Real talk. Real answers.

Looking for a alcohol and drug abuse prevention speaker that hits all the issues, but doesn’t insult your students’ intelligence? New speaker Bobby Gordon’s non-threatening, intelligent, and realistic approach meets students where they are.

College alcohol and drug abuse is a real issue, as students are faced with pressure from peers to fit in, coping with high levels of stress, or general curiosity as they experiment with their newfound independence. Abuse of prescription and other drugs increasingly presents risks and negative consequences for students and the campus community. Despite best intentions by campus administrators, drug education and prevention programs are often overshadowed by a focus on alcohol-only education.

Bobby Gordon’s non-judgmental approach focuses on providing factual information combined with real-world scenarios relating to the experience of today’s college student. Bobby answers the questions students are too afraid to ask with expertise and appropriate humor, engaging audiences in “real talk” about drugs and alcohol, and their risks.

In his keynote, Beyond Alcohol: The Other Drug Category, Bobby challenges perceptions and clarifies myths and facts surrounding drugs beyond alcohol including cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, predatory drugs, energy drinks, and prescription drug abuse. Instead of lecturing with technical medical information or using scare-tactics, Bobby incorporates real-world scenarios, facts, and culturally relevant media to help students challenge their perceptions and make informed decisions.

Bobby Gordon is an award-winning advocate for alcohol/other drug education, research, and prevention. In his nearly 20 year career, Bobby has partnered with communities, federal agencies, professional organizations, and local and state law enforcement to develop, create, advise, and assess a variety alcohol/other drug prevention programs. Learn more about Bobby at