Avoid Checking Out

Today’s students are struggling with intense academic expectations, schedules that are filled with activities and with finding the time to spend growing with their fraternity or sorority members. Students view meetings as a required activity—another time and place where they have to be. Instead, students should use these opportunities to share ideas, make decisions and mature as people with their fellow organization members.

Many fraternal organizations are being comprised of just freshman and sophomores, while the older students, juniors and seniors, are starting to checkout early. Whether this is from a lack of challenge, disconnect from the organization or their affiliation is no longer feeding their desires and needs, something needs to change.

“When did we become the kind of organizations who did not challenge people to be their best? I believe we have allowed out members to become those who only commit if we fine them. We have to change that model,” states Dr. Mari Ann Callais, one of CAMPUSPEAK’s most successful Fraternity and Sorority Life speakers.

When members are starting to lose sight of their purpose within their organization, don’t let them just checkout, take these steps to build your organization to something they desire to be apart of.

1. Create a calendar
Within your organization, create a calendar that is centered on all aspects of chapter life. Prioritize what’s important to your organization and what’s important in positively helping and shaping the success of your members.

2. Make time for academics
Meetings, events and parties are important, but after all these activities we wonder why some members are struggling academically. Ensure time for your members to study, and evaluate what your chapter needs to change to make sure this happens.

3. Determine expectations
Listen to your members. Ask what they would like your chapter to be about, not what everyone expects them to be.

4. Make changes
If certain aspects are not working, make a change—just because it was what previous generations thought was good for members, does not make it applicable today. Having the courage to make necessary changes not only benefits current members, but your alumni groups, as well.

“Like any lifetime commitment, there have been good times and bad times. But, I believe that being Greek means someone paves the road for you, and in return, you do the same for others,” states Mari Ann.

Challenge your members to see beyond their four years as an undergraduate, and to look at the possibilities beyond college when they remain committed to their fraternal organization.

Mari Ann has keynotes on many aspects of Fraternity and Sorority Life. In her keynote, Redefining Traditions in our Fraternity and Sorority Communities, she challenges students to be the best member that they can be, even if that means taking a second look at their organizations traditions.

Visit campuspeak.com/callais to learn more about Mari Ann and her available keynotes.