Combating Bystander Behavior for Three Years

Since June 2009, The PersonalPower: A RESPONSE ABILITY® Workshop has been empowering college students to go beyond bystander behavior and to intervene in problem situations.

Targeting negative behavior and acting upon it is one element that can benefit all in the college community. CAMPUSPEAK offers this workshop to explore personal and organizational values, what bystander behavior is, what barriers keep us from intervening, intervention styles and skills and concludes with students committing to lead with integrity.

Over the three years that PersonalPower has been with CAMPUSPEAK, we’ve seen it make great advancements across campuses nationwide.

Here are just a few of the positive words spoken by students and advisors who have been involved with the PersonalPower.

“I really feel that the PersonalPower workshop is going to create lasting change on our campus. The students who attended are already beginning to use the language from the workshop within their own organizations and I am hearing more about bystander intervention within our groups. The participants joined a Facebook group that we will start asking them monthly questions about how they are utilizing what was learned in the workshop and hypothetical situations to practice the intervention strategies.”
– Justin Sipes, Campus Life Advisor, Sonoma State University

“Intervention is an important issue and something I never really considered before today.”
– Student, Central College

“After the workshop, the students and I agreed that PersonalPower can make an impact on our community because we can all use a lesson in how to stand up for our values and the impact that action can have on others. It is amazing how much better our communities will be when students realize this. The impact of this workshop will continue to make a difference on our campus.”
– Angie Carr Robinett, Director of Student Life, Rockhurst University

“It will get people to realize what needs to be changed so we can become a better Greek community.”
– Student, Sonoma State University

“This workshop makes people aware of what they do and don’t do makes a difference.”
– Student, Alpha Delta Pi

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