Now is not the time to sit back and be complicit. When it comes to being an active ally, the time is now to speak up.

Many people assume speaking up must be a public announcement of sorts, but that’s only one way to use your voice. The art of speaking up can be used in various ways and this keynote will give you the tools and best methods for you to find your voice and use it for good. Whether you’re shy, outspoken, or somewhere in between, this discussion will help you to identify the best way for you to show up when it’s needed.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • To identify the best methods to speak up
  • When and how to use your voice in various situations
  • How to breakthrough their fear of speaking up
Black History is American History (February Exclusive) 

Many students don’t know or understand Black history. Most of America can count the number of Black changemakers and historical figures they learned about in school on one hand. But why are most of us limited to this knowledge of Black history? After all, Black history is American history. Black history continues to exist to expand American education and this keynote presentation was created to do just that.

By using the art of storytelling and relatability, Eboné creates a unique way of exploring Black historical figures, experiences, and important events that have shaped our past and present. It’s time to go beyond the Black history basics because knowing your past, helps open the doors to the future.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • New stories about Black culture and historical figures
  • How Black history has shaped our future
  • We all have more in common than we think