Ben Hoyer

A life you like doesn’t happen by accident. We build it with hundreds of small choices. Leadership doesn’t happen by accident either, it take ethics, values, and personal conviction. Some time ago, Ben Hoyer began to live his life by a philosophy drive by meaning, impact and community.  


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▪More than Tricks & Tips: Leadership worth Following
▪What is your CREDO?
▪Consumerism to Solve Problems

Ben has always wanted to make an impact on the world. It became clear that it was time to start making that impact when he found himself moving into adulthood: buying a home and picking a hometown. That’s when he launched downtown CREDO. It’s a social enterprise built around the conviction that your quality of life is more tied to who you’re becoming that what you have. CREDO is making an impact on those it touches. In Ben’s keynotes you’ll get caught up in the stories of his experience building a coffee business, serving his city, and helping friends start social enterprises. Along the way you’ll be inspired to consider your own approach to life, and how you might leave a mark as well. People usually walk away from Ben’s talks considering who they want to be and challenged to believe they can be something good.

Ben’s Bio

Ben Hoyer is the founder and director of Downtown CREDO, a social-enterprise focused on improving quality of lives by cultivating networks of meaning, impact and community and the President/COO for Rally, the Social Enterprise Accelerator.

CREDO has established four name-your-price coffee shops; leveraged strategic partnerships to become a stakeholder and a valuable grassroots organizer in the neighborhoods of the Parramore Corridor; established a co-working society to convene Orlando’s creative class and facilitated a social enterprise accelerator. The net effect of these efforts is a bourgeoning network of people from all levels of affluence taking up lives of meaning, impact and community.

Rally is an accelerator for Social Enterprises launched in 2017. It is a collaborative effort with Rollins College, Central Florida Foundation and CREDO.

Finding himself in the social-enterprise world almost by accident, Ben has followed where the CREDO has led him. It’s a statement of conviction that is calling folks to action and improving their Quality of life.


More than Tricks &Tips: Leadership worth Following

When it comes to making coffee, Ben Hoyer knows the tricks and techniques to making the best espressos you can find. When it comes to being a leader, Ben Hoyer has learned its not the tricks and techniques that has helped launch and lead his company Downtown CREDO, rather it is his ethics, values, and personal convictions that has brewed him into a person people will follow.

In this program Ben shares from his personal journey and experiences to illustrate the potential in learning to lead from your own passion and conviction. From his journey to Guatemala to taking small steps towards becoming a person of global impact, Ben has built a local coffee brand that has gained the support of the local community and serves as an incubator to other entrepreneurial endeavors.

Through this keynote, students will be challenged to consider how the roles they play in family, school, work and organizations intersect with their values. Having made that connection students will be invited to directly connect their personal convictions to the responsibilities they shoulder in each of their roles. Every student can be a leader as they gain courage to share their conviction and invite folks to join them in the pursuit that conviction inspires.

As a result of this program students will:

  • learn the importance of clarifying their own roles and values,
  • discover the power of connecting personal conviction to practical action, and
  • be challenged to believe they can lead now, from conviction.
What’s your CREDO?

Most of us have been told that money can’t buy happiness. Yet, so often wealth is the measure of success we value. This culture of money bleeds down into the large and small decisions of our lives; from where we work to what we buy. As a result, many of us end up living as though money is the goal that guides our actions. But life doesn’t have to be this way. Ben has been working hard for the last ten years to build his life around a different set of convictions, called his CREDO. It’s a statement of belief that has defined his actions.

Life is worth living. I refuse to merely exist. I pursue a life of meaning and purpose, fulfillment and joy. The world is not yet as it ought to be. Neither is my city. Neither am I. Yet, I reject apathy and despair. I engage the world, my city, and myself to make an impact for good. I am not alone. I press through narcissism, isolation and self-sufficiency, striving to live in authentic community. 

– Ben Hoyer’s CREDO

Hear Ben tell the story of his CREDO, what it’s created and where it’s taken him. Then be challenged to consider your own. This keynote is perfect for Fraternity/Sorority Life community looking for a new way to reflect on foundational values that when acted upon can be live changing or a student group looking to renew their commitment to their mission. 

Consumerism to Solve Problems

Having started a social enterprise almost by accident, Ben shares the story of downtown CREDO and how it gave birth to Rally: the social enterprise accelerator. It’s in the course of that adventure that he discovered the power of consumerism to address real social, economic and environmental problems. Ben launched a coffee shop without a business plan or any barista experience because he believed coffee could demonstrate how small choices can move us toward becoming people of impact. He learned that when you’re able to marry your passion to address problems with a value proposition and a market you can create companies that make money and accomplish good in the world. As you’re planning your major or planning your career, Ben’s stories will remind you that it’s worth considering your own credo. It will be your best compass for life.