The Outer Body Experience

Are you afraid to go, “outer body?”  NOPE! Before you even think it… this obviously isn’t a pitch to tamper with the hottest drugs sold in the streets although feelings from the experience I’m talking about may produce a similar effect.

The rush of endorphins and dopamine (what I call the happy hormones) released when having this outer body experience is so euphoric its impression can be forever memorable and last longer than getting “lit” at the frat party.

I talked about the outer body experience with my friends at Palo Alto College in San Antonio, Texas, and I made a pretty bold statement in front of them about it. The conversation we were having centered around signs that show one is emphatically operating in their gifting, their call in life. Without question, highly operating in your gift takes time and deliberate practice. Yet the fruits of such a labor are so rewarding one can even briefly escape from merely existing to excelling into a realm of utopia. Pretty deep, right? I don’t believe this to be hocus pocus by any stretch of the imagination because I feel what I’m describing all the time. Let’s call it trial by fire.

My thoughts at Palo Alto may surprise you, but I know what I’m talking about with no uncertain terms. Click HERE if you dare to learn more.

After watching this video, you may have to face a certain type of reality: the reality of “Absolutely, Nisan. I know what you mean via experience, or Nisan, I have no clue about this outer body experience you’re trying to sell me on.”  The featured clip in Texas inspires the adventurous, the explorers. It’s for those who know they have a significant calling on their life to be great and defy mediocrity. It’s for YOU!

It’s time to face the truth. Ready?

The blessing in disguise often overlooked is that if you have never felt the outer body experience before, then it’s not the end of the world except for the fact you are missing out terribly on what can and should be prevalent in the life of every gifted individual.

Whether you want to be an engineer who builds impressive skyscrapers, an accountant for a Fortune 500 Company, do social work to serve underprivileged youth, or teach elementary kids how to do math better than Albert Einstein, gifted people of all sorts aren’t exempt from the outer body experience. They qualify for it year round.

Be on a mission for the feeling described in my video because it is one of the best experiences you can ever have in life.

Shockingly, I felt it once before in front of 8,233 people!

You have a supernatural gifting in you to accelerate and excel.