3 Tips to Prepare for a Successful Career

Whether you know exactly what career path you want to pursue or are in the process of figuring out your next step, the biggest factors that determine your success lie within you.

I believe in adopting an entrepreneurial mindset which is defined as taking full ownership of your career growth and development. Throughout your career, no one else will be better positioned to understand the shifts that might occur in your life due to changes in interests, priorities etc. As a result, it’s completely up to you to guide your career accordingly.

I’ve pivoted professionally three times in my career and have been able to successfully do so using the following three tips.

Identify and Communicate Your Unique Value Proposition

Identify what unique skills and experience you currently have that can be leveraged to make you an ideal candidate for your desired job and set you apart from others. Do you speak a second language or have an innate skill? Did you live in another country or have you taken a special training or program? Once identified, make sure you incorporate them into marketing yourself. List these skills on your resume and LinkedIn. Whenever you have the opportunity to speak to someone during formal and informal interviews, inform others of your career goals and the skills and experience you have.

Build and Maintain A Valuable Personal Brand

Your presence, actions and communication skills are very important and determine your personal brand. Personal branding is defined as the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence the public perception of yourself.  Jeff Bezos has been famously quoted as saying that your personal brand is what people say when you are not in the room. In today’s digital age, your personal brand must remain consistent online and offline and accurately reflect what you desire it to be.

Learn How to Effectively Network

Statistics have shown that about 85% of career opportunities are awarded via networking. Those are a lot of opportunities that can never reach you if you aren’t proactive. The idea of networking has always seemed like a mechanical exercise to me with no real definition or process. As a result, I have redefined what it means and recommend connecting with others.  Connecting is an authentic attempt to learn or assist someone. Throughout your day, make an effort to remain genuine to yourself and in getting to know others. Ask questions and if given the opportunity, offer your assistance to others.

You own the majority stake in your career and therefore it’s up to you to own and lead it to success.