Leave a lasting legacy of great members

Fraternity and Sorority recruitment—every chapter does it, but is it being done in the most effective way?

Tom Healy, Recruitment Specialist with Recruitment Boot Camp (RBC), joins the CAMPUSPEAK speaker roster this spring!

Tom knows recruitment. From being highly involved during his undergraduate years with his fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon to his experience working with campuses across the country to better improve their recruitment strategies—Tom has proven an asset to any Fraternity or Sorority organization looking to build better members.

From his work with RBC, Tom has spent countless hours coaching, teaching and observing the recruitment styles of many chapters, campus communities and national organizations.

“I am continually amazed at how chapters make recruitment way more difficult than it needs to be. Many of the chapters I work with have the best of intentions but waste so much time and effort doing activities that accomplish absolutely nothing. I believe the value I bring to the organizations is that I simplify the recruitment process, show chapters how to engage all of their members and then focus on activities that will bring great new members in the door,” said Tom.

With recruitment coming up this fall—Tom has three simple tips to keep in mind before you start handing out pledges.

1. Focus on high-quality people you already know;
2. Learn what they want out of their college experience; and
3. Share with them how your organization is a great way for them to accomplish it.

Follow those three things and you will be in great shape!

In his keynote, Getting Great in the Door: Creating a Legacy of Excellence, Tom provides action-oriented solutions to help chapters build a system that yields great new members semester after semester. With his straightforward approach, engaging message and practical tips that translate to immediate action and results, your organization will be able to leave a lasting legacy of great members.

“I believe the best part of recruitment is that, if done right, you can have a huge impact in two amazing ways. You can leave a legacy of bringing high-quality individuals into your organization that will continue to help your chapter become or stay great. Secondly, you are learning communication skills that will help you succeed both personally and professionally. These skills aren’t being taught in the classroom but are crucial for everything from getting a job to landing a date,” said Tom.

To learn how to leave a legacy of great members, visit campuspeak.com/tom-healy.