New Interactive Workshop that helps new leaders become great leaders

Another leadership program? Not quite.

CAMPUSPEAK noticed a gap in current programming. We have leadership covered for those students who are already mastering their positions, or even for those who are wanting to excel at specific positions. But what about the students who were leaders in high school but are unaware of how to approach college leadership? Or how about those students who have dreamt of being the president of an organization, but don’t know where to start?

Building New Leaders gives these students a foundation of information and skills, so whether leadership is needed in class, an organization or in a future job, they will know how to perform at the highest level. This leadership workshop gives your next generation of leaders an opportunity to come together and learn about themselves and other leaders around them. You get all of these passionate students in the room then let our talented facilitators start the conversation.

For campuses wanting to strengthen their leadership programs, or take a new approach to how they get their leaders ready, Building New Leaders can take your students in a new direction that will benefit them in a variety of organizations, and it will introduce them to angles of leadership they most likely haven’t experienced yet.

This workshop doesn’t dwell on how to succeed at one specific organization role, or position—rather it looks at the student as an individual leader. What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses? Building New Leaders forces students to have an internal reflection on what they bring to the table in a leadership setting.

Building New Leaders is great for many different organizations like:
– Student Organizations
– Student Government
– Fraternity & Sorority Life Organizations
– First Year Students
– New Officers
– Leadership

This workshop isn’t just about the organizations on your campus, it’s about the students who are a part of them. We always need fresh, new leaders—start building them now.

If you are looking for a way to impact potential leaders in an innovative and interactive way, this is the ideal workshop for you.

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