SAM – Mata – 2022

Here’s what TWO students had to say:
“Jared Sampson was a definite eye-opener. He stated how powerful a person is capable of being, but often held back for being a minority and have different views.”
“Jared had very empowering words and expressed himself in a way that everybody could relate or understand! He was definitely one of the best speakers we had so far!”
I am extremely thankful for CAMPUSPEAK and their outstanding list of speakers and variety of topics. Jared delivered a powerful message to our students and staff, I look forward to bringing Jared back to campus and continue working with CAMPUSPEAK. We plan to get started with our 2020-21 event calendar in May, look forward to speaking with a CAMPUSPEAK representative. Thank you for making this academic year extra special, powerful, empowering, and overall, educational. See YOU at APCA!