Innovation in leadership today

By Tim Mousseau

The current state of the world is constantly fluid. It is impossible for any organization to survive without constantly changing, adapting to the events around it. With these constant changes organizations must develop skills that allow them to distinguish themselves from their peers. Innovation is at the front of these skills because it creates a novel solution that also enhances the organization’s mission. When cultivated, innovation allows an organization to foster creativity in not only addressing changes, but in solving them.

For innovation to succeed, it needs participation from an entire organization. That is why I talk about creating a culture of innovation. Leaders can serve as the starting point for incorporating innovation, but the beauty of innovation is that anyone may be inspired in creating the next idea. Our leaders can succeed by modeling innovation in their own work. They need to show that it is okay for followers to take risks, to dream, and to push thoughts to imagine a better future. When an organization begins to create cultures of innovation it removes countless self-imposed limits on what they can do.

I love working with undergraduate students because this generation challenges. No longer is it okay to only provide information, everything must be accurate and reinforced. Students today do not settle, but instead want to dig deeper to grow more. The age of the Internet has created an environment where everything is accessible at our fingertips making learning that much more crucial.

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