Sara Lowery

Sara Lowery’s energy and passion bring a fresh perspective to the world of student life. Get ready to think of your leadership roles and responsibilities in a whole new way!


▪Leadership ▪Mental Health ▪Organizational Development ▪Self-esteem
▪Values ▪Women’s Issues & Empowerment


▪Will Work for Leadership
▪Shining a LIGHT on Mental DARKNESS
▪How to Create Intentional Moments By Asking “Why?”
▪#PLA: The Perfect Love Affair

Sara’s Bio

Sara Lowery has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Salisbury University, and her Master’s degree in Higher Education Student Affairs from Texas Tech, where she learned that everything is bigger in Texas.

Currently, Sara serves as the Coordinator of Student Life at Salisbury University, where she oversees 16 Fraternity & Sorority Life organizations and New Student Orientation. During her time there, she has received many awards such as Outstanding Staff Member, Outstanding Contribution to Student Life and the Multicultural Student Service Award, to name a few. She also was named a “Raider Who Rocks,” from Texas Tech.

Sara has a great passion and sense of urgency to see students be the absolute best version of themselves possible. Aside from her personal accomplishments and professional endeavors, previous abroad experiences in Ghana and other parts of Africa, have prepared Sara for speaking with students and supporting them through leadership endeavors in college and beyond. Sara lives passionately by two basic philosophies: anything is possible, and the only way to lead is by example.

Connect With Sara

I had the distinct honor to speak to some of the most beautiful woman and men this week. The room was filled with Higher Ed Professionals in the NC area. So before I hit the stage I was already inspired and excited…

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“Sara did a wonderful job connecting with the students. She was able to be vulnerable by sharing her story, which in turn allowed students to feel comfortable to open up to her. She was phenomenal!”

Danielle Davis

Texas A&M University – Commerce

“Sara recognizes presenting is a tool for student learning as she effectively challenges them to: foster their curiosity, enhance their self-understanding, create a civil community, become courageous in their leadership…to align strengths with needs of both.”

Byron Hughes

Virgina Tech

“Sara told stories that helped the students picture what she was talking about, and she interspersed that with information and advice. She combined humor and sincerity in just the right combination, and her presence and spirit really lept off the stage. It was phenomenal!”

Jesse Douglas

University of Mount Union

“Sara speaks with passion, commitment and develops a command and connection with the audience. She leaves the audience asking the right kind of questions and, many times, wanting more.”

Dane Foust

Salisbury University


How to Create Intentional Moments By Asking “Why?”

Many times, students are challenged in working with their club or organization to gain their desired results. When the challenges become too much, it is easy to forget your mission and lose the motivation to push forward. Sara Lowery has worked as a campus-based Higher Education professional, encouraging and pushing student leaders to achieve success.

Through her high-energy keynote, Sara challenges student audiences to ask themselves one simple question: Why? Why are you involved in this organization? Why do you want to push your organization further? Why should you persevere when challenges come your way? Even when things are going great, sometimes it is important to take a step back to remember why you joined and why it matters.

Sara’s unique blend of humor, energy and experience help her guide students to build a foundation that helps them remain motivated to continue moving through “the tough stuff” that comes their way. She helps show students that only by moving forward can you achieve greatness.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to create a framework to understand the values and mission statement of their club or organization,
  • how and when to ask “why?” to be an effective leader with a sense of purpose and value within their organization, and
  • ways to apply business principles that have been proven effective for success and greatness.
Shining a LIGHT on Mental DARKNESS

Ever feel like life is more than you can handle? Or feel so alone? Or that no one really understands you? No matter how hard it may seem when DARK moments take over your life, LIGHT is always around the corner. It may not be immediate, but with time LIGHT will appear and those dark moments will begin to fade away.

As noted by the Center for Collegiate Mental Health, nearly 1 in 5 university students are affected by depression and anxiety. Sara Lowery was one of those students. In this personal keynote, Sara shares her story in hopes that students can learn how to reach out for support during those dark times and search for the light. Students will learn their intrinsic value and strategies to fighting through the feeling of disappointment, fear, and yes even loneliness. Sara will challenge students to really look around to not only find someone whom they can lean on, but also who might need help finding their mental light.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to be more comfortable reaching out for support
  • how to take personal responsibility by taking actions to improve their health, and the health of others
  • the skills needed to accessing and utilizing healthcare resources on campus and in the community
  • how to increase self-awareness, confidence and communication skills
#PLA: The Perfect Love Affair

There is a moment when you think about your personal love, and sometimes it leads to warm fuzzy moments or cold realities of the bad decisions you have made in your lifetime.

We often find ourselves waiting for someone to say how much they like us, or even how much they love us. But sometimes the voice that we need to hear to say those things belongs to us. Why do we find ourselves waiting on others to acknowledge our existence when we may have walked by five mirrors and didn’t acknowledge ourselves?

In this keynote, Sara reminds students that the perfect love affair starts with loving yourself. When we love ourselves, we’re able to motivate, inspire and encourage ourselves and become stronger individuals. After all, no one will love you better than you!

Sara shares with audiences the Perfect Love Affair Daily Regiment to cultivate more self-love and confidence that leads to stronger relationship with themselves and with others. Help your campus community learn to fall in love… with who they are!

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • the importance of self-care and self-respect to improve the relationship with themselves and with others,
  • steps to take daily to cultivate more self-love and appreciation, and
  • ways to self-motivate, inspire and grow their confidence in everyday life.
Will Work for Leadership

Why aren’t student leaders more direct in asking their peers what they need? Why aren’t we bolder about our needs as leaders, students and followers? We have the opportunity to build on so many different talents and skills, but we are afraid to admit we need help. We spend much of our lives in fear – fear of being different, fear that we will be judged, or fear that we won’t be liked. We have to eliminate fear from our lives, because fear hinders our ability to be transparent.

Transparency is needed to lead our chapters, organizations and clubs. It helps those around us know what we need. This transparency can create the environment of trust, that is necessary to lead our organizations with confidence. In Will Work for Leadership, Sara gives tips and strategies on how to overcome that fear and create honest, open relationships with the members of your organization. When leaders realize they’re not alone, it can make all the difference. Will you stand in your organization’s meeting and tell your peers what you are willing to work for – together?

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • how to ask for support in their leadership roles,
  • how to create opportunities for leadership goal setting, and
  • how to articulate a vision for their organization, chapter, or club.