This Thing Called Love

By: Sara Lowery

Tis the season for love or so they say. We can walk in any store and all we see is red and white (and as a Delta I love that) but there is all this candy, roses, and hearts. All to celebrate this thing called love!

Just recently I found myself in a line over hearing or some may say eavesdropping on a conversation of two woman talking about their expectations of gifts for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. In this same conversation it was apparent that one was in a relationship and the other was not. The one that was in a relationship said to the other “omg I would die if I did not have a Valentine’s date”. She also proceeds to tell her “friend” that she could hook her up with someone if she wants. I noticed the look on the young girl face as if she was saying don’t do me any favors.

It was at that moment that I realize this month of love really should be about loving yourself as much as loving a partner or significant other. Where are the gifts that I can give myself and selfie that..But the real question is not that you love yourself but are you IN LOVE with yourself. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE..

Love yourself is that you celebrate you. Your self-esteem is golden. You feel great about being you and all that you accomplish. BUT being in love with you means that you KNOW your worth. You will not allow yourself to be in a relationship that won’t be healthy for you, you are aware on how to treat your body as a golden temple. You will treat your mind with respect and only feed it positivity, even in the darkest moments. When you are in love with you, you know you are ENOUGH!

When we are in love with ourselves it becomes easier to authentically love others, not remake them but accept them. Embrace other and care for others in a way that it empowers them.

I know, I can hear you say, Sara this is impossible I’m only 18, and did see my class load and all of my extra –curricular activities that I have to be involved in.. and my response is STOP!!!! NOW is perfect time, now is when habits are forming. Now is the best time to learn how to love ourselves more. Now is the time that you build that foundation that can last a lifetime. But just in case you are still doubtful here are some short simple steps to follow for your I’m in Love with me check in:


  1. Every morning tell you first that you love you and in love with you and that you are enough.
  2. Create some type of mindfulness activity that you can live with doing every day. Maybe it’s a couple of thing such as yoga, exercise, mediation, etc
  3. Find a time once a month to take yourself on a date, (even if it is on your couch with your favorite snack) make it about you. Tell yourself one reason why you should celebrate you
  4. Tell some else at least once a week how grateful you are to have them in your life. And if you have no one to share that with right now then find one person a week that you can compliment them in some way! (making others day in turn makes your day)
  5. MOST IMPORTANTLY…NEVER lie to yourself..always tell yourself the truth and listen, learn and then act.