Kipp Colvin

Kipp Colvin believes that each one of us can impact our communities by becoming confident, caring, and courageous leaders in our everyday lives. At the heart of Kipp’s work is empowering individuals to build relationships grounded in equity, intersectionality, and value-based leadership.


  • Authenticity
  • Leadership
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Orientation/ First Year Experience
  • Organizational Development
  • Personal Growth
  • LGBTQ+ Focused
  • First Generation College Students
  • Values


Kipp Colvin helps students become confident, caring, and courageous leaders

Getting to know

Kipp Colvin

Kipp Colvin is an empowerment coach and consummate motivator who uses his interpersonal skills as a listener and connector to coach individuals/teams to achieve their goals. At the heart of his work is using every interaction to build relationships grounded in equity, intersectionality, and value-based leadership.

Kipp is the founder of Colvin Coaching, a client-centered space that allows people to discover their values, purpose, and dreams in what matters to them in their lives. He envisions a community, especially the most marginalized, having access to human development resources to become their most authentic selves.

Previous to starting Colvin Coaching, Kipp Colvin served as the Director of Communities and Volunteer Relations at the Human Rights Campaign, the most prominent LGBTQ+ organization in the country, where he used these skills daily to create an inclusive volunteer experience for over 6,000 volunteer leaders. His early career includes working in higher education, focusing on student affairs, leadership development, diversity, equity, and inclusion engagement. Kipp is a native of Ohio and currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.


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Connect with Kipp
As Glennon says, "We can do hard things."
You can count on yourself to do this. You are not alone. 
Help is only a breath away...I need help.
Take a breath or two or three...
I need help.
Take a moment to breathe and be still.
How do you feel? 
You are not alone.
God sees you, hears you, and believes you.
#showupforyourself #lifecoaching #empowermentcoach
You have a goal in mind.
You know what you want to do; however, where do you begin?
Here are 3 simple steps that you can take to complete your goal.

-Always stay curious about your goal and keep rethinking and relearning during the process. Curiosity creates innovation

-There is an ancient Japanese proverb, " Fall down 7 times and stand up 8." Keep going, Keep at It. You achieved a goal before. You have done this before; it just looks different.

-Visualization is creating a mental image of what you want in reality. See yourself achieving that goal. Imagine what it feels like. Let today be the start of your walking toward your goal. You have already achieved it because you believe and trust in you. Walk into it!

#lifecoaching #empowermentcoach #showupforyourself
Hello Monday!
Sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader.
You can do this!
What you are looking for is waiting for you to say, "Hello you, I believe in you. Let's show up today for us."
When you are in the valley of a situation, it may seem there is nothing to celebrate or be grateful for. 

My hope for you is that you find the courage and curiosity to see the possibility to celebrate even the small things while you're in your valley. Cause when you are on the mountain top, it makes it that much sweeter. 

Keep showing up being confident, courageous, and caring, especially for yourself.
"There is a version of yourself you have not yet met; keep showing up until you're introduced."
-Jim Kwik

Take a deep breath. You are waiting for you on the other side of this...Keep showing up for yourself.

#showupforyourself #lifecoach
Remember the pandemic when we had meetings on a square box for hours? That seemed to go on for days...

I started developing ways to keep myself in the game and be present to myself and others. I continue to use this method even today.

I want you to know that knowing the purpose of a meeting is essential, so if you are leading a meeting, please ensure that you inform those attending what the purpose of the meeting is intended for. It will help you and others know how to prepare for the discussion and what to expect.

Your role in a meeting may be determined by your responsibilities for a job or project. Often, when I was called to a meeting, I would ask the organizer, what do you want my role to be in this meeting? What are your expectations or needs of me? 

You may not have the options to ask; however, you do have the choice to show up in a way that is authentic to you. Often, I write my mantra of the day or devotional scripture at the top of my notes for a meeting as a reminder of how I want to show up.

As leaders, we must show up, creating spaces for individuals to thrive, not just survive. Who can you support in a meeting when things get tense? How can you show up supportive and make sure all voices are heard?
Happy Monday!  Show up for yourself today. Show up kind to yourself, Show up brave to yourself. Show up caring to yourself. #showupforyourself #lifecoach #mondaymotivation
What a great question to ask yourself when facing a difficult decision or a courageous conversation. 

Recently, I had to stop and ask myself this same question. I immediately rushed to only one option. I had to remind myself-take a breath, be still in the presence of God, and reflect. 

I had to take a minute and speak to myself and know that there are many options to consider, and it's not just one way or nothing. 

In those moments...what are your options, and how do you show up to meet yourself in that moment.

#showupforyourself #lifecoach
Show up today...
Kind to Yourself
No Matter What
Being You

#showupforyourself #lifecoach #quoteoftheday
Knowing what you stand for in your beliefs, thoughts, and actions allows you to show up as your authentic self. 

At your core, what is part of every decision, behavior, and action you take? My core values are Faith, Courage, Caring, and Service. Your core values are the line in the sand; they are the guardrails that keep you centered on the road ahead.

Showing up for yourself and others is a challenging task. What routine do you have to keep yourself centered and show up as your authentic self? It could be journaling how your day went or taking a minute to breathe before you enter a meeting or conversation. How do I want to show up in this space?

It takes courage to show up when things are going and when they are not. I always tell my clients to give themselves grace and mercy; being a leader is hard, and being a human is complex. 

Yes, showing up is half the battle; however, how we show up matters. Tomorrow we get to try it again...
Happy Love Day everyone! Yes, it’s all about Love not just that special someone to you however actually You. They say, “ You can not love someone unless you love yourself first.” Speaking from experience, that statement for me is profound and has changed how I Show Up for myself. This picture represents me showing up for myself. Full of joy and love for what I’m creating with some amazing people with me! @corduroybrownwv @braysgenny  Lately, I’ve been asking my clients, “How do you want to show up for yourself?” One of my clients said, “ In Love.” I was like… WOW!  That is how I want to Show Up for myself and I wish the same to you especially today and everyday. So, how can you Show Up in Love for yourself?
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Courageous Leadership

Your students have the title and responsibility of leader; however, they genuinely have yet to step into their leadership. Kipp Colvin believes everyone is a leader whether they realize it or not, and leadership starts with the courage to show up courageously to lead. Make no mistake; leading is not easy; it takes courage to be a leader every day.

In this presentation, Kipp shows students how to define their authentic leadership story with five simple questions to jump-start how to tell their leadership story with each decision and action. Kipp will empower your students to connect to their values and what truly matters to them. Your students will leave empowered and energized to step into their leadership story with courage and authenticity.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending the program, students will learn:

  • Understand their “why” and connect to their courage to lead with purpose,
  • Examine five critical questions in developing a “leadership story” to inspire others,
  • Determine what values mean the most to them and how they appear in our daily actions and decisions.
The Caring Spectrum | Creating Spaces for a Feeling of Belonging

We all have that one person in our leadership journey that took the time to care about our development. Who was that person for you? Kipp Colvin believes it’s critical to your leadership growth to reflect on those that have influenced your leadership. How did they care for you regarding your victories and setbacks in your leadership journey? At the same time, how are you showing up and influencing others? How are you creating spaces for others to be authentic in their identity and creating inclusive environments where people can thrive?

In this presentation, Kipp Colvin reflects on impactful stories of resilient and caring leaders that have cared for him throughout his leadership journey. He takes students on the journey from sitting at the table to creating the table for others. You see, Kipp believes as leaders, we are expected and must show up inclusively. As leaders, we create space and opportunities for individuals to thrive, not just survive. As leaders, we must go beyond diversity, equity, & inclusion practices and start to create a culture of belonging.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending the program, students will learn:

  • How to identify practices for creating a welcoming and inclusive environment,
  • How to understand how diversity, equity, and inclusion are strongly connected to belonging,
  • How to define what it means to build an authentic relationship that leads to transformational leadership, and
  • How to understand how belonging is critical to the success of organizational goals.
Confident to be Authentic

You have heard it a million times; “What you think is what you become. Kipp Colvin believes that our leadership starts with a concept of iLEAD; which empowers students to start with how iSHOW UP, how iTHINK about themselves, and how iCREATE a space to lead. We have always thought leadership is about the title and leading individuals; however Kipp encourages students to think about what iNEED to do internally to SHOW UP to lead others in our authentic selves.

In this presentation, Kipp Colvin shows students the power of our thoughts. Empowering students to cage the 6,200 negative thoughts we have per day to thoughts of progress and purpose. We have always thought leadership is about the title and leading individuals; however Kipp encourages students to think about what iNEED to do internally to SHOW UP to lead others in our authentic selves. What we do not tell students is that Leadership is a mind-game. Each day we step into the world to be confident, caring and courageous leaders, starting with how iLEAD.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • How to identify self-leading practices to improve confidence in leadership.,
  • How to express what it means to step into becoming a leader, and
  • How to understand how our self-talk and thoughts are our most powerful tool to lead.