David Stollman

Are your fraternities and sororities held back by chapters and members who don’t get it or who just don’t care? Do you have members who are there for the wrong reasons?


  • Confrontation Skills
  • Fraternity & Sorority Life
  • Hazing
  • Officer Training
  • Recruitment
  • Values


Getting to know

David Stollman

David has been called many things – blunt, honest and funny are his favorites. He is an educator, a trainer, a keynote speaker and an entrepreneur. David is passionate, fiercely loyal and irrationally biased toward the things he loves. Philadelphia is the greatest city in the world. The University of Maryland is the most beautiful campus of all 600 he’s visited. And, the Phillies WILL win the World Series… someday.

David believes in the inherent dignity of all people, except for those that think Whataburger is better than In-n-Out Burger. (Those people need professional help.) David believes in the power of personal stories, and that leaders have the ability to change the world.

Over the last 20 years, he has won lots of awards from all sorts of cool organizations for his work with college students and the advancement of the college fraternal communities. David has spoken in Canada, and 49 of the 50 states – and that will sound MUCH cooler once the University of Alaska gets it together!

Most importantly, he is a husband, and father of the three most adorable children in the world.


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David was so engaging with the students. He was the speaker our fraternity/sorority members needed desperately to help advance our community. The students cannot stop talking about what they learned from David and how they are going to apply the information.

— Renee DuBois

Associate Director of Fraternity & Sorority Involvement and Student Organizations, Stetson University

In a matter of just a few hours, David was able to get buy in from students that I’ve been working two years to get. His direct approach made them look seriously at what they could do better, and they are completely motivated to get going!

— Caitlin Roberts

CSU, Long Beach

We had 200+ Sorority and Fraternity members attend David’s keynote on Hazing. He was really good at keeping them interested, making them laugh when appropriate, and approaching a serious topic with enough grace for all in the room to be quiet and engaged. He hosted a recruitment keynote afterward to a smaller group of students, and those who were there took away some amazing advice that we are excited to see them carry into their chapters!

— Chanel Winters

SFL Graduate, Eastern Washington University

I think that he had amazing ideas about mundane things that people don’t even think about changing normally. The students got a lot out of it, and almost didn’t realize that they were learning things, because they were having so much fun along the way

— Heather Shohet

Willamette University

David definitely placed the foundation to our next step in creating a better Greek Community here at Radford University. Every participant had something to take back to their Council and their organization.

— James Cho

Radford University

David did an exceptional job of challenging and inspiring our fraternity/sorority officers. His message hit home and motivated our students to begin to think outside of the box and improve our community.

— Johnny Robinson

Director of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs, Oklahoma State University

David Stollman really opened some eyes during his presentation. He gave our community the swift kick in the rear that it needed and I see it being a lasting effect at Florida Tech.

— Jonathon Perout

Florida Institute of Technology

The biggest lesson I learned from David was how to prevent hazing. We hear it every day in the Greek community, but how do we truly stop it? David presented such great insight and life experiences in his own fraternity to allow me to see that it isn’t 4 years, but the Greek community is “4 life.” The lessons he taught better prepared me for making a difference in my organization and I’m extremely grateful. Thank you, David!

— Melanie Regina Vaugh

Sorority Alumna, University of North Carolina Greensboro

David’s presentation was one like I have never seen or heard before. He has you questioning a lot but in a great way. I have never felt more proud to be in Greek life and represent my letters. You are left speechless but yet want to talk non-stop about the words he said.

— Sam Mauter

The University of Toledo

David and his messages to our Greek community were exactly what they needed to hear. I have been approached by many members and their remarks about the program were all positive. We certainly enjoyed having David here and we look forward to having him back again in the future. Thank you again from all of us here at Fairmont State University.

— Shawn Ragsdale

Fairmont State University


Buy In or GET OUT!

Too often, good leaders and good chapters are not able to succeed because they are too busy cleaning up after the ones that don’t get it. Much of the time organizations are fighting against the negative image these members create. Imagine how much more could be accomplished if they were part of the solution, instead of part of the problem.

David Stollman is ready to take the wheel and will say the things that you wish you could.

Let him confront them in his funny, interactive and moving style. His message will inspire those that want to care about the core values of Fraternity and Sorority Life—fellowship, service, leadership and scholarship, and he will challenge your members to embrace the best and get rid of the rest. This keynote will touch on topics that range across all major issues facing today’s members.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will:

  • Have renewed motivation to live up to their ritual’s teachings,
  • Have a better understanding about the degrading effect perpetuating negative stereotypes have on the Fraternity and Sorority Life community,
  • Understand their role in breaking stereotypes, and holding others accountable to do the same, and
  • Remember that their brother or sister is their personal responsibility, and that communities are responsible to, and for each other.
Recruitment Boot Camp

The bubble is bursting. The skyrocketing numbers we saw for years across the country are trending down. More chapters are going to have to RECRUIT new members rather than just SELECTING from those that came to them.

It isn’t about “Quality vs. Quantity,” it is about “Quality AND Quantity!”

Smart chapters, communities and national organizations have realized that Values Based recruiting is more than just adding the right buzz words to the script you read to Potential Members. Reorganizing the way we recruit to connect with the increasing percentage of the high quality students that are looking away from us is essential.

Recruitment Boot Camp teaches tangible & long-lasting action items for organizations not high fives and hollow motivation that fades. David teaches the proven system that has worked for thousands of chapters on hundreds of campuses to recruit more higher members. Over the last 20 years David has spoken at over 600 campuses across the US & Canada and helped chapters double, triple and quadruple in size all while increasing the quality of membership.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will:

  • Learn the difference between passive selection in Rush and active recruitment.
  • Learn about how to align organizational values to recruitment efforts for true Values Based Recruiting
  • Learn strategies for building a brand identity on their campus that communicates their values and benefits to membership
  • Learn the proper roles, and responsibilities of the Council, the Chapter and the Individual Member in the recruitment process
  • Learn the proven Chapter Recruitment System that engage member’s personal networks to grow the Quality and Quantity of the membership.
Hazing Works & Other Lies

There are lots of reasons why people haze. Sometimes there is genuinely good intent. A desire to create a strong bond. A feeling of responsibility to maintain perceived traditions. A perception that only those “worthy of membership” are accepted. A belief that membership must be earned through great effort for it to be truly valued.

The truth is, that intentions aren’t really relevant. Hazing is something that can and must end. Hazing is a mirage. It doesn’t build long-lasting bonds, it destroys them. It doesn’t weed out unworthy members, it insures a subservience. It doesn’t create a feeling of accomplishment, it creates a feeling of completion of expectations. It empowers a concept of “tradition” that is both wrong, and bad.

There are more effective, means to accomplish each of the potentially valid reasons someone might employ Hazing. This program will break down the lies, expose the truth, and challenge the reality of Hazing so a new reality can be born.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will:

  • Learn the most common hazing myths,
  • Learn the true dangers of hazing,
  • Learn alternatives to hazing, and
  • Be challenged to be advocates of change in their organizations, communities and campuses.
Drop the Drama

Drama. Aren’t you sick of it?!

What if more members were capable of having honest and difficult but necessary conversations? These “soft skills,” like the ability to have critical conversations, to confront others without negativity and to receive critical feedback are prized by employers. Training students now will positively impact your organization and prepare members for future success. In this keynote, David helps students learn the fundamentals that help build more respectful, caring and authentic communication strategies among individuals and within their communities.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, students will learn:

  • How to use effective confrontational skills,
  • How to receive critical feedback, and
  • How to create a positive communication culture within an organization.