The Pillars of Leadership

By: Alex Weber

Hey there! First off, I’d like to start this blog off by thanking you for being here! My goal is to give you a few actionable tools for Leadership that you can inject into your life today – right now! So, let’s dive in!

Let’s start here. What is Leadership?
Leadership is knowing where we are, where we want to go and getting us there.
That’s what Leadership is. Now the HOW, how we get there, that’s where real Leaders show up. Because there’s a million different tactics, and personalities, and approaches.
I’m going to tell you what I believe to be an Exceptional Leader. The qualities, the traits, the habits, the character, the style of leadership that not only gets goals for the Leader, but for everyone in their lives, and does so by inspiring their best!

Here are Keys of an Exceptional Leader:

A leader needs to be clear on our goals, where we are going. Who wants to go hiking with someone who’s lost? Every horror movie starts that way! No, a leader needs to know exactly where we want to go, and a leader needs to know exactly where we are right now.

Be Decisive.
We live in a time of a lot of opinions, and it’s improtant for us to hear out the opionos and thoughts from those we value. But then ultimately, a Leader needs to be decisive. Clear in decision making and setting the steps forward. Clear and Decisive.

A leader needs to care and connect with people. The pillars of positive, successful Leadership are CARE and SUPPORT. So a leader needs to actually care about the people that their Leading. And care about the work we’re doing, the mission the journey we are on.

That fire to lead ourselves to more. To more rewards, fulfilment, happiness, success. And to really and truly be our best and bring our best into the world. PASSION, thats a special kind of care.

A leader needs to be understanding of people. WHY is this person showing up to work, WHY is this person in your personal life? WHY? Can you be CURIOUS and can you understand and empathize with where they are at in their journey. Because that will ultimately be what we apply to ourselves. And a leader needs to be Curious for ourselves, how can we grow? How can we keep becoming better versions of ourselves, we are always evolving, and a Leader needs to be curious about future success and what we might want for ourselves!

This is being committed to your self, commited to the people you are leading. That we aren’t going to bail on them. That we aren’t going to bail on ourselves. When we hit tough times we are going to dig in and BUILD OURSELVES UP, we are committed.

We are all going to hit setbacks, but negativity retreats – it points fingers, it complains, it yells, it makes excuses, while Positivity embraces the challenges with an outlook to the future. It says “yes this is rough, yes it didn’t go how we wanted it to but how can we get past it, how can we learn something from this, and move forward even better than when we came in” negativity retreats, positivity progresses forward!

Challenging & Empowering.
A leader brings our our best. A leader puts us in positions to be successful and gives us oportunies to become our best. Even if that is challenging or pushes us outside our comfort zone or limits.

These are what I believe to be the key building blocks of an Exceptional Leader. There are more! We are always growing and evolving. Keep on your journey, keep lifting each other up, and keep leading yourself and others forward to success!