CAMPUSPEAK Virtual Impact Programming is a free resource for students & professional staff that delivers important ideas to empower students to make a difference in their communities and in their own lives. The series is designed to bring new ideas and thinking to higher education, spark conversations on hot topics, and provide high impact education to participants.

CAMPUSPEAK will be offering programs throughout the year on a variety of topics, but we want to hear from you on what topics matter to you. Tell us what you would like to see on a future CAMPUSPEAK VIP events- Submit Ideas Here.

Upcoming Free Programs

Leading Fearlessly – Orientation Leader Edition

Presented By: Darryl Bellamy


Ensure your Orientation Leaders are set up to effectively impact the lives of students who will be joining your campus community in Fall 2021.

Join Darryl Bellamy as he leads your Orientation Team through a conversation about overcoming their own personal fears to effectively lead their peers. This program will allow Orientation Leaders and Orientation Teams to identify strategies to become fearless leaders, while also teaching them how to best support the incoming students of the Fall 2021 class. 

As a result of this program, Orientation Leaders will:

  • hear LIVE, the fears of other leaders from around the country
  • understand the importance of their role and how it relates to student success
  • develop actionable strategies to overcome some of their fears
  • hear the top fears of the first-year students
  • understand the importance of vulnerability and courage when interacting with incoming students

Past Programs for Purchase

Below is a listing of past programs hosted by CAMPUSPEAK now available for purchase. You can purchase the recording of the program for $10 which will give you access for 30 days. When making a purchase you will need to create an account before processing your payment. Please email with any questions.


Putting the “Just” in Justice

Presented By: Joe Richardson

September 23, 2020
3 PM EDT / 12 PM PDT

We are living in a time when the microscope of society is looking at the concept of justice with concern, if not fear. People are asking the question, does justice come at the cost of someone else’s liberty, freedom, or advancement? Joe uses personal experiences as a lawyer, community member, and African-American man to define the concept of “justice” and challenges participants to move society towards a future of equity and lasting change—where everyone wins.

Join Joe Richardson as he presents a preview of his new keynote – “What Does Race & Economic Justice Look Like?”

Summer 2020- In the Driver’s Seat

By: Linnita Hosten

Spring may be passing you by due to COVID-19 but what if you could be the driver of your summer? Get charged up with strategic and creative ways to have a value-filled summer experience-even if it’s virtual. Learn to shift your mind from neutral to drive and prepare for a strong fall 2020.

Amazing Sex(ual activity) Starts With You

By: Dr. Lori Bednarchik

Talk about…gulp…sex?! With the person, I’m hooking up with?! Um, AWKWARD! Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be, I promise! In this program, we will get REAL about sexual communication and consent, and discuss some of the ways you can communicate in your everyday life that easily translate (believe it or not) into the bedroom. All types of relationships (LGBT+) and relationship statuses (single/it’s complicated/in a relationship…and everything in between) are welcome!

Bridge-Building in the Social Distancing Era

By: Joseph Richardson

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to “distance” ourselves from our normal routines, pertaining to work, goals, and people. Being forced to “step back” literally provides the opportunity to “step back” figuratively, evaluate what we do, how we approach our tasks, and deal with people. Participants will take a “fresh look” that will make them more grateful for their opportunities and accomplishments, and learn how to build bridges toward greater cooperation and collaboration in campus involvement.


By: Chris Butsch

As a student leader, how can you keep your members engaged during the quarantine? Join globetrotting happiness and leadership expert Chris Butsch as he shares his all-new Remote Leadership Toolkit. You’ll learn to reduce stress with the Remote Leader Mindset (RLM), The ABCs of Effective Emails, and a simple strategy for maintaining engagement until you’re back on campus.

Sharing the Knowledge: Officer Transitions that Work

By: Austin Arias

Moving to a remote setting has resulted in the need to be even more creative with our organization’s meetings, officer elections, and transition. In order to ensure your organization is able to continue to thrive both in and out of our virtual reality, you must continue the process of preparing your officers for success. This session will cover the common mistakes made while transitioning officers, how to maximize our virtual setting in this process & help attendees create a transition plan for success.

Fearlessness in the Age of COVID-19

By: Darryl Bellamy Jr.

We all have fears that are preventing us from moving forward, and if anything, COVID-19 has increased our anxiety and our fears. Let’s discuss the most common fears of students, how today’s times might have shifted them, and some strategies to push through.

Positive Leadership Now

By: Alex Weber

How do you lead right now? We are all simultaneously dealing with a loss of what we had and a fear of an unknown future. Compounded on top of that is immense pressure, stress, and uncertainty on how to best lead our communities right now. Rather than this being a period that harms us, how can you use this time to be a Positive Leader who empowers yourself and your community to be better through this experience? Alex gives 7 Pillars for being an extraordinary Positive Leader for your organization and for yourself — right now and for your future.

Avoiding the Quarantine – 15… Pounds

By: Nisan Trotter

In addition to being a motivational speaker, Nisan is also personal training. Nisan will share his TOP 5 Nutritional Tips To Blast Away the Stubborn Belly Fat and provide a LIVE workout showing you the best, heart-pumping metabolic exercises that burn boatloads of calories with absolutely NO equipment.

With Grit

By: Saul Flores

During this national pandemic, Saul explains how students can harness the power of grit to stay centered around purpose-driven goals. Using storytelling, discussion, and practical exercises, students will feel empowered to develop gritty habits and use grit as a tool for moving forward.

No Video Available

Netflix & Learn

By: Brian C. Johnson

During this time of quarantine and social distancing, you’ve probably watched several movies and binged a few shows you’ve been wanting to see. In your escape, it’s important not to turn your brains off but to critically engage the films/shows by asking questions. This session will give you the tools to ask “good” questions of the media you consume.

When things fall apart – Managing drugs and alcohol in crisis

By: Dr. Adi Jaffe

When things get hard, it’s easy to fall back on substances and comforting behaviors that aren’t necessarily good for us. But what’s the alternative and how do we make better choices? This program answers those questions with easy to follow guidance and realistic tools.

Eat Your G.R.A.P.E.S.: Six Ways to Cope During COVID-19

By: Lauren Cook & Sara Lowery

Stress and anxiety are at an all-time high. Lauren Cook and Sara Lowery will present 6 ways to cope during this time of uncertainty. Walk away with helpful resources for balancing your time to be both successful and restful while staying inside.

How to Best Support Survivors Virtually During Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Beyond

By: Brittany Piper

At a time when isolation and “shelter in place” procedures intended to protect us, there are also countless survivors of sexual and domestic violence who are struggling to find a sense of safety after being removed from the communities, environments and support systems that brought them comfort. Join Brittany Piper as she provides actionable steps to virtually support the vulnerable populations within our organizations and communities who need our support now more than ever.

No Video Available

The Quicksand of Social Media & Gaming

By: Cam Adair

With schools being moved to online education and self-quarantines going into effect, students may be turning to social media and gaming as a distraction or to fill their time. In particular, Gaming has been linked to a growing cause of poor academic performance, depression, and dropouts. Cam shares his personal journey of overcoming his addiction to the gaming world and offers key insights he’s learned along the way to create and remain in balance.

Queering Quarantine: Support & Allyship for the LGBTQ Community

By: Tara Fuller

This virtual time together is for those needing and wanting additional support around LGBTQ+ identities and for folks seeking to provide allyship while social distancing. Tara discusses ways we can connect as a community during this time and how we can uplift the most vulnerable in our LGBTQ+ community.

Dating in Captivity

By: Rachel DeAlto 

Social distancing and quarantining are necessary, but it can certainly feel like captivity at times – just with snacks. Our biology hasn’t changed, and more than ever we are craving connection. If you’re wondering how you can still date and meet people in the midst of our current situation, relationship expert Rachel DeAlto is here to guide you through it.

No Video Available

CAMPUSPEAK hosted an exclusive discussion on leadership, relationships, and character as we speak with past winners of CBS’s SURVIVOR and current castaways for SURVIVOR: Winners at War, Ethan Zohn & Parvati Shallow.

No Video Available

Effective Sexual Violence Prevention for April and Beyond
By: Tim Mousseau

This program discusses how to more effectively manage our programming and prevention efforts to ensure we can make ground on this critical topic. This webinar focuses on sexual violence prevention but many of the prevention models discussed can be applied to other prevention topics.

No Video Available

The Masculinity Speakers Panel discussed the current research and data on masculinity, how unhealthy expressions of masculinity is expressed on college campuses, how men can change and challenge others, and why the conversation is so critical.