Overcoming Fears to Attain a Goal

Every student in college has a goal. Whether that goal is to get a 4.0 GPA or to simply make it to class on time, it’s a goal where the end result will produce something positive in their lives. Now what’s holding them back from achieving, or even moving towards their goals?

As a professional speaker, author and student affairs administrator, Dr. Kevin Snyder’s passion and mission supports leaders take action to lead successful and fulfilling lives. Part of what makes their journey so successful is setting and hitting appropriate goals.

In his new his keynotes, Anchor Your Leadership, Kevin helps students discover how to ignite and create positive change in their lives, organizations and in relationships. One aspect of his keynote is tackling the fear that holds one back from going after a certain desired goal. Kevin discusses some of the hardest parts to attaining goals, and that nagging fear that often tries to hold students back.

Expand Your Comfort Zone
Significant and meaningful goals are usually achieved only when people confront major obstacles and challenge themselves in new ways. Kevin talks about ‘comfort zones’ in his presentations and provides practical examples of how staying within a comfort zone often limits students from accomplishing goals and dreams. When stepping outside of a comfort zone, which can be uncomfortable, is usually when objectives are obtained. As a result, comfort zone expands and the person is more comfortable going ‘outside the box’ in the future.

Believe it or not, skydiving is a perfect example of this philosophy. Most people are terrified on their first skydiving attempt—being strapped to someone they don’t even know and falling out of a ‘perfectly good’ airplane. Yet when they land, they want to go jump again one more time. They felt the fear, confronted it and jumped out anyway. Facing fears and going outside of a comfort zone is a simple recipe to attain extraordinary success and feel fulfilled.

Set Goals You’re Passionate About
In order to achieve a goal, a students has to know what that goal is. The success and attainment of goal setting is limited when we can’t actually envision the goal becoming a reality—envision the outcome of a goal occurring before it actually does. Even more importantly, be inspired by the goals set. That inspiration, that Kevin preferably call passion, provides the fuel and desire to not only work hard towards goals, but also persist through obstacles and challenges. Passion is the fuel for desire that never goes away and it makes people want to work hard to achieve their mind has been set on.

“Our greatest accomplishments are also the things we’ve worked the hardest for. Meaning, the things most important to us are also things we’ve sacrificed for and worked tremendously hard to achieve,” states Kevin.

Kevin has helped thousands of student leaders take action to lead more fulfilling and passionate lives. To learn more about his Anchor Your Leadership program visit campuspeak.com/snyder.

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