CAMPUSPEAK’s Response to the Death of George Floyd

June 2, 2020

CAMPUSPEAK is saddened by the murder of George Floyd and we are devastated by the pain being expressed by our friends, colleagues, and students in the Black community.

 A long history of injustice and inequity that led us to this place and time must be addressed honestly and directly. CAMPUSPEAK’s first Core Value statesEverything we do will honor, respect and promote human dignity and potential.  That is why we cannot stay silent.

 We remain committed to doing the work to help students have the difficult conversations on complex issues of systemic and institutional racism that permeates college communities. CAMPUSPEAK will continue to offer a platform for ideas, dialogue, discomfort, and the impact that follows.

We must all speak out, loudly. We must also open space for the unheard voices to finally be heard. Support organizations that fight racism. Challenge others to see the value of diversity and the responsibility of inclusion. Don’t be silent. We won’t.

David Stollman
President & Co-Founder