The Beauty of Belief

“Belief is so easy we make it hard.” Marilyn Trotter.
Marilyn holds a special place near-and-dear in my heart because she is the woman who gave birth to me. My mom has had unprecedented belief in me since day one. In fact, she was the first person who foresaw me impacting others with my words before I ever recited a speech with energetic stage presence, conviction of belief, passion, the whole nine.
Initially, I did not think I had it . My voice was mocked in middle school by peers who did a great job with their imitations – to be honest. The jokes about the way I talked nearly ruined me. However, thanks to my darling Mom’s faith in what she saw in me, I began to believe my words can make a difference despite the jeers.
Les Brown says, “Sometimes, you have to believe in other people’s belief in you until your belief kicks in.”  Believing in what my mom believed in worked well for me.
Belief is more than a feeling you have in your heart. Belief is the necessary, tangible, massive action required to bring your feelings into a reality. For instance, if you believe you are one of the world’s greatest cooks, but you don’t have a signature dish, you never baked a cake, or you don’t even know how to scramble eggs, then I question the faith you possess. How much do you truly believe? My next action item for you, my friend, would be to get your hours up in the kitchen. This would be one way to force feed yourself belief – belief by taking action.
When I truly started believing in my ability to speak, my actions consisted of booking free gigs, recording my engagements from a cheap tripod stand and smartphone, and correcting the mistakes I witnessed after watching the replays. This is belief. It is not sexy, but it is the untampered truth.
The most gifted among us have supersized belief in their abilities that ultimately lead to lots of repeat activity.
Ask yourself, “What do I physically do to support the belief I possess?”  I hope you have numerous answers to this question because that tells me you really believe.
Finally, here’s the beauty of belief: unwavering belief breeds uncommon results. Watch how far you go when you have belief that looks like taking action. The more belief you have, the more action you take, the more results you rightfully earn.
You have a supernatural gifting in you to accelerate and excel!