AFLV 10 Year Journey

By: Darryl Bellamy Jr.

It took Darryl ten years to get to the AFLV stage, watch this video detailing his journey accomplishing a dream he set out on ten years ago.

A Decade ago

Ten years ago, I was newly initiated into my fraternity (Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc) and was selected by an older brother to attend a leadership conference for future Greek leaders. Being that it was leadership related (I was heavily involved, some would say “overly”) and the conference was FREE, I was all-in! That conference was AFLV.

I remember vividly listing to the opening speaker the first night of the conference and relating to what he was sharing. He understood our Greek lingo, the problems we have in our organizations and gave us solutions. Looking at him that night, I recall being amazed at how he held our attention for over an hour and thinking to myself that I would never be able to do what he did, little did I know that one day I would be tested on that thought.

It was never in my plan to become a “speaker.” I facilitated workshops on campus when I was a student but had other ideas about how I would impact people and live out my entrepreneurial ambitions, who knew that sharing the fearless message would be what I would come to do full-time.

AFLV as a Speaker

In 2017, I attended the conference for the first time as a speaker and was happy to be chosen as a featured speaker. I remember approaching one of the main keynotes after he got off stage and telling him that I planned on being on that stage one day. Little confident huh? (ha-ha). I set the goal that year to be on that stage within five years. The next year (2018) I attended as a workshop presenter, still keeping the dream alive to grace the big stage, and speaking on campuses honing my message for Greek communities.

Goal Achieved

At the end of 2018 I applied again and found out that I was awarded the Closing Session, three years before my goal ran out – I was floored! Like, on the floor. I was amazed because it showed that the things, we set for ourselves do happen when you actively work towards them. I was elated because we hear and read a lot about saying what you want aloud and sharing with those around you, but to see it happen was cray.

Preparation & then Action

My goal during the closing keynote was to show Greek leaders around the nation (i.e., you) what’s possible in our organizations and lives when you push past fear and get out of your way. I’m excited to continue that mission throughout this year with inspiring Greek communities to continue to make the change we need to conquer some of the most significant issues we face. It was vital for me to share this story so you know that whatever it is you want for your life, if you BELIEVE and put in the WORK, it can happen for you. I’m a living example.

Meet you at the Top – and stay fearless!