Kipp Colvin

Kipp Colvin believes that each one of us can impact our communities by becoming confident, caring, and courageous leaders in our everyday lives. At the heart of Kipp’s work is empowering individuals to build relationships grounded in equity, intersectionality, and value-based leadership.


  • Authenticity
  • Leadership
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Orientation/ First Year Experience
  • Organizational Development
  • Personal Growth
  • LGBTQ+ Focused
  • First Generation College Students
  • Values


Kipp Colvin helps students become confident, caring, and courageous leaders

Getting to know

Kipp Colvin

Kipp Colvin is an empowerment coach and motivator who uses his superpowers as a listener and connector to coach individuals and teams to achieve their goals. His work centers on utilizing every interaction to build relationships grounded in equity, intersectionality, and value-based leadership.

Kipp is the founder of Colvin Coaching, a client-centered space that allows people to discover their values, purpose, and dreams. He envisions a community (especially the most marginalized) having access to human development resources to become their most authentic selves.

Before Colvin Coaching, Kipp Colvin served as the Director of Communities and Volunteer Relations at the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). As Director, he created an inclusive volunteer experience for over 6,000 volunteer leaders for the most and was influential in establishing the HRC as the most prominent LGBTQ+ organization in the country. His early career include working in higher education, focusing on student affairs, leadership development, diversity, equity, and inclusion engagement. Kipp is a native of Ohio and currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.


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Kipp Colvin


The Art of Belonging

Kipp Colvin believes that creating a space of belonging is not a checklist, it’s a lifestyle. To be an inclusive leader, you must become the architect who builds the table for others. It’s about creating spaces that empower individuals not just to strive, but to truly thrive.

In this engaging keynote, Kipp Colvin will equip your community with practical practices for creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. Through storytelling he explores the significance of authentic relationships as the cornerstone of transformative leadership, highlighting their crucial role in shaping a culture rooted in true belonging. Participants will be challenged to broaden their perspectives on what true leadership means; as leadership is not merely about creating diverse and inclusive environments, but it is a holistic approach that fosters a sense of genuine belonging. “The Art of Belonging” is not just a keynote; it’s a roadmap to embrace a leadership philosophy that actively builds belonging and inspires inclusion.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending the program, students will:

  • Identify practices for creating a welcoming and inclusive environment,
  • Learn how authentic relationships are essential for transformational leadership, and
  • Understand how belonging is critical to the success of organizational goals.
Courageous Leadership

Many students have titles that aren’t leaders; many more students have the potential for leadership without ever having a title. Kipp Colvin believes everyone can be a leader whether they know it now or not. It starts with the courage to show up. Make no mistake; leading with courage is not easy.

In this presentation, Kipp asks five simple questions to jump-start the conversation with students on how to share their leadership stories. He will empower students to connect their values with what truly matters to them. Participants leave the room empowered and energized to step forward as leaders with courage and authenticity.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending the program, students will:

  • Understand their “Why” and connect to their courage to lead with purpose,
  • Examine five critical questions in developing a “leadership story” to inspire others,
  • Determine what values really mean and how they appear in our daily actions and decisions.
Confident to be Authentic

According to a study by the National Science Foundation, a staggering 80% of our daily thoughts tend to be negative, with 95% being repetitive thoughts from the day before. This relentless cycle of negative self-feedback can significantly impact our confidence. But fear not and get ready to break free from the chains of negativity and self-doubt, for Kipp Colvin believes that we can shift from negative thinking to thoughts of progress, purpose, and confidence.

At the heart of true confidence lies embracing our authentic selves and fearlessly showing up as genuine, unapologetic ones. In this keynote, Kipp Colvin will share personal experiences and insights that have shaped his understanding of authentic leadership. Students will explore the strength in vulnerability and how staying true to ourselves becomes a beacon of inspiration for others. Additionally, students will learn practical strategies and actionable tips on cultivating authenticity and fostering unwavering confidence within themselves.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will:

  • Identify self-leading practices to improve confidence in leadership,
  • Learn how to express what it means to step into becoming a leader, and
  • Understand how our self-talk and thoughts are our most powerful tools to lead.


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